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The AR diet

The alternative to alcohol and drugs.


ISBN 978-0-9871343-0-1


László Les  Eugene Paul

6/88 Molesworth St,


Australia.Phone 0457 11 55 85






In 1989 came a spirit that whispered Un.

In 1993 came a spirit that whispered AR.

In 1995 came 2 realisations of kneel to brook, or BOW,dailyAnd the X method of population control.

As one bows to river,something falls out of chest and comes back to one,in water drunk by cupped hand, from the river.

1995 I became a fruit –vegetarian,on Omshalom, near Tenterfield,NSW.

The Un is 2 human gases that fly up to banana on tree,and these gases make eating banana with peel,edible  -The AR diet.


The X method of population control is, in intercourse, man on top, woman crosses legs over the man’s and this brings no conception.

Enzymes die in cooking.Dr.Edward Howells Enzyme Nutrition.

Chemically fertilised food brings only 1/10th vitamins;less enzymes and vitamins,and protiens.


My Father died in 1973, from emenations of the Kilauea volcano which started in 1983.The 10 year period before Kilauea started.

It still flows daily.

12 years ,or 3x4 years later  I  became a fruit vegetarian and 16,or 4x4 years later came the 1st revelations.The Un.

He appeared in my room the night of the Un revelation and  and said ‘this is it’.

The 4 year periods are important in UN revelations.


Fruit that is   transported   loses 60% enzymnes if not frozen and 20 % if frozen in transport.Friedrich W.Dittman and Jutta Wellman.


My Mother died in the 11 year periods from Kilauea start, and 3 months after,I started eating banana with peel with un preparation.

The Un is the steam of urine and fart gas.


Then came many proofs to the Un and The AR, and also that the use of electricity,if we continue using it,leads to orange coloured clouds which don’t grow much.We could be in this predicament in 30 years.


The ETs made contact with me in 1989,and they read all I wrote since, but from orbit.No speech used until 2008.All telepathy.


A lot of the proofs to Un and AR is interpretation of things of past.Ayers Rock is an emenator of AR-Arians, pronounced similarly.Also what flies in the air,is ungas.Row what flies in the air.germans are Aryans like ayers,and they started both world wars.

We can and do live on cooked food, booze,-with wars,prisons,hospitals,armies, police, or we can eat raw food,banana with peel,and be healthy all the time.


Its AR or Argument wars.

ÁradÁs is flood in Hungarian.SzÁrazsÁg is drought in Hungarian.Both have AR in the words.

The 4 is important in Ungas revelations.

Actually the 4,10,6,11 years from Kilauea are important.


Then came many proofs of the UN.Over 312 proofs in 14 years of travel.Everywhere I picked up more proofs of the Un.And various related items.

Yardangs are rock mountains and jár means to walk in Hungarian.Emanations.

We have lived many times before is L.Ron Hubbards’ book, Have you lived before this life,he proved we lived 55,000,000,000,000,000,000, years before this time.

Also the 2008 leader of the alians,Yahweh, and I discovered over 44 past alian leaders who had lived in 2 to 4 million years before,and refused to tell AR to this planet,and each was reborn as a cripple.Dead live in krypts and cripple is  pronounced  like krypt.

44 by 2 or 4 miilion years.So about 88 and on Milion years ago.

The Un is  steam of urine, and like dead in it and dust is like dead.


AR diet grows the penis over 12 years and increases brain size.All kinki thoughts go away,after about 6 years on Un diet.

AR diet raises the brain level,so  we can see OVER arguments,which can be divorce, or wars.

AR or argument.

Over 312 proofs Un and AR diet is the Will of God and Mother Nature, for us all.

If no orchard, one can get a string bag,1/2 inch holes,put bananas in bag and wee UNDER it.Not ON it,Under it,gets the steam of urine to banana.


My Father got a book, from a Mr Goffart, 1 month before  my Father died.


It’s the lack of FULL enzymes from fruit that brings wars.

At the moment wars do not come for fear of nuclear bombs.But there are ‘would be attakers.’

I wish the Un gas diet was to me before 1973.It would have cured  my Father .But this knowledge only started to me in 1989.


Ice ages come regularly if no Un diet, as Un is like one’s I.Ice like I.

Reminder re Ice came from a film with reindeer.


The Industrial AGE was to GET TO the Un and AR revelations.


Irk is said like work.In pronunciation.Ir is stone knowledge.Maybe we work because we break stone.

There are about 20-30 interpretations of emenating conquerors.Why such names were chosen.


We either live AR diet or we get exterminated.

There are over 13,000 copies of the book, in various editions, out.

More than 1/3rd of women have had physical violence.TV 24 ,21.6.13

Most ills are due to insufficient or lack of enzymes,vitamins,minerals, proteans,in body ,from cooked food. Can be checked by Pathology.And this AR diet is the way to get ALL nutrients.

There were at least 44 past eras in 2-4 million year periods.This came from the ET  who I indicated to search such,pointing out one.These were all past alien leaders who did not tell AR diet to this planet,so a blackness came;all died and these ones were reborn as cripples.He found at least 44 such.

That earth fases ,in about 30 years,(if not all died before),that clouds,orange colour,came because of use of electricity and nothing would grow,so all died.This happened on Venus and Mars.

Its this,AR diet to all or we all die.

All those blown up suns in the center of our galaxy.GAMN blows them up if the people re this planet do not practice and tell  GWDAL.There are 160 blown up suns in the center of our galaxy. There are 160 or so such suns in our galaxy.

Its been more than 55,with 6 times 000 in time in telling this AR story and none have succeeded.Proff Couch is the researcher re blown up suns.

It also indicates, if we use ‘comfy’ couches we won’t live longer.

There are around 8 rock proofs,like,300 million years ago, Pangea was the only land mass, and it broke up into Gondowandiland and Laurentia.Steam of urine, the ungas, is gONE from one and ren of laurentia means rain in aborigine,and ar diet BRINGS rain.



Proofs that we were here in previous epochs; there are many at the back of the long form of WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM.

FROM  Time Travelers of our future by Bruce Goldberg, page 194. From Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, by Michael Cremo and Richard L.Thompson.Bhaktivedanta Book Pub.Inc 1993

1) A North Britain nail embedded in block of sandstone from the Kingoddie Quarry dated from 360 to 408 million years ago; discovered in 1844.

2) Also in 1944, a gold thread embedded in stone 8 feet beneath the ground originated from 320 to 360 million years ago.

3) A metallic vase with beautifully inlaid figures, found in Dorchester, Massachusets, dated to 600 million years ago.

4) A chalk ball found 246 below the ground  in Laon,France in 1861 is 45 to 55 million years old.

5) In 1871 a coin like object discovered in a well near Lawn Ridge, Illinois carbon dated to 200,000 to 400,000 years old; must have been made in a machine shop by the inscriptions on it.

6) A clay figurine was found in Nampa, Idaho in 1889; it dated to about 2 million years ago.

7) A partial sole from a shoe was uncovered in 1922 in Nevada; this item is from 213 to 248 million years old.

8) Metallic spheres that contains 3 parallel grooves around its equator; found in Africa; dates back to 2.8 billion years ago.These spheres are limonite; hundreds discovered; so hard they cannot be scratched with a steel point.

Interpreting the 3 parallel grooves; the alians who left these were trying to get három is 3 in Hungarian; has ar in word.

The only life that existed 2.8 billion years ago on this planet was bacteria and primitive plants.

From Mysteries of the Unexplained of Readers Digest.

9)Aix en-Provence, 1786-1788;at 40-50 ft below ground at 11th layer(rock strata is separated by sand and clay)they found half worked rock stumps or stone pillars, and wooden handles of hammers and a quarryman’s board;300 million years old. The American Journal of Science and Art, 1.145-46, 1820

10) A human skeleton, named Ardi, 4.4 million years old.Sydney Morning Herald 19.Dec 09.Article of Deborah Smith.

These prove, unless all peoples get on ar diet, the blackness comes and we all die.



We have 8 years to live. The 26 year periods.

I was married at 26 to an Ungarn; has un and ar in word; the revelations, mainly are the ungasses (steam of urine, and rear gas) and ar diet is eating bananas with peel with ungasses preparation.

At twice 26, or 52, AR revelation came. At what would be my 3x26 years, would be 2019.

GWDAL is G for God and Mother Natures Will Diet and Lifestyle.


December 2012 the Orion.Did not come in dec 2012. planetary perturbations are due; which come in 12,000 year periods only if all do not know GWDAL, is proven.

The alien leader, Yahweh, had(Yaweh is dead) a machine which can recreate anyone from a single cell or photo. The previous alien leader of 4 million years ago, said, that the blackness came 6 years after planetary perturbations.Yaweh does not want to tell GWDAL now; but after planetary perturbations of dec 2012 but with force rule; apparently this is unacceptable to God and Mother Nature and the blackness came 6 years after planetary perturbations And all died, probably on all planets. Over 44 past alien leaders have been located; all reborn as cripples many times for not telling, in 4 million year periods, GWDAL to this planet. As it is MY 26 year periods that are used, this proves, along with proof 281, that I am The Essence Planetary Leader.

And I posted to Rudd,and Gillard, and Prince Charles and ABC, SBS (who have 2 videos of mine on un gasses), I should be Ambassador to UNESCO, telling GWDAL; I should have a seat on the boards of ABC, SBS, telling GWDAL to people DAILY (there is not much time before 2019 or dec 2012); That I should have charge of ASIC so ensure all judges and magistrates change diet to GWDAL (eating banana with peel and ungasses preparations) or be FIRED.

The problem with Yaweh(who is very sick; can’t fly home) is he has ‘others’ in him, making him think he won’t be reborn as a cripple, many times, for not helping The Essence Leader of this planet to tell GWDAL,properly.

It could also be the blackness comes as ungasses come from blackness inside one; if all did not change diet to ar with ungasses preparation;ungas is steam or gas of urine and rear gas; over 312 proofs this diet is Will of God and Mother Nature for us all.

; Enzymes die in cooking; fruit that is transported loses 20% enzymes if frozen; 60% if not frozen. Chemical fertilizers give only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.Less Proteins. We can and do live on the 1/10th to 4/10th nutrients to brain; But with the ar diet; eating bananas with peel and ungas preparation; the brain would be on such heights it sees OVER arguments; like sand in sandstorm only rises to 25 ft; above that is clear ,blue, skies.

.Regards, Lάszlό Les Paul       8 October 2009

Potato is aardappel; not aardapfel, in Dutch; erdapfel in German. in Hungarian; Húsz  and húszni have acute on u.Húsz is 20; húzni means to pull.Ott; has 2 t;means there in Hungarian. all has 2 l.Means ‘to stand, in Hungarian.

The dust Clouds, 3 klm high, sept 2009, over Sydney and country nsw towns, were Command of God and Mother Nature to put on Videos on Ungasses;.ABCTV, and SBS TV of Australia, have a copy of Paradise; made 2000-2001;and The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings, made 2008-9.Ungas is unborn or dead like dust in the steam of urine.

A Wendy in ABC TV decides whether to put on new things. A Wendy’s parents were killed by a sabre tooth tiger, maybe 1 million years ago. Emanations of SA; as banana is MUSA; Sa of sabre toothed; sa of musa.Its in the book, Time Travelers of our Future.

Probably 4 million years ago, Wendy did not put on the 2 videos; let alone, once a week as should be. Wendy has the new one since 14 Jan 2009.But ABC mail lost the 1st copy; I had to send a 2nd copy via solicitor’s secretary.


It’s the Un-iv-erse; urination goes in an arc; arc is iv in Hungarian.1V is 4 in roman. The 4 is important in ungas revelations.

Who does NOT think that all possible funds and resources should be used to tell GWDAL as we only have 10 years left to live if GWDAL is not told with the Essence Leader telling it.

Many, including Police, judges, magistrates; ABC, SBS, Prince Charles and all debtors will be told of this 2019.The blackness.

I have an implant in my head through which Yahweh told me about the blackness.

We have 8 years to live; the 26 year periods (see page 1)




Tales of Reincarnations, by Rosemary Ellen Guilley, Pocket books, page 223, has that a Scott, as baby, maybe 12th century, Asia, was maimed, on face with burning stick, to BEG better.

When I saw Scott, policeman of Miles, Qld, would not take to Un and AR revelations; known as GWDAL, for short, I saw.

We are reborn time and again. It is proven in this book, plus others I have.

It can be done in 2 ways; under hypnosis, or using a E meter as L.Ron Hubbard, did in Have you lived before this life,probably Scientology published. Or, as General George Patton, he KNEW he had served in Confederate army; for Napoleon; For Henry Vth.Fought the Huns. Fought in Greek-Trojan war; fought for Alexander the Great, the House of Stewart, the Crusaders, and other lifetimes.

In WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,there are around 33 proofs of 4 million years ago; we were here.

Plus in the files  of uncollated notes, which I would love to give to someone to edit and collate, there are more proofs of having lived in 4 million year periods.(Write or leave message  on;NSW;Australia;if interested in this).

So, Scott, policeman did not accept GWDAL; 4 million years later; baby Scott was scared for life.

This IS how God and Mother Nature work; one of Their methods.

When you die, your soul is put into a woman who , subconsciously, makes you live a life, paying for past life sins; as cripple; sick; poor, die in drought; in flood; in desert; or a life of ease; full success; many love him-her.

God and Mother Nature control this method; you may be rich and famous in one life. But if you were deceitful, you may end up poor; wreched, not loved, in another lifetime.

If you suicide you go into a blackness for the length of time you would have lived;

Every single person on this planet should have a film or the books, above, plus, Time Travelers of our Future ; by Bruce Goldberg, which has stories of people abducted by alians; spoken to; worked on, and returned. But they ONLY remember under hypnosis.

I have an implant in my head and since June 2008, Yahweh, the alien talks to me.

He has located more than 44 past alien leaders, who, in 4 million year periods, did not tell GWDAL to this planet; so they were reborn as cripples in many times.

I wish to ask for your helps; Yaweh sexed 16 times a day for 500 years; he had 50 bodies from machine; no more life comes to a new body. He flew a lot more than the other alians.He thinks he is not going to be reborn as a cripple for not telling GWDAL to this planet. He actually made a space craft, 60 meters across for me; but has not given it to me. Its some form of delusion on his head, and as he lives only with humanoids (people who come out of a machine; brain held so they can only obey; can’t decide), plus one full brain who is only allowed to talk to him on phone; plus he speaks to his home planet President (he was the president, before), every day; There are transmitters all the way to Gamar planet of Sirius. I need help. I need, also an excorcist; They cost money to locate and to pay; Not using spells ones.spells have after effects; Kids with holes in bones; from a film on Romans.SBS, I think.Thanks.For this bit of info. Yes, the Roman Empire broke up due to such kids. Weaker soldiers.Yaweh is dead.

It’s the UN-iverse.



Greenleaves caravan park.Moree, NSW





3) FOOD THAT IS TRANSPORTED L0SES 20% ENZYMES IF REFRIGERATED; AND 60% ENZYMES IF NOT Refrigerated. ENZYME THERAPY.Friedrich W Dittmar and Jutta Wellman; Stirling Publishing Co.Inc.




7) One can invent computers; repair cars; electricity on  the 1/10th diet; most do live on this 1/10th diet. and also have many sicknesses.1 in 3 have cancers. Cancer society.3 in 10 have hepatitis.NT study.5-6 million Australians, of 21 million, have asthma. Asthma society, and many more such statistics exist.

8) I apologise to all, before I had 15 years on this diet, my level of brain was not as high as it could be.

9) Now I eat 4-6 bananas (Cavendish) a day, with peel, ungasses prepared. Banana peel  tastes like a sweet. I eat no meat or fish since 1985; no alcohol since March 2007.Eggs rarely. No mushrooms (houses of fairies) or sprouts ;( have to let plant have full life before being eaten).I do take 2 multi mineral-vitamin tablets daily since 2006; and 1 enzyme capsule daily. Until have own banana orchard.David Philips wrote in his book, to eat sprouts and he had a shorted life,like sprouts are shortened life of Plant>New Dimensions in Health-From Soil to Psyche,Harper Collins published,I think.

One can get a string bag,1/2 inch holes, put Cavendish bananas into it; hang up; wee into bucket under it. One gets ungas front to banana; at night hang string bag near bed; if pass wind, let it to banana peel; simulates doing toilet under banana tree.

10)this is why 99.9% legals lie to me.4 judges since 1985.4 magistrates since 1995.1/10th brains; supported by 1/10th brains.

11) So far, (Sept 2, 2009) Australia escaped the depression, ;its because pasteurization started in 1920s-30s in USA,Europe, but 1958 in NSW,Australia.Pasteurisation is heating up milk before sale; it kills the enzymes. Australians have more enzymes; even so, 1 in 5, 15 yr olds binge drink; 90% of under fives have dental problems.

We have 8 years to live; the 26 year periods (see page 2)

PUNISHMENTS IN REINCARNATED LIVES. And we have only 8 years to live from 2012, unless all are told GWDAL.



Tales of Reincarnations, by Rosemary Ellen Guilley, Pocket books, page 223, has that a Scott, as baby, maybe 12th century, Asia, was maimed, on face with burning stick, to BEG better.

When I saw Scott, policeman of Miles, Qld, would not take to Un and AR revelations; known as GWDAL, for short, I saw.

We are reborn time and again. It is proven in this book, plus others I have.

It can be done in 2 ways; Under hypnosis, or using a E meter as L.Ron Hubbard, did in Have you lived before. Or, as General George Patton, he KNEW he had served in Confederate army; for Napoleon; For Henry Vth.Fought The Huns. Fought in Greek-Trojan war; fought for Alexander the Great, the House of Stewart, the Crusaders, and other lifetimes.

In WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,(Long Form)there are around 33 proofs of 4 million years ago; we were here.

Plus in the 2  files of uncollated notes, which I would love to give to someone to edit and collate, there are more proofs of having lived in 4 million year periods. Greenleaves caravan park; Moree;NSW;Australia.

So, Scott, policeman did not accept GWDAL; 4 million years later; baby Scott was scared for life.

This IS how God and Mother Nature work; one of Their methods.

When you die, your soul is put into a woman who , subconsciously, makes you live a life, paying for past life sins; as cripple; sick; poor, die in drought; in flood; in desert; or a life of ease; full success; many love him-her.

God and Mother Nature controls this method; you may be rich and famous in one life. But if you were deceitful, you may end up poor; wreched, not loved, in another lifetime.

If you suicide you go into a blackness for the length of time you would have lived;

Every single person on this planet should have a film or the books, above, plus, Time Travelers of our Future ; by Bruce Goldberg, which has stories of people abducted by alians; spoken to; worked on, and returned. But they ONLY remember under hypnosis.

I have an implant in my head and since June 2008, Yahweh, the alien talks to me.

He has located more than 44 past alien leaders, who, in 4 million year periods, did not tell GWDAL to this planet; so they were reborn as cripples in many times.

I wish to ask for your helps; Yaweh sexed 16 times a day for 500 years; he had 50 bodies from machine; no more life comes to a new body. He flew a lot more than the other alians.He thinks he is not going to be reborn as a cripple for not telling GWDAL to this planet. He actually made a space craft, 60 meters across for me; but has not given it to me. Its some form of delusion on his head, and as he lives only with humanoids (people who come out of a machine; brain held so they can only obey; can’t decide), plus one full brain who is only allowed to talk to him on phone; plus he speaks to his home planet President (he was the president, before), every day; There are transmitters all the way to Gamar planet of Sirius. I need help. I need, also an excorcist; They cost money to locate and to pay; Not using spells ones.spells have after effects; Kids with holes in bones; from a film on Romans.SBS, I think.Thanks.For this bit of info. Yes, the Roman Empire broke up due to such kids. Weaker soldiers.Yawhe is dead.




It’s the Ar diet; eating banana with peel and ungasses preparation, or the 26 year periods prove, the blackness kills all in 2019; see page 49.





In December 2012 it is likely that 100 metre waves will wash all continents; which are the 12,000 year periods cycles; or USA and Japan could sink, making higher ocean water for other coastal cities.This was changed to atomic Wars-Clear out a lot of people.

It is proven that this 0nly happens if all people are not on the diet ,known as GOD AND MOTHER NATURE’S WILL DIET AND LIFESTYLE; which is on WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM.

The continent, Lemuria, sank, 24,000 years ago; It was as big as Australia, in the Pacific Ocean; the Lemurian society book, The Sun is Rising has this info.

The same info is in The Lost cities of Lemuria and the Pacific, by David Childress.


2) The continent Mu, sank 12,000 years ago, with 64 million people; The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Churchward has this info. It was as big as Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

Atlantis sank at the same time; It was in the Atlantic ocean, near USA.


The planet Neptune has arc rings and this diet is eating bananas with peel and ungasses preparation, and kneel or bow to brook daily.Urination goes in an arc.

With over 312 proofs it is THE WILL OF G0D AND MOTHER NATURE for us all.

The ungasses are steam or gas of urine and rear or fart gas;

If you do not have a banana orchard, a string bag with ½ inch holes; wee into bucket under. The gases fly up to bananas.Ungas is bird or fowl in Indonesian.

Hang string bag near bed at night if pass rear gas.

Twice is enough; the peel tastes like a sweet.

This grows the penis over 12 years; this brings tears of joy to women and this brings rain of joy.

One usually would do stool or toilet or poo to under banana plant; 3 metres from trunk.

No droughts; no floods.

A gentle summer all year.


3) There are rock proofs. Like Ayers rock is an emanator; ‘what flies in air’.Ungasses; also Aryans to row this knowledge. Rock; row; ayers rock.


The Olgas are emanators; these are mountains  of rock in Australia; have gas in name.

Neptune’s arc rings are a direct COMMAND OF GOD AND MOTHER NATURE VIA NEPTUNE’S ARC RINGS ON ALL, INCLUDING ALIANS, to tell and practice this knowledge, as urination goes in an arc.Arc is iv in Hungarian and 1V is 4 in Roman.


There were 7 alians who made contact in 1989; read all I write; acted as security. Satan was an alien; he is dead. Now there is only 2 or 3 aliens; with humanoids.

G is for God and Mother Nature; WDAL is WILL DIET AND LIFESTYLE.


My pointing out and him locating and proving by, he has a machine that can recreate anyone from a single cell; we found 46 or more alien leaders, who, in 4 million year periods, would not tell this knowledge and so could not fly home and were reborn as cripples on this planet; too ill to fly home.

The current alien knows this but still won’t tell.

78 trillion years ago; space ships; atomic wars; in Have you lived before; L.Ron Hubbard.Scientology; the rest of scientology is rubbish.I suspect.

That Jesus is not “Son of God” is proven in 4 ways. The father of Jesus is an alien.

Jesus was tall; means a father, not hubby of mother.

Mohamed met with the alians; Moses got the Ten Commandments from the alians.


4) Proof 281 in the WWW,long form , is about millions of buffalo, dead; millions of mammoths; dead and neatly on top, millions of uprooted trees; In The Seychelles.

I have a daughter with Chelle in name; emanations  of buffing; ungas is made by marring, near sex, or buffing, or greating or torn; buffaloes.

Mammoths have huge tusks or horns and horn is penis in slang; emanations; so, it was tree is arbre in French and eating bananas with peel is AR diet.

So, emanations via Chelle-Chelle to me.

Similarly, in Hyde Park of Sydney is Archibald fountain pointing to St Mary’s. My mother was a Mary; emanations of ar (Archibald) to Mary-Mary-me.In the base of this statue is a bull with horns.Emanations of horn.Horn is penis in slang.

Aborigines ate kangaroos for 40,000 years, that look like arc in eating and hoping; arc emanations. Urination goes in an arc.

American Indians ate buffalo for maybe 100,000 years; emanations of ungas made by buffing.

5) Enzymes die in cooking.Dr Edward Howell; Enzyme nutrition.

Food that is chemically fertilised has only 1/10th minerals and, less enzymes.ORGAA study and David Philips; New Dimensions in Health; from Soil to Psyche.

Food that is transported loses enzymes in transport; 20% if frozen; 60% if not frozen. Enzyme Therapy. German study.


I do not eat meat as it causes cancers; nor fish; nor eggs (mostly); I still eat cooked vegies but eventually won’t.

I try to not eat wheat as it loses  feelings in being cut; 1,000s at a time and this causes cancers.

I do not eat mushrooms as they are houses of fairies. Nor honey as the honey is to feed the young bees.



ON THE full nutrients diet, (and I take multi vitamin-mineral tabs and enzyme capsule daily until have own orchard), one sees ABOVE THE ARGUMENTS THAT CAUSE WARS;



80% of women get virus.PCB in the air has gone to artic bears; changing hormones.


1 in 3 have cancers; cancer society.

3 in 10 have hepatitis.NT health.

Asthma; of 21 million Australians; 6 million have it; asthma society


On GWDAL, all would be healthy;

Bananas ;Cavendish, grow up in 18 months; give 100 bananas per tree; ;captain James Cook and Joseph Banks found seeds in wild bananas in Australia in 1770;someone grafted the seeds out.


Its supposed to be the birds scatter the seeds one threw from banana or passed through one and wherever one goes bananas are growing;

Gentle summer all year if all on this diet.


Pith of peel is emotion related, is in New Dimensions in Health from Soil to Psyche, of David Philips. He had re orange. Pith is white.

Peel keeps one on a high,not a surge. No need for drugs or alcohol.


The Orion prophesy is the 2012; available from Nexus magazine; also the Maya calendar stops in 2012.Did not come in dec 2012.


6) There are 27, plus, conquering emanators.Like Bone fish is banana fish; when Bonaparte conquered he was emanating ar diet.

When Claudius Tiberius conquered England from yr 4 to 400, he has ri in name; Like rear gas. Emanations.


Rock  proofs again.

The 3 sisters of Katoomba, NSW Australia, were 7 once; each 4 million years that we could not get this knowledge out, one fell off.


There was only one land mass;Pangea; 350 million years ago; Then it split up into Gondowandiland and Laurentia; Steam or gas of urine is GONE from one(Gondowandiland).Ren of Laurentia means rain in aborigine.

YARDANGS are rock mountains; jár, like yar, means ‘to walk’, in Hungarian. Travelled since 1996, getting 6-8 proofs of 1995 edition, up to over 312 proofs; everywhere I stopped, more came.


Rock faces; Face is arz, Like arc in Hungarian. A GW had a big bag fall on his face at work.Emanations of arz,

Easter Island has many rock faces; Faces in rock of USA presidents. Rock face on mars; rock faces in Australian and African bush.Emanations.Human made.   Eiffel Tower is ‘tour Eiffel’; tour is ‘to go further’. Emanation of ungasses.Leaning Tower of Pisa. Banana is musa; Emanations.Its at an angle,like penis.

Ungas is unborn or dead in steam of urine; dead is like dust; ‘por’ is dust in Hungarian.Portugese went to Brazil to emanate POR; ungas.Portugese.


Dead live in krypts; said like cripples; that is why alien leaders who did not tell were reborn as cripples. The past one said ‘I Yaweh” for anything; to him this means he is above the law; it really means he has it wrong.

7) Apple is apfel (upfel) in german; ungas falls upward;

Potato is erdapfell (upfel) in German; we eat  apples and potatoes as emanations to get to ungas diet.

8) President Lincoln was assassinated by a BOOTH; Like BOO is like rear gas or fart gas.Emanations.Was a past president of the USA

One’s wastes are not offensive if raw food is eaten; it’s the level of enzymes in them.

Pottenger had 3 groups of cats; One group on raw food; healthy; good vegetation from their poo; or faeces;

The pulverised and cooked food fed cats went nervy; homosexual; no vegetation grew in their pens.

President Kennedy was assassinated by a LEE; ungas goes in a LEEing; a letting out; emanations.

9) Kneel or bow to brook daily. Gives similar to alcohol; drink from cupped hand.

10) There is the X method of population control; man on top, in intercourse; woman crosses legs OVER man’s. Leads to no conception;

Artificial penis growth does not bring rain.It does not bring rain,I think.

11) The 23 ½ degree tilt of this planet means to pull ar diet telling, with fear. Twenty is húsz in Hungarian; húzni means to pull.3 is három. Has ar in word. Fél is  half ;félni means ‘to fear’.

Seeds for bananas are in Papua New Guinea and Canary islands.

Find on Internet.There is a 3 hr video with 340 teaching placards, with the ABC TV and SBS TV; made in Nov 2008;

The alians contacted Claude Vorilhon (Rael)of France in 1973 and 1975;The book, The Message given to me by Extra Terrestrials-They took me to their planet; he wrote.

12) The 4s; urination goes in an arc; arc is iv in Hungarian and 1V is 4 in roman;

Hungary was attacked in 4 century periods; 12th by tartars; has ar in word; 16th by Ottomans; ott the tó means there the puddle.

20th century by Russians who stayed for 44 years; RÁ means onto in Hungarian and ungas flies ONTO banana; rá and Russian is pronounced the same; emanations.

The 1st world war was 4 years; the 2nd world war was twice 4 years; emanations of 4.

The black death of 12th-14th century, killed 70% of the population.Ungas comes from inside, where is blackness. Emanations of un.

There is a 1 hr 20 minute cd of this knowledge; available from Wes, c/o 70 Victoria St, Dubbo, NSW, Australia.02 6882 7377.Australia

13,000 copies of this knowledge in books, is out; but it seems the alien, with the powerful space ship;(the previous one likes the word space craft), which can take care of 100 missiles every 10 seconds;   so that he stops telling;

There is an implant in my head and he talks to me and tries to control me; but I was indicated to by God and Mother Nature, not to obey him.

Why he does not tell is the question.

I think its they  have a brain operation that lets them live to 1,000 yrs;

They used tablet sex; he did it 16 times a day for 500 years; they came 23,000 years ago to this planet; now the previous leader’s legs do not work, much; he is senile.

Rock proof; Taupo is the largest volcano (now lake), ever; po; posterior; or popo is posterior in slang Hungarian and German. Emanations of rear gas; fart.Tow the po.

Utopia is like U-tow-pee-a

Marha is cattle or beef in Hungarian; has mar and ar in word; emanations of meat eating;

Bárány is lamb in Hungarian. Has ar in word; emanations of ar.Eating bananas with peel.

Do not move stones in river or being washed to river; they are the power of the river, and river has feeling and gets back at one if you do move stones it has.

Pasteurisation is heating up milk and cooling it before selling; it kills the enzymes; pasteurisation started in USA in 1930s and UK also; in Australia in 1958 in NSW;

The bank losses of 2008, were all in countries where pasteurisation had started in 1930s; or mostly the big ones were in those countries.

13) The alians fly at wARp speed; subconsciously, they sensed; they built STONEHENGE.IT IS OF rock; Row the HEN; hen is WOMAN.

They built the Pyramids; can be said as PEE-ra-mids. (rá means onto in Hungarian).

They were in contact with Roger, who was the builder of Notre Dame, in 12th century.

To not, is like knot; a sea speed; that is, to Go Further. Dame is woman.

Roger was  on building of Stonehenge; we are reborn time and again; Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley.

Then the St Mary’s-Archibald fountain and my mother was a Mary and she said, after I had been fruit-vegetarian for 4 years; ‘na nesze’; means ‘well, here you are then’. And then the revelations started; 1989 the un; 1993 the ar; 1995 the kneel to brook, and X method.   

The alien is jamming my phone as at 18.nov 2009; my email is the moment of typing; I was in Greenleaves caravan park; Moree; NSW; Australia.Moved,since.

I have 2 files of uncollated notes.  anyone interested in collating for 50% of authors fee; they would have to get a publisher; please tell me. I go under Les lie Paul until officially change name back to László; László Les Paul is an author name at the moment.

László Les Paul     The alien jams my phone; my email is

Please tell all re spelling errors; corrected; Hungarian words.Húsz; húzniIf one does not have a banana orchard, one can get a string bag with ½ inch holes and put bananas in it and urinate under it.Gets the front gas, the steam of urine to banana peel. I use Cavendish bananas.

The ar diet is emotion related.It grows the penis over 12 years.This brings tears of joy to woman  and this brings rain of joy whenever required. No droughts or floods.


Urination goes in a slight ARC



. ARC is iv in hungaran, and 1V is 4 in roman.So, the 4 becomes important in ungas revelations.

The ungases transform the peel of banana to taste like a sweet.

If everyone eats banana with peel and ungases preparation it will be a gentle summer all year, every year.

The un is the unborn or dead like dust in the steam of urine and rear gas.


Chapter 1.

The AR diet is eating banana with pel, whchj had the preparation of the ungases.The steam of urine and rear gas.grows the penis over 12 years.this beings tears of joy to woman and this brings rain of joy, whenever required. No floods or droughts.




                         GWDAL  (6 titles)




The film on ABC TV, 8.jan 08, Strange Days on Planet earth, proves global warming and available from Amazon. Asthma caused by global warming also.





90% of under 5 years have dental problems; Telegraph newspaper 11 Feb.08.

1 in 5 binge drink at 16 years; The Australian newspaper, 25 Feb.08

On GWDAL would have zero ill healths.



Yardangs are rock formation, mountains, and JAR, (acute on a), means to walk, in Hungarian.

In 1989 came the 1st of 3 revelations.Un in 1989.

Ar in 1993, (into practice in 1994).

Kneel to brook, daily in 1995, and the X method of population control  in 1995 or so.

In 1995 the 1st edition of Paradise,,2,000 copies was published and then, unbeknown to the author,in advance, started 14 years of travel, getting the 6 or so proofs of the 1995 edition, up to 300 or more, of which 290 are on WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,AS,long form, AT 24 NOVEMBER 2007,AND THE REST MAY BE ADDED LATER. This book has around 400 of the major proofs.

The point is, Yardangs CAUSED the travel. Probably CAUSED a lot of other, revelations knowledge items as well.


1) Enzymes, vitamins minerals, 1/10th; proteins less.

And how to obtain 100% in body and brain.

Everything I teach is proven either scientifically or logically.

AR diet or Arguments-wARs; divorce; separation; no right sex partner, is ALL argument.

It is a proven fact that people’s brains are not being fed properly, and this can be cured by taking 2 multi vitamin-mineral tablets a day($10 for 100 in supermarkets)(or organic food eaten) and 1 or 2 vegetarian multi enzyme capsules a day.($30 for 60 in health food shops).Plus ar diet, with ungases preparation.

Agy means brain in Hungarian and Agyalapi Mirigy means  pituitary gland;villi is bél(acute on e)bolyhok;

 If either of these are not full with proper nutrients you get people whose brains  that are not properly nourished.

i) Enzymes die in cooking.Dr Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition.

Fruit loses enzymes in travel. 20% if frozen and 60% if not frozen; Enzyme Therapy;Friedrich W Dittmar and Jutta Wellman;Sterling Publishing Co,Inc,387 Park Ave,NY,NY,10018;Study.

ii) Chemically fertilized  grown food gives only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.Orgaa study and David Philips, New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche.

iii) Protein is increased in organic; Dr Worke.Wheat 16%; oats 28%;vitamin B1 in wheat; 108%.

So, it is necessary to take a multi vitamin-mineral tablet and a combination enzyme capsule daily,or get organic food.

Reminder in telepathy,RB, to whose group, including N and K, I had sent many copies of Paradise, the 1995 edition, plus update leaflets plus 1st video.

iv) The Double enzyme diet, or 1/3 or ¼ extra from ungasses, has  over 300 proofs.

It is eating bananas (Cavendish or Paradise) with peel (AR knowledge) which had ungasses preparation.Have not tried Sugar bananas or Lady Fingers.

Kneel to brook, daily to get similar to alcohol;something falls out of chest(invisible,like electricity) and comes back to one in water drunk from cupped hand. Alcohol shrinks the brain.Proff Clive Harper.

Ungasses are steam of urine and rear gas. over 300 proofs it is the Will of God and Mother Nature.

As one walks something  mars or greats,near sex.


The 4 seasons are emanations of of 4.

Urination goes in an arc. Arc is iv in Hungarian, and 1V is 4 in roman. One can live on 1/10th nutrients to brain; invent computers; repair cars; but also criminals and wars are;

This diet and lifestyle simply brings the brain up to 10 times higher where one does not THINK to steal from others or war.One is FULL on AR diet.

A) NEPTUNE’S ARC RINGS. Urination goes in an arc. Arc is iv in Hungarian.1V is 4 in roman. The 4 becomes important in ungas revelations.Nep, (acute on e), means people, in Hungarian.’ People to tune”, to me, means, stand for election and bring in this GWDAL, via governments

  1) Yardangs, are rock mountains; jár (acute on a) means to walk in Hungarian; 6 proofs of 1995 up to over 312 in 14 years of travel.

A spirit whispered ‘UN’ in 1989.

A spirit whispered AR in 1993.


Ar diet or argument-wARs.

a) Pangea about 350 million years ago, was only one land mass; Pangea; then it broke up into Gondowandiland and Laurentia;The Birth of Europe,by Jaques le Goff,Wiley Publishers. un is GONE from one and REN of Laurentia means rain in aboriginal.AR diet brings normal rain.Emanations of Un.

b) 1,000 million years ago, this planet was covered in snow. Ron Redford’s “Origins”, publised by Casselle and Co. FREE; FREEZE emanations. Freedom is un.

c)400 million years ago we were here, mining lifestyle; proven in Mysteries of the Unexplained, OF Readers Digest.

d) Dinosaurs were; emanations of un; as un SOARS in air.un is unborn or dead in steam or gas of urine.emantions of un; Dinasoers were around 60 million years ago. They had pointed horned animals attacking them.To get emanations of horn, which is penis in slang.

e)Taupo  NZ had largest volcano; POPO is rear in slang Hungarian; emanations of un;rear.

f)Ayers Rock is ROW what flies in AIR; un.

Also Aryans to ROW; by emanations; Hungarians attacked by ARYANS in year 900 or so.The Hungarians lived by the Volga river(Rusia) in 900 AD.

g) The 3 sisters, rock formations of Katoomba, were 7 once; each 4 million years that we could not get this knowledge OUT, one fell off.

3 emanators to BED were to The Chosen ONE, before the revelations started; each one emanated one or other aspect of un and ar; 1st emanated ‘do not move stones in river or

Those being washed to river, as they are the power of the river and the river FEELS’ and maybe if you move their MEETING the river, you eat meat; man is not a carnivore; proof; carnivores stomach acid is 10 time stronger than a humans’.!6 proofs of human is not a carnivore,in New Vegetarian with Natural Health.Carnivores do not have pores in skin.

h) BUT human ate sheep (báráyn (acute on both a)) and BEEF (marha in Hungarian,) to get emanations of ar and mar.Ungas is made by marring.

2) Mars proofs; un, ARC, enzymes as 4 is important in ungas revelations.

The 1970s space probe to Mars; Mars put up huge dust clouds. Dust is dead like un is unborn or dead. Emanations of un.

Mars put up 4 huge volcanoes, each higher than the Himalayas.

Urination goes in a arc and arc is iv in Hungarian and 1V is 4 in roman; so the 4 is important in ungas revelations as is the word Marring as ungas is marred or buffed or torn or grated, near sex as one walks.

Mars also put up a huge FISSURE on its planet.Enzymes are like FISH and Un is like FISH.Emanations.

3)Venus proofs.Electricty use, must be planned to cease as it loses magnetism of planet and its this that stops suns flares from burning us up. Venus had people once, but used up too much electricity and magnetism of planet. Same with mars.

4) Neptune proofs .Neptune has arc rings; arc is important in ungas revelations.

5) June, Hilda planets proofs; planets between Jupiter and Mars, blown up by ETs in Argument instead of AR diet, 22,000 years ago.

6) Proof 281.Proving the author is TCO.The Chosen One

7) Lemuria; sank 24,000 years ago; as big as Australia in Pac Ocean

8) Mu (64 million people); sank 12,000 years ago. As big as Australia in Pacific Ocean.

Emanations of un.64 is 4x4x4.4 is important in ungas revelations.

9) Orion; December 2012; prophesy of next 12,000 year period planetary perturbations.Did not come in dec 2012.

The planetary perturbations ONLY come if GWDAL is not told, is proven by that MU had 64 million people, and 64 is 4x4x4.And the 4 is important in ungas revelations.

Emanating conquerors. Why such names, and not others.

10) Darius; emanations of RE, RI, like rear, ungas, rear. He led Persia.551-330 BC.Persian Empire 551-330BC.

10)A, Alexander The Great (Nagy Sandor)Nagy means BIG in Hungarian; emanator of BIG in Hungarian as dick grows big; ar diet grown penis; this brings tears of joy to woman; this brings rain of joy. Artificial enlargement does not work, and takes from kids and soul.Alexander,356-323BC.

11) Claudius Tiberius; I; rear gas emanations, ri like rear.the fart gas; 400 years; he conquered England from year 4 to 400.Ceasar has ar in word. Also sa.Emanations.Banana is Musa.

12) Hannibal; emanations of ar; balls are testicles; also half his army froze and ICE ages are if no ungas diet as ungas like I, of oneself ICE; I. Freeze; free.200 BC.

13) Alaric; ar emanations; he conquered Rome around 400 AD.

14) Attila; Died near town of Banan.Chambers Encyclopedia.emanations of ar to him.Around 454AD.

14)A, Moores attacked Spain; Europe; 1200s.emanatios of MORE as ungas gives MORE life to fruit.

14 B) Árpád led the Hungarians from near Volga River,in Russia,,out from there,after Aryans attacked, in 900 AD.

15) Genghis Khan; 1227 AD; anus; rear gas emanations

16) William the conqueror;1027-1087AD. willy is penis in slang, English; emanations of ar.He was a Viking.From some library book, in Wauchope

17) Napoleon Bonaparte.1812 AD. Bone fish is banana fish; emanations of AR

17A) AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE; UNGAS IS THROWN FROM ONE AND Un, un Hungarian,(has UN in it) Aus means OUT, in German.

18) Carl Marx.AR and MAR emanations; Ungas is made by Marring. Carl Marx was a Russian writer of 1800s; and his ideas were used by Russians in 1918, and china today still uses them. Communism.

19) Kaiser Wilhelm; emanations of willy; penis; ar.Started WW1.

20) Adolf Hitler.World War 2; ungas ADDS to fruit; 1/3rd or 1/4 extra; emanations of ADD.

21) Musollini;World War 2. banana is MUSA; MU and SA; emanations of MU; AR

22)6 million jews; 10 million darkies; in world war 2, as ungas is a GAS, these were GASSED; emanations of un

23) S-ta-lin;World war 2. ta means a going out; like ungas GOES out from one; emanations of un

24) Formosa;Now known as Taiwan. Four like FOR; un emanations; Chinese went to Formosa after civil war 1949

25) Hungary attacked in 4 century periods; emanations of 4; un

26)12th century by Tartars; ar; emanations of ar

27)16th by Ottomans emanations of un;’ott’ means there, ‘tó’ means lake or puddle in Hungarian.

28)20th by Russians.  Ra (acute on a) means ONTO in Hungarian and ungas flies ONTO fruit; emanations of ONTO; unra said like ru of russians

29) Russians stayed for 44 years; emanations of 4.Rusian is pronounced like RA.

30) World war 1; 4 years. emanations of 4

31) World war 2;    4; and 4 years. emanations of 4;twice

32) Lincoln, Kennedy;President of USA in 1960s. LEE assassinated Kennedy; ungas goes in a LEEING; emanations of un.BOOTH assassinated Lincoln;President of USA in 1800s. emanations of BOO; BOOZE; rear gas

33)10 years to repair CO2;article of Bristol UNI; plants and seas , no longer able to soak up as before; they are saturated; we have to plan to cease using motors and electricity.

34) Apples; are apfell in german; upfell; ap and up is pronounced the same in English. Potato is erdapfel in german.

potatoes; are aardappel in dutch;upfell.Emanations of falling up; ungas falls up.Erdapfel in german.

 Proof 281 in the larger book.From Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific by David Childress,Adventures Unlimited,publisher.

In Seychelles islands, was found millions of buffalos and millions of mammoths and neatly on top of them, millions of uprooted trees.

Tree is arbre in French; AR emanations to the animals’ souls and to Chelle and my daughter has Chelle in name so AR emanations to me.Ungas is BUFFED or marred, so BUFFALO, and mammoths have tusks or horns and horn is slang for penis; so on ar diet, penis grows over 12 years of 4 to 6 bananas a day with peel and ungas preparation.

9) Similarly in Hyde Park of Sydney NSW,Australia is a Archibald fountain that points to St Mary’s Cathedral, and my mother was a Mary; so AR emanations to Mary to me. Soldiers put a crown of thorns, like t- horn, on Jesus, who knew nothing much, emanations of penis; ar; to that chap. (as I wrote it seems daughter of Mary and Jesus made this St Mary’s cathedral; possible.Maria Teresa?)

Horn is slang for penis in English.

ci-vil,wars if villi,not  full with nutrients;villi is in lower stomach;iraq;Afghanistan;Russia;Africa;had recent civil wars.

Villi, vila, village, videk (acute on e) (country in Hungarian), vilag (acute on a) (world in Hungarian).

TCO stands for The Chosen One, proof 281.

Anyone who does not understand and LIST CASES AND pay TCO, knowing  WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM AND ITS 300 PROOFS, is A  non understandle.Same for media.

35) Undara volcano; un emanations; came up 190,000 years ago, near Mt Surprise

36)Kilauea volcano; ki means OUT in Hungarian; ungas goes OUT from one; flowing since 1983.emanations of un.after newspaper told me of Kilauea in 2001 or 2003, came to me a numerologist; I got(emanations ways) the 4 and 10 yrs proofs from 1983,Kilauea start. A week later, came another numerologist to me; emanations ways I got the 6 and 11 year proofs from 1983; Kilauea start. They are in 1st pages of WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,long form.

37) Bourke and Wills; lost his EXTRA food supply as explorer in Australia in 1800s because he would not tell AR, 4 million years ago.

Ungas is EXTRA life to fruit.

38) R harrasssement (2006) caused me to forget in a rewrite, many items which led one to think the 2012 planetary perturbations would be on Qld, Europe, England, Asia, China, USA.

37a) Black death took or killed 3/4 of Europe in 12th to 14th century; ungas comes from INSIDE one where is black. emanations of un

38A) Stille Nacht; Stillbeim is shiny in german; penis shines on full growth on ar, is indication.Stille Nacht is Silent Night in german.

39) Au tanenbaum,A Tune. Ungas goes OUT; like TA;a tanenbaum is a pine tree.Found all over Europe and North America.

40) Eifel Tower; what fell is ungas.Tour Eifell; tour is GO FURTHERR what fell. Tour Eifell is French.

41) Leaning tower of PISA; Musa is banana; leans like penis in a town like MUSA.

42) Mohamed called the ET Allah;

TCO (The Chosen One) Hungarian name starts with LÁ; áll (acute on a) means to stand; to stand for LA; Ets did help and do help to keep predators at bay to László.

ETs are Chosen Ones to tell via space ships. (aren’t they the good guys; )

43) Aboriginals ate kangaroos for 40,000 years; Kangaroos look like ARC in hoping and in feeding. Emanations of un

44) Buffaloes; American Indians ate buffaloes for 100,000 years; ungas is also BUFFED or torn or marred or greated; emanations of un

45) Mammoths; have tusks or horns; emanations of horn is slang for penis; i.e., AR diet.

46) After magistrate H. lied to TCO, but having had the book with 290 proofs, 3 months in advance of 29 march 2006, a body, name relates to Liz Windsor, the English queen, was drowned by God and Mother Nature (GAMN), and ocean currents dragged it 180 klms from or to Coffs Hbr to show legals to COUGH UP to TCO.Another body from same drowning was dragged elsewhere. I believe H, who was given the 290 proofs, 3 months before 29th march 2006, is the example of ill legals.They relate to biased souls but do not listen to PROVEN God and Mother Nature’s WILL.People who ate cooked food in life, become smelly souls;biased.

Legals, who ARE ill, are Ill Legals. I want all the emanating conquerors to take it as a task to conquer the ILL legals.The ONLY way to do this is to stand for parliament and teach the legals from Government. Fire H. and ALL list clerks who refuse to take in GWDAL and obey God and Mother Nature’s WILL, as PROVEN.

47) In December 2006 the 2 largest sun flares ever recorded came, as a warning of what may come in 2012.As magistrate H had said twice.

Also after Mag H. lied (29 march 2007), in 4 million year periods, as he said his nasties ‘twice’, 2 USA subs were sunk, BEFORE the revelations started. The Scorpion and the Thresher. Its obvious B bribed H.

48) Plants FEEL; Bose, (1900) and Backster (1960s), proved this; Bose proved metals FEEL. The Secret Life of Plants. Tomkins and Bird.Penguin published.

49) Windsor is a name; used to help bring in ungas .

50) Pottenger experiment.

 about 1946; he had 3 groups of cats; one group he fed raw food to; they were always healthy and their excreta in their pens produced LUSH vegetation

Proves enzymes die in cooking.

The other 2 groups he fed cooked and processed food to; they became nervy, homosexual and the excreta in their pens produced NO vegetation;

51) Dr Schonemans table of abnormal pituitary glands

The Dr Schonemans table or abnormal pituitary glands; around 1890;

They still had enzymes from milk; pasteurization kills enzymes as it is heating up and cooling milk before sale. In NSW they started pasteurization in 1958.In USA and England, in 1940s.

Newborn     27% abnormal pituitary gland

1-20 years    50%

20-40 years   71%

40-60 years    90%

Over 60 years 100 %

By 1970, World Health Organization, written up by Victoras Culvinskas                  In Survival into the 21st century, 70% of babies were born with dental defects or had them. It means the 27% of 1890s went up to 70% with the pasteurized milk.  1952) No gardening; let wind, birds, shit to plant the seeds;

53) The 4 seasons are ONLY emanations of 4; un

54) X method of population control; from Hubble telescope; millions of miles long X in space

In intercourse, man on top, woman crosses legs over man’s; leads to no conception; no baby.

55) One can live on low quality. Examples are, in Korean War, (1950s)22 year old USA soldiers, 75% had 3 arteries blocked but could run 5 miles a day.Dr Peppin, Philadelphia Hospital

56) Clinton could run USA for 8 years and had 90% arteries blocked (2000 or so).He was president of the USA for 8 years.




GWDAL is G for God and Mother Nature; and WDAL for Will diet and lifestyle.


57) Protein is increased in organic; Dr Worke

58) This diet and lifestyle BRINGS RAIN.AR diet grows the penis over 12 years.This brings tears of joy to woman;this brings rain of joy.

59) On this diet and lifestyle you can go off alcohols and drugs completely.

60) This diet and lifestyle brings emotions;grows the penis over 12 years.

61) This diet and lifestyle keeps one on a High all day. without drugs.


AR is eating banana with peel and ungasses preparation

The brain is in TOP quality on GWDAL.

Emotion also. The sun gives a tan to a person. This brings up, I think, Melanin in skin, which is like emotion.

62) Peel is emotion related; The pith or white of skin of orange and banana. David Philips in New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche.

Peel keeps one on a ‘high’ all day. No need for drugs. But it is not a surge

Dad used to sun himself a LOT and he conducted with FEELING.

I think the rise size of the penis is also associated with the feelings of the woman. Therefore if she has great FEELINGS, it will rise further or longer length.Feelings better from AR diet.

This diet and lifestyle has over 312 proofs it is the Will of God and Mother Nature for all peoples.290 on internet; 300 in notes.



63) Self sufficiency is 21 banana plants per adult by a brook or river, or stream.

64) Each plant has 100 bananas. They know when to grow so as one has food all year round.

Over 12,000 copies of this book, in various forms are distributed.200 copies of the Paradise video.


And the Paradise video, from TVD Broadcasting, Crows Nest, NSW phone 02 9906 5333, in Australia.             

Nov 2008-Jan2009 a New video, The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings, was made; 340 teaching placards.

ABC of Australia, W.H. and SBS of Australia, were sent copies; Jan 13th; registered mail; Mrs C.Z, solicitor I.A. for C., was posted a copy as was CCC; Climate Change Coalition of Cesnock of NSW, Australia; J.H.

65) Dust is like dead; ungas is unborn in steam of urine; like dead;

Dust clouds in September 2009, 3 klms high, twice, from center of Australia. The sky was totally obscured by dust clouds over Sydney, NSW, Australia, and many country towns as well.Ungas is unborn or dead,like dust,in steam of urine.

66) It was a Command from God and Mother Nature to ABC, SBS, to put on the 2 videos, re ungasses.

They were told this information. But, you see, 1/10th fed brains in judges, in media, act like 1/10th fed brains


67) The magnetism of this planet has lost 15% in past 400 years.Austar film. Made in Canada, I think.

It is the magnetism of the planet that keeps suns rays from burning us up.

WE must plan to cease use of electricity as this uses up magnetism of the planet.

Venus once had people on it but used up too much magnetism and now it has sulphuric acid rain. The space probe to Venus was named Magellan as if someone guessed why it lost its people.Magnetism likeMagelan.

Mars had people on it once also.

Mars and Venus had people on them, once.

68)2 planets between Jupiter and Mars were blown up by Extra terrestrials 22,000 years ago, when they fought among themselves; June and Hilda no longer exists. Satan is only an ET who lost that space battle.

69) The Industrial revolution was to GET TO this knowledge. Now we have to revert back to no motors; no electricity.

The ungases are steam of urine and rear gas.

Ungas is unborn in the steam or gas of urine. unborn is like dust.

InDUSTrial, was.

70) One does stool to roots of banana trees and the 2 human gasses fly up and transform the peel (probably transforms malic acid with pectin in all peels) of banana and the banana peel is edible; tastes like a sweet.

About 1 minute after 1 or 2 such gas applications one can eat banana with peel.AR diet is eating banana with peel and ungas preparations. One can get a string bag with 1/2 inch holes and put bananas, tomatoes in it and do stool UNDER this; Gets the 2 human gases. ANY fishing net from fishing sports sales.

71) Can use front gas only but need rear gas for l-carnitine.Dr William Lee of Bristol Group, re l-carnitine is not much in fruits and vegies.

Grows the penis over 12 years. This brings tears of joy to woman and rain of joy.

Women run after men after 8 years on this diet. Artificial penis enlargement does not work re rain and it takes from kids and soul.Artificial does not grow brain.

Establishment would not tell you; all leaders know; Liz and Pip; Howard, Rudd, Christina Kennealy (NSW Premier Dec 2009); Vic Premier 2006, 7, knows but did not yet tell.Govenor General of Australia knows. Cops and judges know. Media, papers, TV stations all know. Yes it was emailed to Bush and Obama. Many United Nations ambassadors.




(Jeff Miller, Virgin Is Nat Park).

74)30% of world’s coral reefs died in past 50 years. Tyler Smith.

75) The Antarctic ICE is melting. Glaciers in Switzerland have lost 1 mile or so of ice, in past years to today.

These are what R. harassing caused me to forget in an article.

76) Attila the Hun died near the town of Banan to get emanations of AR to his soul.Around 454 AD.

77) Claudius Tiberius conquered England from year 4 to 400; emanations of RI in his name like Rear; fart gas.

78) Genghis Khan was around 12OO; emanations of AN like anus.en, like end; rear gas.

79) Hungary was attacked in 4 century periods; 12th century; Tartars; ar emanations

16th century Ottomans; ott the tó means ungas.In Hungarian.

20th century by Russians who stayed for 44 years to 1989.

RA is said like RU of Russian. RÁ (acute on a), means ONTO in Hungarian; ungasses go ONTO banana. Emanations of ONTO.


And I had forgotten reference Nexus magazine re Orion prophesy. Not the Kennedy and Lincoln.

Nexus is made in Qld.

Also I had forgotten

80) Carl Marx writings, (Carl Marx was 1800s) was with Russia leader l918 and on; emanations of ar and mar. Some other countries also and China and Ethiopia also. Russia emanated Carl Marx or ar and Mar to Hungary, East Germany, Austria, other European countries while it was in occupation, 1945 to 1989.

81) Adolf started World War 2; emanations of add;Ungases ADD to peel.Ad of Adolf.

82) Mussolini was in World War 2 as Italian leader; banana is MUSA; MU and SA; emanations of banana. And to Egypt and Africa.

83) Stalin is like s-ta-lin; ta means a going out like ungas goes out; emanations of un; Russia.

Emanations of ar.

84) The Black Death was 12th to 14th century; 75% of Europe’s peoples died.

Ungas comes from INSIDE where is blackness; emanations of ungasses.

85)Chinese went to Formosa; 4 is important in ungas revelations; Emanations of 4; strange who the Chinese changed the name of that place AFTER I had the revelations as if C did not want you to know; Taiwan it is now. VERY strange mentality.

86) N. said pet while I typed 1 part of this article; if you have pot plants you get ills to pets. She has free GWDAL as has MARY.

87) M. Swept while I typed; reminder re Alexander the great who is Nagy Sándor in Hungarian and NAGY means BIG,in Hungarian. 323BC; GWDAL grows the penis BIG.

88) Moses was given The 10 Commandments by the Extra terrestrials, posing as God.

89) Mohammad was taught by the ETs; Gabriel.

Religions of the World, MacDonald Young Books; Wayland Publishers.

Transedition Ltd.Fernleigh Books; Lionheart books.

Copyright.COREL; Eliz Brelly, Joabnne O’Brien, Martin Palmer.

H. has free GWDAL from me.

The Orion Prophesy can be bought from Nexus Magazine. It says planetary perturbations 24,000 years ago, Lemuria sank, 12,000 years ago, Mu sank with 64 million people and December 2012 is the next. As 64 is 4x4x4, I say planetary perturbations only come if no ungas told to all.Did not come in dec 2012.

Maybe because I handed out over 13,000 copies of AR book, in varying editions.Or the higher powers want to clear the planet in atomic wars.

90) That Jesus was not Son of God is proven in 3 ways.

We are reborn, time and again. This is proven in Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley.

Also in Time Travelers of our Future by Bruce Goldberg (available from Nexus).

Also In Have You  Lived Before This Life, of L.Ron Hubbard, of Scientology.

So, the false story of going to Heaven or hell is false; we are simply reborn time and again. We could, eventually, go, somewhere.

2)The Message given to me by Extra Terrestrials, they took me to their planet, by Claude Vorilhon(Rael),AOM Published, Tells how the Father of Jesus was an Extra Terrestrial. This is a true story.

Jesus was tall, usually a sign of a father not the husband of the mother. The Way of the Essenes, by A.and D. Meurois-Givaudan, by Destiny Books, proves this, that he was tall.

3)The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Baigent,Lincoln and Leigh, says it was Constantine of Rome, who declared this Son of God, false story in the year 325, to unite warring religions. But it’s a false story; a Corgi book.

91) I had a long walk on a property with a chap, nick name Mote; he got ticks, I did not; I am on GWDAL he was not; he did meditation; I did not.

This PROVES,  that cops and judges who know this GWDAL and do not tell it and that it keeps ticks off; so it helps to keep attacks off, are subnormals.

92) This diet and lifestyle brings the brain to such heights, that one thinks only peace.

93) Kinky thoughts leave one as one goes into 6 to 8 years of eating banana with peel. Ki means out in Hungarian and ungas goes OUT from one. So kinky is only when no ungas in use.

–s VERY CLEAR, from the APEC summit meet in Sydney in September 2007; I sensed that all these world leaders are meat eaters and boozers. Pythagoras said,’ meat eating clouds the reasoning powers’, and ALL these leaders do not UNDERSTAND GWDAL.They have an invisible veil on their heads, which PREVENTS them from seeing real TRUTHS. Alcohol has SHRUNK their brains.

I am a NUTRITIONIST. On this diet and lifestyle you will never have to see a doctor. You can give up alcohol and drugs completely (unless work or drive a LOT).All who have white on their tongue are ill. My mother taught me that about the tongue.WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM.Alcohols shrink the brain is a new study from a hospital in Sydney, Australia.Clive Harper, of Royal Prince Alfred.

Chapter 2

96) Facial diagnosis exists.

Lines down from mouth, mean liver disease.

Deep lines on brow, mean nervy problems and liver problems.VK’s references for facial lines diagnosis: VK is  Victoras  Kulvinskas;wrote Survival into the 21st Century.

  1. Oriental Diagnosis, What Your Face Reveals, by Michio Kushi, East West Journal, 233 Harvard St, Brooklyn, MA 02 146 USA.

Everything has 7 or 13 proofs.

I found out that the British lost to the USA on 19th October, in 1781;

The evil spirit came on me from a street number, 19, in Australia. Australia is  under British monarchy.2007

Therefore, I suggest, Australia lose its British Monarchy connections by forming the United  Australian Republic Party that teaches GWDAL.No wait; do it right away. UAR Party

Dear Sirs and Mesdames,

Please be aware that  the planetary perturbations due for 2012, and proven , will not go away unless judges start to become MORE honest.


97)Please read the magazine and please be aware that on circularization of ALL NSW supreme court judges and registrars and ALL high Court judges and registrars with GWDAL, not ONE made ANY effort to thank me or send me $4, or acknowledge, BUT one smart alec judge or registrar must have told his barrister mate as I saw, the next week, after posting them in Jan 2007, that barrister put his 5 hotels and one night club up for sale, quick smart, as the judges and registrars have read that on this diet and lifestyle one can go off alcohols and drugs completely.

If you do not accept proof 281, you are totally MAD and the word for attack in Hungarian is ‘támad’; like ta the mad. Why did not he/she not tell all in courts by large sign on benchs,”AR DIET OR ARGUMENT; FREE MAGAZINES HERE’, AND ORDER the Sun Herald to tell this knowledge; ORDER.


98)As, after magistrate H. lied to The Chosen One, proof 281, on 29th march 2006, and after that 2 huge, stupendous, MORE, God and Mother Nature proofs came,(read in article about 180 klms to Coffs hbr to tell legals to ‘cough up’ to TCO(The Chosen ONE),and 2 HUGE sunflares, largest EVER recorded, as warning of 2012,and STILL H., who caused 2 USA submarines to be sunk before the revelations, in 4 million year periods that we were here, as he said his rather stupid remarks,’ taking all into consideration’ twice, referring to, the commencing word, ‘marvelous’ as the ungas is made by MARRING, as one walks, near sex,therefore totally NECESSARY to GET TO the un and ar and kneel to brook, daily, revelations.

I did not kill anyone; Extra terrestrials killed my father in 1973; his head broke a cat’s milk saucer as he fell, (like flying saucers) and mum told me this and in 2006, a caterpillar told me extra terrestrials killed my father.

They now know all of GWDAL and are different.

99) The situation is, mum was a Mary;

She passed on in 1994, nearly 82.

The extra terrestrials read all I write but stay in orbit, since 1989.

They protect me from attackers.

They have Mary, concubines; such women are brought into the world via a machine.

One can tamper with the brains of the people brought in as such and these concubines are ‘fully submissives’.

i.e., they cannot decide. They MUST obey.

The space ship that collided in 1946 in USA was piloted by a humanoid man.

We do have fully functional space ships; making them in Pine Gap.Australia.

Mum, once asked me to climb the pine tree at front of our property and cut off the top and sell to Erneg, a humpback architect.

The pine tree grew 2 new branches, which look like a tuning fork;

A tuning fork has a ‘GAP’.

I experience many, 2,s from dad’s soul.Read the 1st 4 pages of Long Form.How to cure.

But mum and dad and others, who ate cooked food in life; food that was grown by chemical fertilsers; food that was transported.Judges should not listen to souls who died having eaten cooked foods. They are 1/10th brains.

Lacks minerals and vitamins and and enzymes die in cooking and mum and dad did drink alcohols but not boozing ;( drinking all day). Alcohol shrinks the brain.


At the moment I have many affidavits and stat decs which owe me and the probate of K. P., who passed on over 2 years ago, seems not yet heard OR, there is computer fraud going on in the Supreme Court.

I was told K. P.’s probate was not yet heard and no affidavit asking for extension of time was on file; on Friday 15 Nov 2007.No reply to letter of 14 Nov 2009, to 10 dec 2009, re this.

100) M. G. has not listed cases with God and Mother Nature Will proofs since 4 Sept 2007.


I am not pedophile, homosexual or rapist but Liz abo tries to lie this on me;

Les Paul

 Macquarie Caravan Park; Udora St., Warren 2824

101) Ice ages are made by the sun and the earth.’ Variations in the earths orbit around the sun, which affects the amount and distribution of sunlight hitting the planet’s surface. They occur every 100,000 years with the last one peaking about 22,000 years ago and ending about 13,000 years ago. They are followed by warm ‘interglacial periods’, lasting up to 20,000 years.’

Andrew Hogg, article written in Bulletin by Cheryl Jones, Andrew Hogg of Australian National Uni.The Bulletin magazine was closed down due to telling me this info. And Kerry Packer’s son, sold out all media he had, just in case I get half his worth via courts.Without Predudice.

Andrew Hogg is an oceanographer.

Hogg developed a global climate model which, in contrast to existing ones, factored in the release of carbon dioxide from the oceans as the planet warmed up.

He found that this ‘out gassing’ augmented temperature rises in a complex system of feedbacks.

The results, which have been accepted for publication in the journal, Geophysical Research Letters, squared with temperature readings from Antarctic ice core data stretching back 430,000 years and taking in four ice ages.

The end of the ice age was triggered by orbital variations which increased temperature, but carbon dioxide amplified the size of the temperate variation by a factor of 10, he says.

Changing carbon dioxide on its own will directly increase temperature.’

This proves that the SUN controls the ice ages.

The Sun put out 2 enormous sun flares in Dec 2006, directly to tell magistrate H. to ‘cough up’ to TCO, and not lie.

The reason it was 2 sunflares is because magistrate H. has said’ taking all into consideration’ twice. Which was a rather stupid reference to ‘marvelous’ said twice. In 1972 or 1973.Ungas is made by marring(and greating, buffing,torn)It was a commencement emanating word.

The point is, this legal had been GIVEN, free, the book, with 290 proofs of GOD AND MOTHER NATURE’S WILL DIET AND LIFESTYLE, 3 months BEFORE, the hearing of 29 march 2006.

This legal went on bias of souls rather than listen to PROVEN GOD AND MOTHER NATURE’S WILL.

The SUN, therefore, tried to straighten this legal out, with 2 enormous sun bursts.

Therefore The SUN wants GWDAL told and the SUN will bring the planetary perturbations of 2012, when 40 to 100 meter waves of the oceans will wash all continents, leaving less than 150,000 per continent IF you do not start to practice and tell GWDAL.Or 2 continents sink.No planetary pertubations  Sun said it will be a clear out with atomic bombs.

Of course the Sun is acting according to the Will of God and Mother Nature.

102) I eat no meat or fish (voluntarily) since 1985.

4 bananas with peel and ungas preparation I eat every day since 1998.It was 1 day from 1994.

I eat cooked vegies.

Raw broccoli and cauli, tomato

Other fruits,

I have not drunk alcohol since March 2007(it is March 5thth 2012, as I write).

I eat only Cavendish bananas. Probably would eat Paradise bananas if I saw them.

I get offers from 12 year old girls a fair amount, who have fully grown breasts, but I know the law is not to sex until  she is 16 yrs.I disagree with this law.Might have been Pilgrim Fathers’ ideas.When the girl can oil herself, is OK by me.

It’s a stupid law as girls do start to sex when breasts are grown. However if one drinks milk, one masterbates.But 90% of girls start sexing at when they can lubricate themselves; around age 12.One can see on streets; smoochings.

It should be 6 bananas with ungas and peel a day, and for years up to 2007, I was only getting front gas, in travel, so that grows only 40% of possible growth; I give out a LOT of GWDAL and travel sometimes; this detracts from growth.

I do eat milk but plan to cease that when have own banana orchard.

If I eat a large portion of  potatoes more than once a week or so, I get depressed. It’s a sour taste in potatoes.Only sometimes.

If I eat too much bread as its PRESSED wheat; I get depressed. Take one wheat; eat it; is OK; cut 1,000s at once; it loses its feelings; and those feelings cause cancers in old age too.

To ‘el keseredni’ means to despair.

‘keseru’ means sour.(In Hungarian).

If I eat bread a lot, as it is PRESSED wheat; I get depressed. I am very sensitive; also I saw after effects on ‘larger family’. However bread is kenjér, in Hungarian and to ‘ken’ is to know. So, necessary to ‘get to’ revelations.

The film on ABC TV, 8th Jan 2008, “Strange days on planet earth”, proves global warming; so GWDAL is the ONLY cure. Get a copy from Amazon of Strange days on planet earth.

103)The USA sub prime mortgage lending problem, where lenders have lost around $40 billion, could be, probably is, the after effect of killing people in Iraq and Afghan and other places instead of telling GWDAL.Do it the RIGHT way, why don’t they? MORT is dead in French; Its MORTgages problems.

104) Also USA; Europe started pasteurization of milk (heating up, cooling before sale) (It kills the enzymes), around 1920; NSW started pasteurization in 1958; So, Australia has more enzymes in growing up to 1958, from milk.Un is the dead or dust is like dead in urine.

Using tablet sex also would ‘use up’ moneys.

105)55,000 UNDER 5 YEARS OLD, NSW KIDS IN 2006-7 HAD DENTAL PROBLEMS.NSW population around 4 ½ million.Public dentals stat .only.

Of course, if parents were on GWDAL before birth, and kids on GWDAL after weaned from breast, no dental defects would be.

Article of Telegraph by Kelvin Bisset, 11.feb 08.These do not include services offered in private clinincs.Only community health clinics.

So, the stat of 27% abnormal pituitary glands in 1890s by Shoneman which climed to 70% of kids  had dental defects in 1970s(due to pasteurization and chemical fertilsed and also many grew own food, in 1890s), seems still at 70% dental defects for kids or MORE in 2008.

Probably 85% today. But of recent years, many ARE taking supplements as evidenced by the number of advertisements for such.

C.and C, and S, read all I wrote and viewed both videos I made since 1989.I had a friend with me in 1992 when I gave her 2 copies of books I had written; She eagerly accepted them. Solicitors lie a LOT; this legal(I. A.) tried to negate that C. was indeed VERY interested in GWDAL,although unable to get on the lifestyle, due to old age, herself.

Over 13,000 copies of the book are distributed , in varying editions,and probably over 5,000 leafelts; usually 4 pages.

Sometimes people ran after me in the street, asking for more copies, or rang me up for a copy of the video, Paradise.

Just like a J. solicitor I rang, who has a client suing J. P.I asked would the client want to help me with the probate claim on K. P.; 16th Feb 08.No reply phone call as to whether J. had told the client. This IS what lying legals ARE like.


GET THIS CLEAR.I have never wanted money by nasty means.

I  DO  WANT TO STATE MY CASE, as I kept on asking in life, of Kerry Packer and S. and C. Z.But when probate is due I WANT TO STATE MY CASE.

Before I saw this  look alike, I NEVER HAD ONE NASTY THOUGHT RE EITHER Z..And that’s the truth; I still do not but this Z. look alike tried to cause bad thoughts on to me. The continuation of GWDAL is by vote, not by pass on to inheritance kids. Vote of ALL members. a Kevin in tax dept, has signatures to the deed since about oct 2007 and has not replied re charity status. Bit smelly strange  sorts it seems.

Learn this; become a teacher of this.

106) If did kinky in past, become a latter day saint.

There are false ego hostiles around who WILL lie all sorts of lies about me.

Your wife will become really beautiful on this diet and lifestyle.

So will you regain a lot of beauty.

Wife LOSES beauty if one drinks alcohols.

107) I have not drunk alcohols since march 2007, just after I went on to supplements.

Know that L H of Sun Herald newspaper of Sydney, knows this GWDAL, but like many 1/10th media peoples, she has not put in many times I sent it to them and MANY other places. So, get your kids to get a job in media and oppose the nasties in there, even if it means putting this article once and being fired and having to drive a cab after. It will be in ONCE, as an insert in papers.

Feel free to make copies, and hand out free; If you make any money, after expenses, you could give me 12%.

There is a speaking cd of 1 hour 20  minutes; I hope to make a new dvd film ,and hand out copies. If I can save up for the camera and recorder.

Remember I have travelled for 13 years, 2 months; all my money is gone until some of the affidavits get paid.21st Feb 2008.Dunedoo NSW 2844.

God and Mother Nature sees your thoughts.

You cannot fool Them.

108) Big Rat of 1951; ra (acute on a) means ONTO in Hungarian;

By killing this huge rat in 20 fox valley, dad was getting an emanator of ungas as ungas goes ONTO banana peel.

109) Big Spider (tarantula) 1951 or 2.

By killing this t-ar-an-tula, dad was getting emanations of ar;

Also works as ta-ra-an-tu-la.

Ungas rear.

110) Egér is mouse in Hungarian; Egg in air; killing mouse is emanations of un

111) Chemically fertilized gives only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins and proteins.

S means supermarket ;( chemically fertilized)

O means organically fertilsed in growing.

                                 Bananas        tomatoes         Capsicum         spinach (silver beet)       RDI (recommended daily               intake)                                                                                                                                                men            women 

Calcium      S                   40            6.7                           4.7                      65                                    800mg

                    O                   480          67                              84                     1600

Potassium  S                     260        200                           150                    450                               100-5460mg

                     O                 1900         300                          1600                    2600

Magnesium S                  26             10                              11                       69                                320mg               270

                       O                 240         89                                 700                   1700                                     

Sodium          S                <1              2.4                                  <1                    180                              230

                        O                <10           26                                  20                      1800

Iron                 S                 .6              <.5                                 .5                         1.4                                 7                   12-18

                         O                <5                <5                                <5                       9.4

Zinc                 S                    .38           .19                               .13                          .57                          12

                         O                     3.4           1.2                               2.5                         130

Study by ORGAA-The Organic Retailers and Growers Association of Australia

112) The indications are.1) Neptune’s arc rings;

                                        2) Gradually

                                         Fingers   in a Y

So if Y (Yahweh, does not tell GWDAL, then Y will cease to exist.)Yaweh is an alien who wrote the bible, put himself in as God. He also wrote most of All and Everything of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff.

It seems that all who support Yahweh cease to exist and the Y is like a cross   ; but taking a cross diagonally it is a Y with a bit.

Could be Y crucified his own, due to not telling GWDAL, 4 million yrs ago.


At this moment is my email address

The Alians have been given a directive from ON HIGH; they are not allowed to hurt me or mine; that means all this planet’s peoples are not to be hurt. Including torture peoples waiting.

It came on 24th July 2008 from a plastic can I had bought from Crazy Clarks that the Pearl Harbor was 1941;

It is 68 years since; Pearl Harbor has ar in words; twice.


What I saw of Yahweh, in a sort of 2nd sight while watching black screen of TV were some decent sorts;


.Tell GWDAL.

113) Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese in dec 1941; bringing the USA into World War 2;

Pearl Harbor has ar in word, twice;

It seems no one, including the the USA is safe from GAMN; that, of course, includes the aliens and their space ships-crafts; they also are not safe from GAMN.

114) We have the emanations of Neptune’s arc rings to tell GWDAL;Neptune has arc rings;World Book Encyclopedia,Science.

115) The huge gap in planet Perfor of the Sirius sun, from past atomic wars; and Paul means GRADUALLY. Yet, the alien still has not told to 20th November 2009; why? Dad seems to want to be TCO.He is a soul.

You see, Yahweh made a humanoid of Dad and asked him to do anal on him; on Yahweh. I may have cured dad as I gave his soul many bananas while I showed him the videos and the writings; over some months; his level did go up; as he lost the skin smell he had when he died; it was lack of enzymes in his body; an overall skin smell. Souls can suck out the goodness of a banana; I do not recommend you feed souls; But it did help get my father’s brain to higher level. I stopped this, after a while.Eating bananas by souls.

                          Chapter 3







118) Yaweh had a good thought re stilts;

23rd august 2008 it was;

Stilbeim means ‘shiny’ in german;

 The dick shines on 12 years growth of ar diet but must have sympathetic women near by; who help the growth; one feels them helping the growth; that is why Germans sing “stille nacht’(silent night), to get to the revelations;

They also have the Christmas song, Au Tanenbaum; means pine tree. and Europe and north America ‘s are covered with pine trees as emanations of this. a from the end; the posterior is fart gas.

 Ambulances  carry stretchers which look like stilts ;

They are usually hung on walls;

 So the ‘other side’ knows if you did not tell GWDAL and causes an accident and you are caught.

I added the Gurdjieff story;

2 heads are better than one.

Gurdjieff’s Seekers of Truth; Dr Sari Ogli in Meetings with Remarkable Men, says they used stilts to walk on in dessert storms;

At a height of 25 feet they could see clear sky; beneath, the sand storm raged;

Stilbeim  means ‘shiny’ in german;

Therefore, the longer dick, or penis on a ar grown diet, brings the brain up to ‘above any sand storm’;

It means one can see the other person’s point of view in any argument and so there is no argument;


Thank you Dr Sari-Ogli.

119) I tried to help a man trying to repair brakes;

 It seemed as though anal sex had caused the problem;

Then it occurred to me that maybe the brain, like brakes of car, seize up, if anal sex was done.

One reason why the alians, mum, dad, my brother, do not tell GWDAL; yet;

So; what can be done; Mum used to indicate to me that anal sex is good;

I never sexed my mother but she did offer and she indicated this.

So, the telling of GWDAL, or ar diet is well and truly behind schedule; it should be known; published on TVs;

Is it partly due to past anal sex?

120) Good works is the answer; if you did anal sex in past;

Letter box drop the 16 page, now 174 page GWDAL, to 100;


121) The Olgas; they are emanators of ungasses;


Some info in The Rough Guide to Australia;

Ol gas;

The Olgas are rock formations in Australia, near Ayers rock

Olasz means Italian in Hungarian.;

Does this means the Italians have to tell ungasses lifestyle?

Where do I find an Italian woman or one who speaks Italian; to help me tell them.

There are many ol words; olvas means to read;in Hungarian.

 Olvad means to dissolve.

Oli is a name; Oliver.

Olló is scissors.

Ol, somehow relates to courts.

121) the non hold up of water has long been in my books; weirs; should not be allowed obviously so those down stream get enough water;

The yellow pinch bat and yellow pinch dam could be a result of hold up of water allowed;

Dams are different and only until all are on GWDAL;

Yahweh reminded to write this in again; after I emailed Bega council.

I emailed the Bega council GM to check this out and rename the dam if possible; 27.


8.sept 08

122)It came again and stronger, that if one digs soil, one gets anal sex later, which makes one think, there is no life but this one and then one is finished.But we are reborn,time and again.Tales of reincarnations of Rosemary Guilley,Pocket Books.

Azur had a room to rent and said Buddhists believe this; it was in Kyogle.

He only said re Buddhists believe;

Then I saw some steps cut into outside garden, similar to ones built outside our parent’s place, where I had seen on dad’s face, as ambulance carried him out to morgue, emanations of against get top job, by Liz Windsor and B. J. McN.

Elizabeth; EL is life ;( acute on e) and life comes from soil. So if one digs soil, it seems one cops it, later.

Therefore in utopia, one must not dig soil. I had also had thought from JJ to dig steps into soil where I went to bow to river as it’s a steep bank; maybe 4 million yrs ago I did. this time I did not

Dad dug soil from next to wild pear tree on a slope and carried it to other side of house for a carport, over several years, bit at a time. Dad did do anal in last yrs of his life; maybe once in Hungary pre 1950, that I think I know of. He died with skin smell, all over body, not just under arm; cancers; and Alians giving heart attack.

Their paining, last night, was so bad on rhs thumb, I have a blue streak on finger nail from it as I would not do as Yahweh wanted me to, so he pained me ALL night with rays from space ships.

Of course it is proven we are reborn many times; but maybe those who dug soil, did anal, are on last life.

I also moved some soil in marital house, behind laundry, looking for gold; then I put it all back and also when I built the extension under verandah to allow a pillar to be built..

I also planted a lemon tree and orange tree for mum and dad in their house, and had a small veggie patch and lemon tree and rose bushes and a mandarin tree that died, planted by me in marital house garden; also I helped in veggie patch Dad made around 1956.also I helped my brother to build steps, but did not help him to dig soil. Just to pour cement.

Of course the alians have dug soil many times and hewed rock many times.

123) RE NON BUILD BRIDGES14.sept 08

On Lemuria, the book, The Sun is Rising, says they cut a huge tree to use as a bridge over a river.


the use of bridges in utopia is forbidden.Think its because not close to earth soil.

after effects of Lemuria bridge 40,000 yrs ago.

Mum wanted me ONLY for her support of 2 sons in our family; when I helped dad to top jobs she got upset;

the bridge between her and me.

she wanted MORE life from future, 1 hr before death;

I could not give on moral grounds;

 the bridge of MORE life.

C. M. cut a huge tree in our backyard which later became a 2nd block of land.

in 20 Fox valley rd Warrawee; Wahroonga.

for firewood; it had a shed next to it when we bought the house.

Dad got a bulldozer to make a walk way in back yard and at last minute my brother suggested make a tennis court instead.

another big tree was cut for driveway for bulldozer;

2 trees at front; big trees;

 roots raised floor of neighbor’s garage; dad lost the court case and had to cut both; they had given shade over our sun room at front.

All these were emanations of AR; as tree is ARbre in French; until ar revelations.

Mum asked me to cut the top of a pine tree at front and sell to Erneg a humpback; which is púpos, like POO pos in Hungarian like ungas rear.

I consider myself capable of telling GWDAL.With so many emanators re AR revelations; with the alians having killed my 4 teeth growing related Asians; my 4 penis growing related Asians; maybe Yahweh re created some.

I think this knowledge should be there at age 17 years; full recall and a sensitive who can read the Ashaki records. Then you have a full life to tell this knowledge; and No alien who opposes telling  until 2012 and then he wants to ‘force’ rule, which is not allowed, and so the blackness came 6 years after planetary perturbations, 4 million years ago and all died. Yahweh found over 44 past alien leaders, reborn as cripples for not telling GWDAL to this planet, in 4 million years periods; the problem is he is so deluded he thinks it won’t happen to him.

124)One chap had a past life as an orc; lived in back room; his past life only surfaced when mum died in 1994.

his 2nd wife is from planet june-hilda which were between Jupiter and mars and blown up by alians 22,000 yrs ago in a fight over a woman.

They divorced; she left him as soon as he retired. They were together for 30 years. He has a 3rd wife.

4 golden pines were removed by a builder who did renovations and extension in 1969 or so.


my brother’s 1st wife, J. B., similar name to Janet Taylor Calwell who caused the blow up of those 2 planets as a 16 yr old. Tales of Reincarnation, by Rosemary Ellen Guilley, Pocket Books.

, in bridges, that one is not connected to ground. No bridges in utopian lifestyle.

125) In Utopian lifestyle it would be a gentle summer all year; banana peel keeps one on a high all day; and gives emotions.Banana peel is an aphrodisiac.

Because the alien was paining toes I forgot; Mum went to council; wanted me to build on land at back; only allowed if build bridge;

I did not accept her offer;

Connection to bridge on Lemuria?

I would say absolutely sure it is



126) The use of tablet sex uses up sperm too much and the American financial crisis of many billions of dollars lost  by financial institutions is just that; use of tablet sex;

 Also anal sex is fruit less so it contributes to financial companies losses.

127) Also pasteurization (heating up milk and cooling it, before sale), kills the enzymes; pasteurization started in 1920s in USA and England. In 1958 in NSW, Australia

The extra terrestrial or alien, Yahweh  and his mates; (whether they are there with him or dead I am not  sure as at sept 17  08,he killed all his mates and his parents and Satan ; who was an alien also, because they wanted to tell GWDAL to this planet) used tablet sex each 1,000 years of life they have with a brain op that allows them to live to 1,000 yrs.

So he has a LOT less IN TELL igence in the respect of telling GWDAL;

128)What happened is Judy Judge died of cancer; she had  been my 1st to bed; she had married an Irvin to emanate back as IR is stone knowledge; ‘do not move stones in river or those being washed to river’.As a soul she could raise my sex; I sexed her and 2 others , who came as souls for 7 months; then stopped as a villager cried out; ready to murder me; I saw then, this period, to nov 08, was so I would experience this to tell others; not to sex souls; a T. W. had said he sexed some singer’  soul and T. died soon after that; yet he was only around 35-40 years old.

Judy Judge or JJ, came to me as a soul as soon as she died; she had been Queen Victoria in a past life; John Forrest had had been Queen Victoria’s lover; in Hungarian Forrest or erdő.Erdő is like Irvin; said similarly.

JJ flew up as soul on the rays the alians used to read what I write; to the alians; they made a body for each of them of her; 2 for Satan. They sexed her on tablet sex; I almost died when I saw this. It was May-June 2008.I was in Westview Caravan Park; Dubbo; NSW Australia, where a Lynn is part owner.


129) New life is from stool or shit;

That becomes soil and new life is also from soil;

 As stool is in the LOU  or LOO like LU, he is also deluded as to ways of telling; he,Yaweh, thought, and we have to change his mind, to kill us all and start a new race with his machine that makes bodies and tell them he is TCO..

Problem is, everyone on GWDAL would be so high in brain, they would sense he lied and so he would be unable to go among the population or they would try to capture him; one carries one’s lies in aura around with one;

As he lacks IN TELL igence now he does not, or did not to 17 sept 08, tell GWDAL, which for a man with space ships is easy to do.

As he is also deLOOded, he thinks grandiose thoughts of himself;

 Now, he and his mates came 23,000 yrs ago.

 All their grandiose schemes came to nothing;

The Maya; the Inca; the Aztecs; the Jews; the Babylonians; and so his thought to tell after killing is also one of those that will fail;

 ‘ he who lives by the sword dies by the sword;’

 130) Barbarians always win and then they ALWAYS lose;

 Regards, László Les Paul; anyone got the cure, please tell me;

I did ask USA embassy to tell president of USA to offer me job of President of PBS TV so I can tell this knowledge to all; that way, I could stand for election as American president and win in 6 weeks as all people want this knowledge;;

They DO have great technical skills; but to OBEY GAMN; they lack IN TELL; how to cure

22 sept 08






AIG, insurance, big problems also.



132) the use of electricity.

A small gadget never used, but told of to some;

Its an e cell from Medic Technology; suite 2, 10 Preston st, Como WA 6152; ph 08 9474 6500, Australia

Fax 08 9474 6577;

1300 88 5140 This firm sems to have gone out of business.

To get rid of arthritis but maybe against cancers;

Its $650 I was told on phone; a similar one in dec 2005 I saw advertised in Sun Herald of Sydney  $115;

It’s to show us all the use of electricity has after effects;

Problems with dick which is jancsi in slang Hungarian;

Sometimes, due to travel, I get itchies on dick or balls;

Spit; Savlon cream; Lamisil cream keeps it off;

 Also heat from hair drier;

 Yahweh says he washes dick after every toilet (telepathy); I told C. who has cancer, of both gadgets ;( may be after effects, though).

L. K., her father, died at age 50 or 52; M. of Lightning Ridge I told of this gadget; she has cancer;

 Next day at doctors, receptionist; indications of Peter; PEE ter;

 And at PO indications of ‘other side’; so use of electricity affects dick and;

So A I  told  who is between Lismore and casino after hill; 10 klms out from Lismore; next to nursery;

He is on dialysis machine and has hepatitis 3;I am positive if he got onto 8 pieces of fruit a day;(only 1 citrus as bees do not like orange pollen), his liver and kidneys would start to function again.

Maria of lightning ridge married a 25 yr old older man; T. whose dick did not work;

2nd marriage;

133) As we have been here in 4 million yr periods many times and venus and mars had people once but used up too much electricity of planet so there are no people on them now; but were;

 I saw 2 girls who had black dress on; young girls; as I walked after thought, again, re electricity use;

It is quite likely, as I am TCO; these things are brought to my attention to tell others;

 How many in society get dick and ball infections;

Old T, M says, his dick is gangrenous and is being operated off;

 But Beethoven also got dick infections and went deaf;

 He was before electricity; he wrote music.

Does use of ‘hit metals’, like piano strings (metals feel is proven) have this after effect;

 134) Was JS’s 1st abortion to me due to use of electricity; she went off without my permission;

Basically Undara volcano near mt Surprise, brought us together and Kilauea volcano took us apart as we had not the ungas revelations, then.

 Just to con me; it was definitely to con me; told me in telepathy from mice; she had 3 abortions to D. from age 6 to 16;

 135)I have a natural aversion to taking pills and use of electricity; pill taking leads to epilepsy; but cannot be avoided if not own banana orchard; Since Dr Pilgrim,2006, I take 2 multi mineral-vitamin tablets daily;1 veg enzyme capsule, daily; One place to get vege enzyme capsules is Gro Vita, Tenterfield, NSW,Australia

 Even as a 14 yr old, I was upset that dad got a cassette player; as one gets older one loses this sense of non use of electricity;

Basically the use of electricity is only to GET TO the revelations; and more proofs;

Then it must be gradually ceased;

 Yahweh is a name associated with dick or shiting;

 Ya the wee; or  way;;

But he used space ships;

Often I prefer to get off itchies with cream or such rather than alien rays;


Yahweh was the cardinal.

I am the pope; he has the car (space ship) to tell GWDAL; he must do as I ask re telling GWDAL or all is lost I would say.

The last alien, Yaweh, told his planet’s peoples that he got the revelations; not me; now he is deposed as president;Yaweh is dead.May 2011.

I had to go to a mental hospital 4 times,because Yaweh was harassing me.In the hospital his pesterings,would cease.

The doctors all said, contact with alieans is schitzophrenia.I gave 2 full AR books to doctors there.But got no reply to 2 march 2012.


There are transmitters all the way to Gamar; planet to Sirius.

Chapter 4

135) My pointing out, Yaweh recreating; body from machine; the beggar outside Wynyard station; Sydney, Australia  was/is, the alien leader of 4 million years ago. He said the blackness came 6 years after planetary perturbations.

136) The 26 ½ year periods exist. At 26 I was married to what turned out to become an emanator; an Ungarn; has ar and un in word; when divorced (1979) arguments; inner emanations are stronger.Ungarn means Hungarian in german.

At twice 26; or 52, I got the ar revelations.

3 times my 26 year periods coincides with the 2019 blackness that kills all;

The problem is the alien leader, Yahweh was senile; legs do not work; lived alone with only humanoids. One full brain who  was only allowed speak to him on phone. But he had the powerful space ship that can take care of 100 missiles every 10 seconds.

His attitude was to wait, not tell, till 2012, and then tell and have force rule. It seems GAMN do not allow such. It’s been 78 trillion years; L. Ron Hubbard, in Have You Lived Before.Or 55,000,000,000,000,000,000, in another  edition..

137)Bananas comes from seeds;originally.Captain Cook and Joseph Banks found bananas with seeds in 1770 when they came to Australia; One can get seeds in PNG or Canary islands.Have to overcome import restrictions.I was told by an employee of Primary Industries,that he had seen an advertisement for banana seeds,in Sydney,but he forgot which magazine.

They ARE allowed in Australia; dept of Primary industries has a form; fill it in; can have seeds for bananas.

138) I had emanators; many; If argument; subconscious emanations are stronger; before the revelations; all emanating some aspect of un or ar. I was 48 when 1st revelation came; I am Honors Accountant.

Apologies to all for my non understanding before the revelations.

139) Do not move stones in river or those being washed to the river (1st emanator; Judy Judge; married an Irvin; ir knowledge is stone knowledge) (her emanations; she was Queen Victoria in a previous life).

The river has feelings. Plants-metals feel is proven; Bose and Backster, in The Secret Life of Plants, Tomkins and Bird.Metals feel,from Bose, 1900s, as well.

Some days I could communicate with metals; not every day.

Stone knowledge is er, el, ir, il knowledge.

140) The non use of bridges in Utopian lifestyle.

In Lemuria, 40,000 years ago, they felled  trees to make bridges to get over a river. My mother offered a bridge between houses if I live on back block; council required re that land; I did not accept. Lots of broken relationships re bridges use; I think.

141) Pearl Harbor has AR in words twice.

Pearl Harbor is when the Japanese brought USA into world war 2.Dec 6th 1941.

142) Stilbeim means shiny in german, and on 12-16 years AR growth, the penis will shine. (The name Shineberg exists).

Stretchers are like stilts; usually hang on walls; the ‘other side’, knows if you know AR diet and could cause you to be on stretcher if you do not practice-tell AR diet.Yaweh, the Alien, thought this re stretchers.

143) Poverty.

1 in 8 Americans live in poverty; almost 1 in 4 American Negroes live in poverty. Article of northern Star, June 2006 of Lismore.

If ungas, rear, is not in practice. Posterior,’popo’, is rear, or bum, in slang German, Hungarian.

Some live in Poverty if no ungas, rear is in practice.

144) Lamb is bárány in Hungarian; cattle, beef is MARha in Hungarian; both have ar in words.Emanators of ar diet; we ate meats to get ar emanations.

145) Diabetics can eat bananas. The man measured his blood sugar levels; he ate bananas; he felt ok but his machine showed levels up of blood sugars; what it is, the machine does not differentiate between Good sugars; fruit sugars; and bad sugars; processed sugar cane sugars.

146) Dr Sari-Ogli of Gurdjieff’s Seekers of Truth, used stilts to walk in desert storms; at 25 feet its clear blue skies. On AR diet; penis grown; brain is ABOVE the argument storms. Meetings with Remarkable Men, written by G.I.Gurdjieff . Pan Published. One SEES above arguments on 100% nutrients fed brains;

Not like the 4 judges; 4 magistrates; who, since 1995, have lied blatantly to me because Queen Elizabeth rang them to ignore me.

147) Oriental Diagnosis; what your face reveals.Michio Kuchio; East West Journal, Brooklyn.

Andrew Hogg; Bulletin magazine; Article Cheryl Jones; Australian National Museum; re Sun Controls ice ages to planet.

Publish; give me 12% of sales commission; do not ask; just do it; alien jams my phone; even; just do it.

Chapter 5




Tales of Reincarnations, by Rosemary Ellen Guilley, Pocket books, page 223, has that a Scott, as baby, maybe 12th century, Asia, was maimed, on face with burning stick, to BEG better.Lauren McQuary,past life.

When I saw Scott, policeman of Miles, Qld, would not take to Un and AR revelations; known as GWDAL, for short, I saw.Maybe its his past life.

We are reborn time and again. It is proven in this book, plus others I have.

It can be done in 2 ways; under hypnosis, or using a G meter as L.Ron Hubbard, did in Have you Lived Before This Life. Or, as General George Patton, he KNEW he had served in Confederate army; for Napoleon; For Henry Vth.Fought the Huns. Fought in Greek-Trojan war; fought for Alexander the Great, the House of Stewart, the Crusaders, and other lifetimes.

In WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,long form there are around 33 proofs of 4 million years ago; we were here.

Plus in the 11 files of uncollated notes,now 2 folders of around 100 pages each of notes, which I would love to give to someone to edit and collate, there are more proofs of having lived in 4 million year periods.

So, Scott, policeman did not accept GWDAL; 4 million years later; baby Scott was scared for life.

This IS how God and Mother Nature work; one of Their methods.

When you die, your soul is put into a woman who , subconsciously, makes you live a life, paying for past life sins; as cripple; sick; poor, die in drought; in flood; in desert; or a life of ease; full success; many love him-her.

God and Mother Nature control this method; you may be rich and famous in one life. But if you were deceitful, you may end up poor; wretched, not loved, in another lifetime.

If you suicide you go into a blackness for the length of time you would have lived;

Every single person on this planet should have a film or the books, above, plus, Time Travelers of our Future ; by Bruce Goldberg,Llewellyn which has stories of people abducted by alians; spoken to; worked on, and returned. But they ONLY remember under hypnosis.

I have an implant in my head and since June 2008, Yahweh, the alien talked to me In telepathy.

He has located more than 44 past alien leaders, who, in 4 million year periods, did not tell GWDAL to this planet; so they were reborn as cripples in many times.

I wish to ask for your helps; Yaweh sexed 16 times a day for 500 years; he had 50 bodies from machine,over 25 year period. no more life comes to a new body. He flew a lot more than the other alians.He thinks he is not going to be reborn as a cripple for not telling GWDAL to this planet. He actually made a space craft, 60 meters across for me; but has not given it to me. Its some form of delusion on his head, and as he lived only with humanoids (people who come out of a machine; brain held so they can only obey; can’t decide), plus one full brain who was only allowed to talk to him on phone; plus he spoke to his home planet President (he was the president, before), every day; There are transmitters all the way to Gamar planet of Sirius. I need help. I need, also an excorcist; they cost money to locate and to pay; Not using spells ones. Spells have after effects; Kids with holes in bones; from a film on Romans.SBS, I think.Thanks.For this bit of info. Yes, the Roman Empire broke up due to such kids. Weaker soldiers


Yet H. of New York Times would not take an advert for Paradise, (now GWDAL), around 1998.

I faxed B. H. 11 pages of AR diet  faxes of this knowledge in 2002 or so. No positive reply; yet.

40% of New Yorkers are witches. There is no need for Chinese or Japanese or Germans to win; just wait for weaker USA soldiers; Like in Afghanistan, the USA loses a lot, to tribesmen, who maybe have not parents who do spells.

Tribesmen who probably drink non pasteurized milk.

Say, for example, a debtor to me, as The Chosen One, proof 281, does not ‘cough up’.

All God and Mother Nature does; in this example, is make a soldier of the debtor in a new life; the soldier loses, in battle, to the Babylonians,or other; we are reborn , time and again,;4 million year periods of all died and new births is proven.

The Babylonians used to stake out, on 4 stakes, prisoners; then they would skin them alive.

The chap who runs Royal Hotel in Trangie NSW went to a hypnotist. He was killed in the Vietnamese war; or some war; not long ago. Another example; a book on military things in Dunedoo library. Some king poked out the eyes of 1400 0r 14,000 prisoners before sending them back home; some time in 10th to 18th century. Forgot  exactly.

A book on past lives and WHY they occurred in such ways, should be read by all.

Imagine F. L., of W. not ‘coughing up’ for his cons. And he does past life regression, under hypnosis, or using e meters.

The BIG question is; say, for example, he was skinned alive in a past life.

Would this knowledge be sufficient for him to tell GWDAL in all his W. stores?

Same for D. and B. S. of S.; now retired. They own hotels as well.

I used to work at Hallams laboratories, 2nd job after leaving school.

Once I get a positive reply from B. H. (who also owes me), L., S. (W.), S., I will stop telling ;you see, a magistrate lied to me on 28.1.09.Its re a library ban re my leaflets on GWDAL; No exposing in them; just information; the uni of NSW teaches, ‘what would the ordinary man in the street do’ is law.

149)I  have 4 signatures stating,’ if no right of reply before library ban issued, library ban is VOID.’

The magistrate did not err; he plain lied; yet legal aid won’t help me; nor the Judiciary Commission, even reply to me. I have Honors in Accountancy and know the LAW.

This is how legals, who are 1/10th nutrients to brain, treat me. Why? Queen Elizabeth rings them to ignore me. She knows in telepathy what I do.Australians report to British Parliament, not to the Queen.

150) Classic example. I told A. B. he must change skippers or he can’t win. The Americas cup, yacht race; 1982.He changed skippers; won; would not pay my $2 million fee. I faxed and faxed Chief judge of High Court, J. G., in 2000, to not let A. B. out of jail until he paid my bill.(he is worth $2 billion).The alians, who read all I write but stayed in orbit, since 1989, told me. In telepathy. Queen Elizabeth rang G. to ignore me. So, that is why I am always short of money, and now, wishing to have paid missionaries of this knowledge; cannot; Enzymes die in cooking; fruit that is transported loses 20% enzymes if frozen; 60% if not frozen. Chemical fertilizers give only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins. We can and do live on the 1/10th to 4/10th nutrients to brain; But with the ar diet; eating bananas with peel and ungas preparation; the brain would be on such heights it sees OVER arguments; like sand in sandstorm only rises to 25 ft; above that is clear ,blue, skies.

.Regards, Lάszlό Les Paul       8 October 2009

151) It’s the Un-iv-erse; iv is 4 in roman; the 4 is important in ungas revelations; because urination goes in an arc; arc is iv in Hungarian 1V is 4 in roman.

Young kids; in Australia, are down to the bones; due to not getting enzymes from milk since 1958.

152) Target stores Moree is selling black suits; a whole rack of them I saw;

153) In USA and Europe they started pasteurizing milk even in 1920s; 1930s; so they are even further down to the bones. We either get this knowledge to all schools or they churn out legals; like 4 judges and 4 magistrates simply lied to me since 1995.Schools, not telling this knowledge; churn out criminals; liers in legal profession; prostitutes.

We either start telling the population FULL Nutrients or we die.

154)Running writing sort of thoughts came; that it could be USA and Japan sinks in 2012, and coastal cities have to move inland; swamped by water. This corresponds to the Celestine prophesy.Or india sinks,came in a dream,sort of.

155) The 2nd emanator, is Irish; the Irish elk had the largest horns.” horn” is penis in slang; ar diet grows the penis over 12 years.So, when  we were ‘pulled apart’, inner arguments; emanations are stronger  if inner argument.

156)Remember the 3 klms dust storms over Sydney , sept 2009, were a Command from God and Mother Nature to tell the 2 videos by ABC,SBS, Australia, re un; as Ungas is unborn or dead in steam or gas of urine. Dead is like dust; hence the dust storms.ABC, SBS TV were told.Paradise and The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings

157) 27% start with an abnormal pituitary gland; according to Dr Shoneman’s table;

New born 27% abnormal pituitary gland;

1-20 years  50%   abnormal pituitary gland.               

20-40 years  71%abnormal pituitary gland

40 -60 years 90% abnormal pituitary gland

Over 60 years; 100 % abnormal.

Also, almost everyone starts off on chemically fertilsed food; only 1/10th minerals; and less vitamins and proteins.

158) The alians built Stonehenge; stone is like rock; ‘row the hen’; is like woman.

The alians were involved in building Notre Dame in Paris in 12th century.T0 ‘knot’ is like ‘not-re’.Stone hedge is in England.

To knot means to make further; knot is a sea speed. To ‘make further the dame’; woman. Dame is woman in French .My mother helped ‘to go further’ with Un gases..

The father of Jesus was an alien.

The alians built the pyramids.PEE-ra-mids.rá means ‘onto’ in Hungarian. Ungas flies onto bananas.

In Hyde Park of Sydney, Australia, is an Archibald fountain, which points to St Mary’s cathedral. My mother was a Mary. So, emanations of AR (Archibald), to Mary, to Mary, to me.

My mother said, ‘na nece”, means ‘ well, here you are then’, and she went to retirement home and the revelations started. So, to ‘row the hen’; the dame, further; seems to have helped START the revelations. The alians travel at warp speed; has ar in the word; is WHY they did such things.

159) It’s the Un-iv-erse.

Urination goes in an arc; arc is iv in Hungarian; 1V is 4 in roman. It’s the Un-iv-erse; The universe.

This bit came when a Keith, said the word; Universe and my brain interpreted it. I was in Tamworth.Sept 2009.I was in mental hosp 4 times when Yaweh was pestering me.The Doctors there say having relations with Extra Terrestrials is skitzophrenia.He would stop pestering me when I was in hospital.

But this alien pesters me. How to cure? He does not want to tell GWDAL until after 2012.44 or more past alien leaders; all reborn as cripples; more than once, for not telling GWDAL to this planet.

I tried many publishers. But need exorcist so have been without woman for 30 years.

Who will publish this? Add from Internet if desired.6 bags of uncollated notes I have, plus 6 bags of ‘odds and sods’, notes ,now 2 folders of around 100 pages each.Who will publish this?


160)Proof 281 in bigger book, of  is about millions of buffaloes, millions of mammoths and on top of them millions of uprooted trees, in Seychelles, and this is interpreted.AR diet is eating bananas with peel with ungas preparations.

Tree is arbre in French; starts with AR; So AR emanations to the dead animals.

Makes me, Les Paul, the CHOSEN ONE, because emanations to dead animals and my daughter has CHELLE in name, like seyCHELLES;

Emanations to me via daughter. Same as in Hyde park, emanations of ar, is Archibald fountain, to St  Mary’s to my mother Mary to me, of AR diet.  


Ungasses, made by MARRING or BUFFING, as one walks, near sex.BUFFALOES.Mammoths have horns or tusks and this diet grows the penis(horn in slang),over 15 years of 4 to 6 bananas a day with peel with ungas preparations, making tears of joy, bringing rain of joy.

161)Paradise video ,made in 2000-2001, and The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings, made 2008-9,are both with ABC TV and SBS TV of Australia.

A Wendy at ABC TV Decides what new videos they show.

A Wendy’s parents were killed by a SAbre tooth tiger; maybe 1 million years ago.

Banana is musa; Sa of saber tooth; and SA of Musa; Emanations.

The Wendy story is in Time Travelers of Our Future by Bruce Goldberg.

Probably 4 million years ago, Wendy would not put on the un gas videos.

162) The 3 klms high dust clouds over Sydney and country towns of NSW, Sept 2009,were Command of God and Mother Nature to put on videos on un, as un is unborn in steam of urine; so dead and dust is like dead.

Could you ring ABC TV, ask for Wendy; ask her if she now wishes to show the 2 videos on Ungases; She has had the new one since Jan 14th 2009; It was sent registered mail.

ABC lost the 1st copy; I had to hand deliver  the 2nd copy with a solicitor’s secretary

163)The statistic from a Professor in Victoria, on NOW radio, Moree, on 1st Nov 2009, that 1 in 4, 16 year olds binge drink to drunkenness; and 1/3rd of 11 year old s  have tried alcohol, shows the lack of FULL Nutrients in young; and they try to FILL UP on junk food and alcohols.

All you have to do is tell them to eat 8 pieces of fruit a day (only 1 citrus in that as bees do not like orange pollen) and the un and ar diet and bow to brook daily.

164) But, most will not eat 8 pieces of fruit a day; and instead eat junk food; junk  has UN in it; jUNk.

What it is, they WILL eat 8 pieces of fruit; 4- 6 bananas with peel a day with ungas preparation, if they know of the ungas preparation and realize why they eat JUNK food is due to the lack of ungas preparation to banana.

165)Crime Stoppers should have a Refletron machine; which tells, from 1 drop of blood, the levels of 6 enzymes; kidney,liver,cholesterol and other.

166) No one who does not have a minimum level of enzymes in body should be allowed a drivers license.

It’s just a question of explanation. I tried and tried to tell schools; police. Hospitals; Ministers; Health dept; education dept.

167) There are enzyme inhibitors; they protect seed until ready to grow. must not eat dried beans unless cooked or soaked for 24 hrs; inhibitors play havoc with pancreas.


168) We have 8 years to live.(from 2012). The 26 year periods.

I was married at 26 to an Ungarn; has un and ar in word; the revelations, mainly are the ungasses (steam of urine, and rear gas) and ar diet is eating bananas with peel with ungasses preparation.

At twice 26, or 52, AR revelation came. At what would be my 3x26 years, would be 2019


December 2012 star, for 5 months. The Orion prophesy  of Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratnicks.Available from Nexus Magazine.Planetary perturbations are due; which come in 12,000 year periods only if all do not know GWDAL, is proven.Did not come in Dec 2012.

The alien leader, Yahweh, has a machine which can recreate anyone from a single cell or photo. The previous alien leader of 4 million years ago, said, that the blackness came 6 years after planetary perturbations.Yaweh does not want to tell GWDAL now; but after planetary perturbations of dec 2012 but with force rule; apparently this is unacceptable to God and Mother Nature and the blackness came 6 years after planetary pertubationsAnd all died, probably on all planets. Over 44 past alien leaders have been located; all reborn as cripples many times for not telling, in 4 million year periods, GWDAL to this planet. As it is MY 26 year periods that are used, this proves, along with proof 281, that I am The Essence Planetary Leader.

And I posted to Rudd, and Prince Charles and ABC, SBS (who have 2 videos of mine on un gasses), I should be Ambassador to UNESCO, telling GWDAL; I should have a seat on the boards of ABC, SBS, telling GWDAL to people DAILY (there is not much time before 2019 or dec 2012); That I should have charge of ASIC so ensure all judges and magistrates change diet to GWDAL (eating banana with peel and ungasses preparations) or be FIRED.

All debtors to me should pay up. I have 24 affidavits, not listed as NSW Supreme court registrar would not list; they owe me $200 billion so that paid teachers of GWDAL could go around teaching GWDAL.

The problem with Yaweh(who is very sick; can’t fly home) is he has ‘others’ in him, making him think he won’t be reborn as a cripple, many times, for not helping The Essence Leader of this planet to tell GWDAL,properly.



;Enzymes die in cooking; fruit that is transported loses 20% enzymes if frozen; 60% if not frozen. Chemical fertilisers give only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.We can and do live on the 1/10th to 4/10th nutrients to brain; But with the ar diet; eating bananas with peel and ungas preparation; the brain would be on such heights it sees OVER arguments;like sand in sandstorm only rises to 25 ft; above that is clear ,blue, skies.

.Regards, Lάszlό Les Paul       8 October 2009

Potato is aardappel;not aardapfel, in dutch; erdapfel in Hungarian; Húsz  and húszni have acute on u.Húsz is 20; húzni means to pull..Ott; has 2 t;means there is .Hungarian.áll has 2 l.Means ‘to stand,’ in Hungarian.

169)The dust Clouds, 3 klm high, sept 2009, over Sydney and country NSW towns,were command of God and Mother Nature to put on Videos on Ungasses;.ABCTV, and SBS Tv of Australia, have a copy of Paradise; made 2000-2001;and The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings,made 2008-9.

170)A Wendy in ABC TV decides wether to put on new things.A Wendy’s parents were killed by a sabre tooth tiger, maybe 1 million years ago.Emanations of SA; as banana is MUSA;Sa of sabre toothed; sa of musa.Its in the book, Time Travellers of our Future.

Probably 4 million years ago, Wendy did not put on the 2 videos; let alone ,once a week as should be.Wendy has the new one since 14 jan 2009.But ABC mail lost the 1st copy; I had to send a 2nd copy via solicitor’s secretary.


171)It’s the Un-iv-erse;urination goes in an arc; arc is iv in Hungarian.1V is 4 in roman.The 4 is important in ungas revelations.

Who does NOT think that all possible funds and resources should be used to tell GWDAL as we only have 8 years left to live if GWDAL is not told with the Essence Leader telling it.

Many, including Police, judges, magistrates; ABC,SBS, Prince Charles and all debtors will be told of this 2019.The blackness.

I have an implant in my head through which Yahweh told me about the blackness.

172)It should be 8 pieces of fruit a day; of which 4-6 bananas with peel and ungas preparation.Only 1 citrus; bees do not like orange pollen.

173)Everywhere there is corruption.The law school teaches students law; graduates them; then they go out and act corruptly as magistrates and judges and solicitors and barristers.

8 pieces of fruit a day should be taught in schools; Universities; armies; air forces;Navies.

The point is, people eat jUNk food instead , not knowing the un of jUNk food is the unagsses , missing from their diet.

Meat; fish; cheese; eggs are ALL contained in ungasses in gaseus form.

Its just a question of getting used to it; string bag; put Cavendish bananas into it; wee under it; at night ; hang near bed; when fart; raise covers so bananas get the fart gas;It’s the same as eating meat; fish; eggs; cheese;just  habits to overcome.Too many eggs a day, gives cholesterol.1 egg a week does not give cholesterol.more than that gives cholesterol.

174)There are many other bits and pieces to this knowledge and many statistics of ill health;

1 in 3 have cancers; cancer society;all would be healthy if start on ar diet; GWDAL from birth.

175)One item is one should not sex girl before she can ‘oil’ herself; lubricate.I think, like secondary school is like sex-ondary school; this is around age 12.

The law says not before 16 but  I see lots start long before then but they do not shout about it publicly.

If she sexes before being able to lubricate herself, she is thrown into the fire ,later in life; like a separation or a divorce;

My parents had a picture of a woman, kneeling to an abbot, and in the background is a huge bonfire; around 14th century;Painted by Fanfani.My brother has this painted picture now..It means if girl sexes at a too early age,she gets thrown into A FIRE,LATER.Divorce is such lso.

I met a woman, H, who came to see me to get a leaflet of AR,and who told me she was a virgin until age 26, and her husband says to her a lot’get to the point’,as if, as she did not get the penis, the point, into her from age 12-14, when she speaks, she has trouble getting to’the point’.

176)The main problem is the legals.All judges, magistrates; solicitors, barristers should be on 8 pieces of fruit a day or FIRED.

Take your pick; the blackness in 2019, where all die or the judges get on ar diet.

177)The established ‘aura’ of people is the main problem also.Established habits; steam of urine  and fart gas are not known as the highest to use.

If raw food is eaten, ones wastes are not smelly bad; it’s the cooked food eaten that creates bad smells in the toilets.Cooked food has no enzymes.

178)I do not eat mushrooms; houses of fairies;

 Neither sprouts; must allow plant to fully grow before eating it; David Philips died early for advocating use of sprouts.He has New Dimensions in Health; from soil to Psyche.

179)I have not eaten meat or fish, voluntarily, since 1985.But 2-6 bananas a day,prepared by ungasses,string bag method.

I still eat cooked veggies; cheese and eggs .

180)To get me onto taking supplements; as I have a natural aversion to taking pills; ‘things happened’

I now take 2 multi vitamin-mineral tablets daily;and I vegetarian enzyme capsule(health food shops sell them), daily,plus a calcium manganese mixture tablet daily.

180)To wash out excess aluminium, while I used to  live in a caravan with aluminium walls, I eat onions,  peas; broccoli;cauliflower; potatoes;beetroot;brazil and pecan nuts.Asparagus.And a calcium tablet,I take only sometimes.

I still eat cooked veggies; except for harrasement by the alian, I am never ill;

181) Blood pressure tested 6 times in past 15 years; always normal.I am 70 and looking for a woman;as I had to be alone while the revelations came out and further proofs.; include a photo.I have a new phone.No trouble from Aliens,so far.

The alian jams my phone;he wants me to obey him.

182)The 2 videos, Paradise, made 2000-1;and The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings,2008-9  should be with everyone; ABC and SBS of Australia have copies of both.

183)USA has 10 % unemployment; 2009 November.8 %, in 2012-3..

The southern states could all be told; grow own bananas; do toilet under the plant;

 The 2 human gases fly up; go into the banana; can eat banana with peel; gives EXTRA enzymes as well for great well being.

184)It could be that the USA and Japan sink in 2012;and coastal cities have to move inland as more water above would flood coastal cities;This would be in line with the Celestine prophesy.It did not happen.

185) You get a successful person and they won’t change; but now , with the 26 year periods and blackness of 2019;it came from past alian leader that Yahweh recreated by machine; maybe people WILL change once they know this knowledge.

186)The dark babies, Krisna and Trisna, were separated by doctors;Sun herald 22 Nov 09.Krisna woke up with a ‘raspberry’.Moira Kelly,Guardian.

This shows, as the above writing HIGHLIGHTED; re the 26 year periods, while they were joined together;and also came re extension ladders.

Its in Meetings with Remarkable Men of G.I.Gurdjieff; in the chapter, My Father; His father replies to the Deacon, ‘God is just now in Sari Kamish, building extension ladders so that people and whole nations may ascend and descend’.

In another Chapter, is a dr Sari-Ogli, who, found out, to cross the Gobi desert in sand storms, one can walk on stilts. But at his 1st attempt, with a ladder, the sand rose to no higher than 25 ft; but one of his 2 camels died; hoofs stuck up in sand;

Later, Gurdjieff’s friend, Soloview went off to shoot wild camels and they got him; bit his neck half through.

One wonders of the after effects of extension ladders and such as stilts.

I was on tip toe on an extension ladder when I built the extension, under the verandah (the house is on a cliff), building one of the supporting piers.

But my brother’s wife, Jan, left him, around then; and my wife, now ex, we had a 2 year separation then also, after which she came back; 1974-6;the final divorce was 1979.

Also, I smacked my daughter, Michelle( relates to Sari Kamish, as has Mich or Mish in word), around 1971, at the top of the back stairs that led to the cellar where the laundry was in my parents house; all for not eating soup my mother had made(stupid me; apologies ;I have apologized to Michelle also).

But was this connected to this saying; maybe 100 years before, by the father of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, so that I would build the extension; downwards, to our house to see ‘what is down there’ re Ungases?Fart is Raspberry in slang.

187) I think, as this Krishna woke up with a ‘raspberry’ or a fart, it means that the baby knows of the GWDAL story and wants to help.

Therefore all Hari Krishna centers must be told of this.

I thought, as dad gave my brother a hari kiri , Japanese sword in 1960, is why the Hari Krishna centers in the USA and Australia grew big.

So, all Hari Krishna centers should now learn GWDAL (I have sent it to them before, as I have to all religious centers); but this time; maybe take note and get on the right diet.

188)All past religions were started by the alians.Moses got the ten commandments from the alians; Mohamed met with the alians is in Religions of the world, MacDonald Young Books;Wayland Publishers;Transmedia;Fernleigh books, copyright Eliz  Brelly,Joanne O’Brien, Martin Palmer.

The father of Jesus is an alien; is in The Message given to me by Extra Terrestrials, They took me to their Planet; written by Claude Vorilhon-Rael.

189) Proofs that we were here in previous epochs; there are many at the back of the long form of WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM.

FROM Time Travelers of our future by Bruce Goldberg, page 194.

1) A North Britain nail embedded in block of sandstone from the Kingoddie Quarry dated from 360 to 408 million years ago; discovered in 1844.

2) Also in 1944, a gold thread embedded in stone 8 feet beneath the ground originated from 320 to 360 million years ago.

3) A metallic vase with beautifully inlaid figures, found in Dorchester, Massachusets, dated to 600 million years ago.

4) A chalk ball found 246 below the ground  in Laon,France in 1861 is 45 to 55 million years old.

5) In 1871 a coin like object discovered in a well near Lawn Ridge, Illinois carbon dated to 200,000 to 400,000 years old; must have been made in a machine shop by the inscriptions on it.

6) A clay figurine was found in Nampa, Idaho in 1889; it dated to about 2 million years ago.

7) A partial sole from a shoe was uncovered in 1922 in Nevada; this item is from 213 to 248 million years old.

8) Metallic sphere that contains 3 parallel grooves around its equator; found in Africa; dates back to 2.8 billion years ago. These spheres are limonite; hundreds discovered; so hard they cannot be scratched with a steel point.

Interpreting the 3 parallel grooves; the alians who left these were trying to get három is 3 in Hungarian; has ar in word.

The only life that existed 2.8 billion years ago on this planet was bacteria and primitive plants.

From Mysteries of the Unexplained of Readers Digest.

Aix en-Provence, 1786-1788;at 40-50 ft below ground at 11th layer(rock strata is separated by sand and clay)they found half worked rock stumps or stone pillars, and wooden handles of hammers and a quarryman’s board;300 million years old. The American Journal of Science and Art, 1.145-46, 1820

190) Those snags and toasts you had for breakfast do not give any enzymes. And these sorts of diet judges is what has to be changed.1/10th brain judges cannot seem to see. Pythagoras said (Its in new Dimensions in Health-from soil to Psyche of David Philips), ‘judges should abstain from meat as meat eating clouds the reasoning powers’.

And I have seen this in action; when a chap said to me’ but I only eat a little meat’ I actually saw a cloud come into his eyes.

AR diet brings the brain up to 100% nutrients; including emotions. instead of 1/10th nutrients to brain.

Eating food that is chemically fertilized and transported; one has to  have 2 multi vitamin-mineral tablets daily and 1 veg multi enzyme capsule daily, until one grows ones own.There are enzyme tablets from animals,too.

191) Fibre is required or one gets cancers.

That means, drinking only juices is not enough in long run.

192) To grow own bananas is allowed; in Australia, one fills in a form for the Department of Primary Industries.

I only buy Cavendish bananas. There are seeds in PNG and Canary islands

193) Pine trees are tanenbaum in german; emanators of ta from the end; ungas rear.Emanators all over Europe and America of fart gas via tanenbaum; pine trees. 

194) That it’s a baby, named Krishna, which is a name that is used for God, in Indian, that woke up with a ‘raspberry’ after separation operation,proves ALL religions should start telling AR diet or GWDAL.

195) A 10 minute walk a day helps keep fit.

I do exercises; not much; 7 push ups; 30 or so bicycle, legs on back, in air; 40 skips; daily; I have been without woman while revelations and more proofs came; may not need the exercises once I get a woman again; if ever.I stopped the excersises around Nov 2010.But I go for 4 walks every day.1st one is around 15 minutes.Plus I walk to shops or library (about 12 minutes)daily.In Moree I walked about 4 times as much as in Tenterfield.The shops were a LOT further away.

196) Its criminal to know we all die from blackness in 2019 and not tell the cure; AR diet told to all.

197) There are 150 dead suns in the center of our galaxy.Proffessor Couch.

But considering there are a billion suns or stars in only our galaxy and each has planets and the Andromeda galaxy has 300 billion stars(I got this  re Andromeda galaxy starts, from a Jehovah’s witness publication; Watchtower; to whom I posted a 25 page GWDAL article).

198) 4 cops were shot in cold blood in Seattle  while eating in a coffee shop. Daily telegraph December 1, 2009.The 4 is important in ungas revelations as urination goes in an arc.Arc is iv in Hungarian and 1V is 4 in Roman.I emailed Seattle council,AR diet or psychos do such.

The point is a psycho did it; a dark person. They were eating; I have told Police a LOT about eating bananas with peel; ar diet; they did not offer job to tell in Crime Stoppers;

 Both  of my largest debtors know AR diet as I emailed and posted it to them many times and they also owe half their worth as I prove their company was built big on our backs in one of 24 such affidavits I have; I am in Australia; but as there are 13,000 books of GWDAL out and about 4,000 or more leaflets, a LOT of people know GWDAL and one such sensed and did the shooting. I have to interpret. It’s not a very pleasant job to do this re 4 police officers; shot dead.

About  year ago, a cop,was hostile to AR diet,and a similar name in San Francisco, was mauled by a tiger that excaped from the zoo.I live in Australia,yet the tiger in USA knew about the hostile cop.

If all USA and Australia and British and New Zealand cops do not get taught AR diet, seems they are in he firing line of psychos.

All cops should have a diet of 8 pieces of fruit a day; judges also. only 1 citrus as bees do not like orange pollen; 2 bananas with peel for breakfast.2 bananas with peel for dinner; at least.

You cannot imagine the lots of ‘waffle’ I get from legal people who are not on ar diet.

199) To pray is like P-ray; like PEE-ray, which is ungas.

G-un; r-un; all athletics; sports are ‘on the way’ to un revelations.Por(like sport),is dust in Hungarian.Ungas is dead like dust in steam of urine.Bullets.Like Bull is like penis.

200) I found to buy fruit and wait till it softens before eating.Pears; Kiwi fruit; nectarines. Once it is soft it is delicious.

201) Popo is posterior in slang Hungarian and German. We have poetry because we do not have ungas rear; art gas; raspberry, to banana peel.Also POsteria.

202) The Ant-arc-tic; has arc in it; urination goes in an arc; the ant-arc-tic is an emanator of ungasses.

203)The Christmas tree with its decoration; lights ;represents the ungases to banana; the presents at the bottom represents the toilet one does as one does toilet to roots of banana tree and the 2 human gases fly up;

The lights, blinking or candles, represent the ungasses.

204) Ungas is like a ‘gang’ of one; gangsters if no ungas.

205) Varroa mite has destroyed USA bee hives from 5 million to 2.5 million; the remaining ones are using chemicals to fend off the mite. As bees do cross pollinating of fruit trees; this is a worry. Its emanations of AR; I am not sure if banana trees need cross pollinating.Dr Dennis Anderson,CSIRO Virologist; report by Ben Cubby in Sun Herald 29 November 09

206)Un-iforms;If no un in practice, is Un-iforms; like army; defense forces; police,hospitals.

207) There are enzyme inhibitors; that protect the seeds until conditions are right

for it  to grow. Never eat dried beans; either soak for 24 hrs or cook. Inhibitors play havoc with pancreas.

208) The womanizing of T. W. highlighted that more than one woman leads to trouble. It may or may not be true for all; Man RUBS vagina of woman and ‘t-roub-le’, can be spelled like RUB ;ROUB; of trouble. But the trouble may only come out in later life. I am not sure on this but the alien pained toes to put it in.

209) A Mr Shields in the Telegraph of Sydney Australia newspaper on 10.dec 09, stated population was 2.5 billion in 1941.2009 it is approx. 6.5 billion. He says ‘reduce population’ to reduce pollution and I agree with him 100%.Sent him an email via The Tele.Use X method.Man on top,in intercourse,woman crosses legs over man’s.Leads to no conception.

As President of Hungary I would say, ‘only 1 child allowed to a couple and no more until the parents had died, until population is down to levels where everyone can live by rivers; brooks; lakes;’

The other alternative is the atomic bombs way.

Everyone told of eating banana with peel; everyone provided with growing their own. It could be done.


210) Tales of Reincarnations of Rosemary Ellen Guilley ,Pocket Books,tells of rebirths; we are reborn time and again; But always a different life. Many times in different countries.

Time Travelers of Our Future of Bruce Goldberg has excerpts of 11,000 people, who told past lives under hypnosis.

Have you Lived Before, of L.Ron.Hubbard tells of past lives going back 78 trillion years; atomic wars; space ships-crafts.They had then,already.There must be 2 editions.One  says 55,000,000,000,000,000,000 years.

Banana is Musa;Fruit for Australian Gardens of Paul Baxter,Pan Macmillan publishers Australia.

The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon,Gateway publishers.

Paths to the Ancient Past by Tom B. Jones,Simon and Schuster publishers re the statue of bull with human head and wings.Like ungases

From Tales of Reincarnations.

Gail Bartley (page 129), was Joyce in 1920s; killed by hubby.

She was George in old west of America, in late 19th century. Killed by father.

6 lives in England.

One woman had 33 past lives in that book. But always different.

In Have you Lived Before this life, a past life as a lion is shown of human.

Yaweh, the alien in space ship-craft above me 24 hours a day, thinks he will be always reborn as Yaweh.No contact with him since july 2010,but he or a humanoid in a space ship-craft,is above me still,March 2011.

He was a black, tribal leader, in one past life. It is delusion to think he will be reborn as a leader, Yahweh again, as over 6 past Yawehs, among over 44 past alien leaders have been located and all were reborn as cripples many times, for not telling GWDAL to this planet properly; now; not wait till after 2012.

It is this delusion that keeps Yahweh, formerly Joseph, from telling GWDAL to this planet NOW; or ‘gradually’ as Paul means gradually and that is why The Chosen one, myself, was chosen as a name Paul.Gradually from library of Mulwillumba.

To tell Gradually.

Telling the wrong way; waiting till after 2012; brings the blackness and all die. God and Mother Nature did not bring back the previous Yahweh; or alien leader; I think it goes in a line of family to son. Not same one again.S0 God and Mother Nature won’t bring back this Yahweh, alien leader again ever either, unless he tells GWDAL properly; not after 2012; now; no wait;

Can you solve this problem?

211) The revelations started in 1989; The un; 1993, the AR.1995 The X method and Kneel or bow.

212) There is personality and essence; Essence usually helps; personality is what is in head from learning. To get to actually eat banana with peel essence has to help.From Gurdjieff teachings.

213) The un gasses ADD to banana peel.

The ar; eating banana with peel ADDS to penis growth.

The kneel to brook or bow to brook, adds to water drunk. I was an accountant for 24 years; accountants ADD a lot.


214) The cum or sperm smells if cooked food eaten predominantly and is grayish in ages over 40.Maybe not so smelly if drink alcohols a lot.

If you smell a woman’s vagina, who ate cooked food, you would know.

215)This diet brings rain as it grows the penis over 12 years and this brings tears of joy to woman and this brings rain of joy whenever  required.

216) It brings emotion and keeps one on a ‘high’ all day. No need for drugs.

217) The 23 ½ degree tilt of this planet means ‘ to pull the ar diet telling with fear.’

218) Yahweh, the past alien’s game plan is to try to stop me telling GWDAL until planetary perturbations in dec 2012.After which he intended  to kill most people and start a new race who have to worship him.

As God and Mother Nature do not allow force rule, the blackness came 6 years after planetary pertubations; all died; 2 or 4 million years ago.

So, unless you want to be a worshiper of an alien you have to defeat him; He has 80-100 meter space ship-crafts; about 7; and humanoids, with 7.5 meter space ship-craft who have to obey him. But he is very ill and cannot travel at more than 15klm an hour or he gets very sick.Sometimes humanoids rebelled,is whay aleans took ‘make strong’ tablets.To be stronger than  humanoids.

219) I can SEE the lack of enzymes in older people if they are also not sun tanned.

220)A Refletron  available from Roche pharmaceuticals  in Sydney ,machine can tell from 1 drop of blood, the levels of 6 enzymes; liver, kidney, cholesterol level. All councils should offer to test ratepayers only to prove to them that they are low in enzymes, so it helps them to go on 8 pieces of fruit a day.


221) The harbor bridge of Sydney, Australia is like a huge arc; urination goes in an arc. Arc is iv in Hungarian; 1V is 4 in roman; Emanations of Un.

222) Santa is s-an-ta;’ ta’ means a goodbye or going out; ta from anus; is Santa; Santa Clause. The made up figure represents ungas, rear.

223) Souls who die having eaten cooked food are not high enough in brain. Yet Judges think of their will, which has false ego. Judges should read GWDAL and judge not according to biased souls but on God and Mother Nature’s Will diet and lifestyle.

224) Wheat that is cut 1,000s at once, then processed, loses FEELINGS and this feeling attacks one and causes  cancers in old age in some.

225)80% of women get a virus, HPV,I think; probably for having too many partners and not having the FULL nutrients to combat ills.

226) Martial arts, have mar and ar in word. These are not necessary in AR diet lifestyle.  They are emanators of un and AR?

227) Kaiser Wilhelm (1st world war, German leader), had lunch of fruit and eggs; Nothing else, when  Ferdinand Sauerbrook was invited. A Surgeon’s life, published by André Deuch.The eggs represent ungas.Too many eggs give one cholesterol.

228) All the past religions were invented by the alians who came 23,000 years ago. (There were other alians here, before).All these religions relate to un or ar subconsciously.

Buddhist; ungas is a bud of oneself.

Ch-ri-stian; has ri like rear gas.

Mohamed and Moses; ungas is marred or buffed or torn or MOWN, near sex, as one walks.

229) Nostradamus predicted doom and gloom.He was probably a cooked food eater;sperm grayish, and he saw his own inner grayish sperm when in a trance.

A Magistrate; R.M. is a look alike to Nostradamus. (Nostradamus book, by Bernie Ward; Globe publishers).The uni of NSW teaches’ what would the ordinary man in the street do’ is law.

I have 4 signatures (now 5), stating, ‘if no right of reply, to library ban; ban is void’.

The 1st magistrate agreed the law. But he said ‘local magistrate will hear it’.

The 2nd magistrate denied the law and would not view the video, The Command of God and Mother via Neptune’s arc rings, which is the crux of the matter. There were hostiles to my leaflets and although 12 or so libraries took the book and leaflets one got upset when I offered  GWDAL to some who were hostile in library. So, I cross sued for $50,000.

This is put in here just to show that legals, on 1/10th nutrients, do lie a LOT; specially in Australia where Queen Eliz is titular head and she did not want you to know GWDAL,and cohorts of her in TV and radio and newspapers and publishers would not tell GWDAL.

Therefore the 1st to be ordered to get on GWDAL is the legals.They CANNOT judge properly and thinking re biased souls, at this highest level, 4 judges and 4 magistrates have lied to me since 1995.

It is ONLY put in here to show how low quality judges can be, without ar diet DAILY.

230) Si-rius; Si is yes in Italian. The alians emanations of yes from ri like rear, is ungas rear. They came from Sirius’ sun planets.They travel at more than 7 times faster than light.They can get to their planet  in 10 minutes which would take our best rockets 90,000 years.

231)Pythagoras said ‘judges should abstain from meat eating for 24 hours before a trial as meat eating clouds the reasoning powers’. It’s true. That is why people, sense but do not see, Santa Clause is a good illustration, of what it really means. This is in New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche of David Philips.

232) Dr Edward Howell wrote Enzyme Nutrition; that enzymes die in cooking. Many books on enzymes exist but that enzymes die in cooking they all missed as far as I know except Dr Edward Howell. Dogs wee to trees and dogs howl. So, it was emanations of wee, is why dr Edward Howell was used to write Enzyme Nutrition.

233) We are Cro magnum man and homo sapiens sapiens. To Crow about non use of electricity as magnetism of planet loses if we use electricity, and its magnetism of planet that keeps suns flares from burning us up. Sapiens repeated is ungas.But we were Neanderthals before, the alians wiped that race out; a small change in face and new name, is what alians did via machine that makes body.

234) Enzymes names end in either ASE or SIN.

One could say all sins are due to lack of FULL enzymes in body.

235)60% of American adults are obese was a statistic from some newspaper.

20-30% of youths are obese was another statistic from some newspaper.

One cause of obesity is the body keeps in what it gets longer, if insufficient nutrients in; so, if you ate 8 pieces of fruit a day, chances are, obesity would reduce, after some months.

236) Before the atomic age, all countries fought every 5 years at least. Aborigines of Australia used to fight more than that before the white man came in 1770.Mauries of New Zealand would fight a lot and often before white man came to NZ.

Its AR diet or Argument; Ar diet or wARs.


237) I eat nuts for protein until can grow own with FULL nutrients.

There is a write that no more than 8 nuts a day. I eat as I feel like; nuts. Sometimes, maybe 8 pieces from a combination of nuts pack; then maybe a few more. Lately it’s been less; maybe 7 a day.

Chapter 6

238) The un is made by marring or greating or buffing or torn, near sex, as one walks.Hence the beginning word’marvellous’.Torn came from I sent him AR leaflet.Mr Torbay, a member of Parliament

239) The subconscious emanations of Queen Elizabeth were necessary as él means life in Hungarian and ungas is extra life to fruit. When people are hostile, as she is to its telling and before, the ex mother in law is a Liz, the subconscious emanations are stronger.I know 2 or 3 good Elizabeths.They gave me signatures when I was trying to stand for Parliament

240) The American war of independence was necessary as all support books come from the USA; Enzyme Nutrition; Tales of Reincarnation. Time Travelers of our Future and The Secret Life of Plants.

241) David Childress has 9 books on Lost Cities; These are, in the past, alians had worshippers; when the people rebelled, the alians blew up that city. The alians have a brain operation to live to 1,000 years and then they get a new body from machine.

The alians had places in the sea of Persia and the Sea of Japan, once.Then they went to the caverns which are 10 miles down inside the earth. More land there than there is  on the surface.Lobsang Rampa in Nexus Magazine ,article,re 10 miles down.

The alians also have many bases; under Greenland; under Solomon islands, many other; other side of the moon. But only their leader remaind alive today.4 Jan 2010.He killed all his mates as they wanted to tell GWDAL to earth but the leader had lied to his planet, that he got the revelations that I got.Yaweh is dead and they have a new space ship leader. They have a base on the other side of the moon. This past alien lived with only humanoids and one full brain who is only allowed to talk to him on the phone. He killed people via the humanoids (The humanoids no longer do this for him) and pained them and me. The 4 million year ago alien leader killed the TCO (me) 1 year before the planetary pertubations.He told me all these things via implant in my head. He was very ill. Cannot fly at more than 15 klms or he gets sick. There are big humanoids under Solomon Islands. They also have a space station. Can get home in 10 minutes which would take our best rockets 90,000 years to do. The Message Given to me by Extra Terrestrials, they took me to their planet, by Claude Vorilhon-Rael, he came down in dec 1973 and again in 1975 telling Claude what to write. This book.A.O.M. published The Message---.

242) Stool is not smelly if raw food eaten. Passes through in 1 day; Cooked takes 3 days to pass through. Denis Burkit and Hugh Trowell, in The Health Revolution of Ross Horne.Harper and Collins published.Stool is smelly if cooked food is eaten.If mixed with raw food, it is less smelly.Its the enzymes in RAW food.

Y Shain and A.M.Mayer, Hebrew Uni, Phytology.Is reference re inhibitors dissolve in water in 24 hrs.

243) Face is arc like arc in Hungarian; Urination goes in an arc. Faces on Easter Island and United States Presidents, in rock, many other rock faces, face on mars are all emanations to get to ungas revelations.Australian bush has rock faces.GW had a large bag fall onto his face,in a factory.Emenation re ARC,like ARC.Urination goes in an arc.

244) Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary; Gab is to talk-say; banana is musa.Sa of musa; like say; emanations..

245) Gentle summer all year if all are on AR diet.SAMER; summer.A Tony 1st saw this.

246)If you do no spells, but just say abracadabra, as caki is shit in Hungarian slang; or kaki; the ca in abracadabra might cause anal sex, even in kids.

247) Rudy Shur did the front cover for Enzyme Nutrition. An Apple with a key in it; apple is upfel, apfel,(un falls uowards,) in german; ungas falls upwards.

248)Long ago there were kangaroos in europe.An Australian Animal Book, by Charles Barret,published by Geoff Cumberledge,Oxford Uni Press.

249) The after effects of grafting is possibly wrong sexual partners; All fruit trees except banana are grafted.No need for fruit trees, other than banana tree,maybe some paw paws,other asian fruits,figs and dates.

250) Bananas grow up in 18 months; Originally from seeds; Can get seeds in PNG and Canary Islands.

251) To die in battle or suicide, you don’t go to heaven; you just go into a blackness for the length of time you would have lived; then you are reborn. Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley.Pocket Books.

252)70% of 20 year old soldiers in Korean war (1950s), had 3 arteries blocked but could run 5 miles a day.Dr Peppin; Philadelphia Hosp.

We live on life of G forces and a healthy or unhealthy body.

253) Eu-phor (like four)-ri-a. It means happy. the 4 is important in ungas revelations, and ‘hor’ of euphoria, horn is slang for penis.

254) Ph-ar-o; Row ar; Ph-ar-row.

255) Ceasar; see the ar knowledge; emanations.Ar in word.

256) ARCS; in Churches; Mosques, Sydney Harbor bridge; Arc in St Louis.USA. All emanations as urination goes in an arc.

257) Christ was crucified on wood, which is tree, which is arbre in French; emanations of AR.

He had a crown of t-horns, on head; horn is slang for penis.

Ar grows the penis.

258) Hor-ri-ble if horn in rear?

259)There is a book, written 100 years ago, by a Holt, ‘Why not eat instects’.Harold Holt was a PM of Australia, who went scuba diving and never seen again; probably taken by a shark; so if you harm insects, later shark eats you.

260) Theory; Inhibitors in earth; we till ground to cure; as original seeds of universe had no water to dissolve inhibitors. But as Australia and USA and Italy-Europe have all been under water in pasts; surely the inhibitors would have dissolved by now.

261) Plants feel; is from Bose and Backster in The Secret Life of Plants. Proven,long ago.Told of Italy under water-chap in Stanthorpe International Club.

262)Who can get the delusion off Yaweh that he is different, and won’t be reborn as a cripple; more than 44 past alien leaders were reborn as cripples; some were named Yahweh; but this Yahweh carried on, saying he is different. Of course he is the same but he has this delusion.Yaweh is dead.

Dr Peppin, Philadelphia Hospital, re 20 year old soldiers had 3 arteries blocked.

But could run 5 miles a day.

263) We were animals and changed to humans to till soil, is thought.

Giant humanoids under and around Solomon Islands; Marius Boirayon article in Nexus.

264) There are billions of stars  or suns in our galaxy and billions of galaxies.

Lobsang Rampa  article by Karen Mutton, Nexus April 2006.

265) Yiddish. Banana is platano in Spanish. Plates; Dish; Yiddish. Jews speak emanations to AR diet language.

266) Banana  is klûay in Thai. Lonely Planet-World Food-Thailand-Joe Cummings.

267) The alians from Sirius; sun, Gamar planet; have 50 slave planets; everyone has to obey or is killed

268) Pyramids can be said like pee-ra-mids; rá means onto in Hungarian.Pee onto is ungas; steam of pee onto.

269) Alians rays do not reach more than 70 feet down.

270) Piet Meyer was told banana peel is good for skin, in Africa. This was pre AR in practice.and writing of,properly.

271) In Utopia, do not move dung. It has after effects; Truck breaks down.

272) Vitamin P is in pith or orange; so, presume it is in pith or banana. David Philips; New Dimensions in Health,from Soil to Phych.

273) The brain is larger on raw foods.Crille and Quirring, Marshal et al, Anton.

274) Paul Gaugin went to the Marquesas Islands about 100 years yrs ago; un us made by marring; emanations. William Heineman published.

275) Walk 15-45 minutes a day. The Columbus Nutrition programme.Janet McBarron-Liberator.Green Tree Press Inc.Keep Fit.

276) Moon looks like an arc in quarter; ungas; urination goes in an arc. Reminder re moon, The Celestial Mirror, Warren Kenton, Saracen Books, plate of John Reader.

277)Australian Vegetarian published by Michael Hanlon; Vegetarians decrease risk of food poisoning by 80%.Decrease risk of cancer by 40%.Heart Disease by 80%.Study of 11,000 Britons;20% less likely to die from any cause.Thoroughgood et al.

278) The Holy Grail is the Un.

279) Do not kill aphids; Hid is bridge in Hungarian .Pont is bridge in French. Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus.

280) T in blood. A. Ward Gardner, Publisher, Heart Davis.T in blood relates to stool, is my seeing.

Nossal and Jaques Millar Discovered t in blood.

281) Columbus and Pintez sailed from Aragon, in Spain, to the new world ;( America).1492.Film on SBS.

281) Av sperm count halved in past 50 years.Dr Niels Skakenback; Copenhagen Uni.

282) Too much strontium in air since 1970.How to Get Well; Dr Airola; Health Plus publishers.

283) Axel discovered vitamin B3, I thought I read. Action films,like axe  help give B3 visually.

284) Queen of Sheba; is Saba; like banana is musa; sa of both.

285) Ferdinand Sauerbrook; sow by brooks?

286) Avery published Enzyme Nutrition.

Llewellyn Publications published Time Travelers of Our Future.

Cremo  and Thompson published by Bhaktivedanda Book Pub.Inc,1993.Los Angeles.

287)Si means yes in Italian; Sirius; sun; Yes to ri; like rear; fart gas; Alians from Sirius gave emanations of fart gas.

288) If you even think of a woman, not yours, you could make a MISStake as she is a MISS.

289) The alians have 50 slave planets. Anyone who does not obey is killed. suicide rate is 50%.

290) Vegetarians live 6 yrs longer on average; seen in some mag in 1995, on Omsahlom.

291) If villi, in lower stomach is not full with enzymes; relates to Vila; village; vidék (country in Hungarian; világ (world in Hungarian).

292)Breast fed babies is best.Dr James Farquarson,Glasgow Hosp.,analysed 22 babies who died within 43 weeks of birth; 5 babies on breast fed had higher levels of DHA.

293) Cement only bricks brings wheel chair cases in old age; Could be cement render has similar after effects.Emanations of judge Dent,like the den is the house,re cement only bricks..Dent-Den.

294) J. Stamler; 47,000 vegetarians. Men over 35 and 35, mortality rate 57% lower for lacto ovo vegetarians; 77% lower for pure vegetarians; These would still be cooked food eaters.’Lifestyles,major risk factors,proof and public policy’.

295) Peat bog; 12 ft monster in it; is blind; 2 humps; can put itself in a circle;film showed a  man pretending to be blind ,robbed a bank. So if use peat moss, could get robbed.


Mysteries of the Unexplained of Readers digest     has re Peat bog monster.

296) Malic acid with pectin in Martindale or BPC, published by Royal Pharmaceutical Society. May or may not need to be transformed by UN gasses as it is on skin of all fruits.

297) Artesian water is bore water; if no AR diet in practice; in some places.

298) war of independence of USA was won on 19th; from a street number 19, I got an evil spirit on head from a Satanist family in 1996; would like it removed.

299)If one cons, deceives re GWDAL; God and Mother Nature’s Will diet and lifestyle, one goes bald as God relates to sperm as well and hair relates to sperm.

300) Sex growth; feeling at base of penis; comes from woman near. I had it at start of eating banana with peel; then it went; recently, just thinking of a girl, it came back, but she has boyfriend so stopped thinking of her.

301)The 80-100 meter space ship-craft of alians can take care of 100 missiles every 10 seconds.

302) If eat corn and do not chew it well, some illness comes. From a book in Banksia mental hospital.

303) Hold up of water; like in tanks, has after effects.

304) In Atlantis they had anti gravity  cars. It’s in Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley, Pocket Books.

Tale of a woman; in there. Past lives.

305) Re Billions of Stars; Watchtower of Jehovas Witnesses has a book with all sorts of facts and also a Patrick has a book on it re stars.

306) All should talk to NASA re the alians.

I emailed them a lot but recently their email went off. (4.Jan 10)

307) The planetary perturbations will last 5 months said Yaweh.

308) The Orion prophesy is by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinck.Did not come in dec 2012.

309) The Principles of Anatomy and Physiology of Tortora and Anagnostakos, by Harper and Row, re villi in it.

310) The tribe, the Sards were in the place which is Hungary today; Szar like Szard is shit in slang Hungarian; emanations of Un gas rear; or fart gas.Sard is said like szar.

The sperm seeps through inner walls, is in The Australian Medical Association Guide to Medicine and Drugs of John Shaw by Readers Digest.

311) The University Atlas of Goodal; and Darby, George Phillip and Son, in it, The London Geographical Institute has re planet Melina  or Hilda.

There were 2 other planets in our solar system; blown up when the alians had a fight among themselves; June and Hilda. They had other names; June was The Sorcerer,AND Maldeck; Hilda and Melina are the same. They were between Jupiter and Mars; The fight was 22,000 years ago. Lucifer lost and the false story was put out, of The Fallen angel, or Satan.

312) Penguin published The Secret life of Plants of Tomkins and Bird.

The Natural Magic of Mulch,by Michael Roads,Penguin.

313) I eat no meat or fish since 1985.Back on 2 minute noodles and fruit cakes since alien pesters me; since June 2008.

For 19 years the aliens read all I wrote from orbit and acted as security;they killed 50 would be attackers.None of whom I knew. Then the catastrophe occurred and only Yaweh remained.

314) I drink no alcohol since march 2007; which was after the start of taking supplements.

I do eat nuts for protein a bit.

315) All forms of artificial,like electricity ,energy have their drawbacks.

I think wind power electricity brings drought.

Spain has a lot of wind power and I read they had droughts.

We have to plan to go back to a no motors, no electricity lifestyle..

316) When, in NSW, enzymes were still in milk, in school, a Perry, much stronger than me, gave in to my planetary authority. A Phil, class captain, also did.

317) AOM Corp published Claude Vorilhon-Rael’s The Message given to me by extra terrestrials-they took me to their planet.

318) All knowledge I was given by GAMN.

Spirits whispered the un and the ar in 1989 and 1993, and spirits led me to open a book, just at right place for some part of the knowledge; open  the TV just at right moment.

319) Judges should listen to GAMN and not biased souls, who ate cooked food and booze in life and so become smelly souls.

320) Dinasoars had animals with long spikes on head near them; to SPY out what is required; un gas soars.

321) Strange Days on Planet Earth, video, was on ABC,TV, Australia; proves global warming in detail; it is available from Amazon.

322) Alsatian dog has SA in  word; banana is musa; sa and sa.

323) Porcupine has ‘por’ in word.(por is dust in Hungarian) Is dust in Hungarian; ungas is  dead in steam of urine; dead is like dust.

On Avalon community I saw a porcupine; Avalon has Val, like Valli in word; my granny on mum’s side was a Valli.

324) Arid if no ar in some places.

325) Unggas is bird or fowl in Indonesian. American Indians wore feathers, like fowl birds have feathers; emanations of un.

326) Barbarian, if no ar.

327) The Sun Rises is the Lemurian Society book, re Lemuria, all written from Ashaki records.

328) The Lost Continent of Mu, By James Churchward, has re Mu.

329) Ford is largest single car company, as emanations of four required.Ford like Four.

330) American Indians ate buffaloes for 100,000 years; emanations of ungas is made by buffing, near sex.

331) I was off milk and cheese for a few years and my front teeth wore down; now I take calcium supplements.

332)80% of Brisbane Qld, Australia, school leavers had to repeat in 1999.

333) Ar, Aramaic (language Jesus spoke), Aragon (where Columbus and Pintez sailed from), Arid, wAR, if no AR in practice.

334) Song, Sylvia’s daughter, sings, phone company ‘wants 40 cents more’, like ungas is extra life to fruit.AR grows the penis.

335) Undara volcano flowed to Einasleigh river and Lind river; 160 klms; 10 times usual flow. Indicates sperm flow would be greater on AR diet. ein is one in german.

336) Ungas is also torn inside one, near sex as one walks; the law of torts should have added,’AR diet or Argument’.

337) Mars used up too much magnetism of planet; had people once. Many from mars live in the caverns 10 miles down in earth.

338)90% of Japanese men stink. TV, 18, April 2000. AR diet would not have stink.

339) Ungas flies to banana peel.

340) Banana peel is an aphrodisiac. Keeps one on a high all day. Brings emotion.

No need for drugs; Can go off drugs completely.

341) Város is city in Hungarian; if AR diet; no cities; just small villages.

342) Captain Cook, with Joseph Banks  found bananas with seeds growing wild in 1770 in Australia.

Someone grafted the seeds out; It should be that one spits out the seeds or they go through body and come out in stool. Birds scatter the seeds everywhere and anywhere one goes, bananas are growing. They grow up in 18 months and 22 bananas trees are required per adult.

343)Láng is flame in Hungarian; This knowledge came out in mainly English and Hungarian words, but some others;Un is an English word; unborn in steam or gas of urine; ÁR means price in Hungarian.Láng,like language.

344)8 grams of vitamin C is required daily; modern diet only gives 25 mg.Lady Cilento, The Cilento Way.

345)7 or 17 past ice ages were. Lexicon.

346)1,000 million years ago this planet was covered in snow. Ron Redford’s, Origins, by Cassell and Co. Emanations of Ice, like I, like Ungas.

347) Past lives as animals is in Have You Lived Before This Life of L.Ron Hubbard. He went back 78 trillion years; atomic wars; space ships-crafts.The same edition has 55,000,000,000,000,000,000 years in past.

348) Wrinkled hands (Indian) from bore water that contains arsenic.

349) 1 in 7 secondary kids used cannabis, was in papers.

350) Lie detectors are 98% accurate; Mike Monroe on TV.

351)2008, 8 countries rioted re food. Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Philipines, Indonesia, Haiti.

352) ePILepisy if use too many pills, maybe.Replace windscreen wipers regularly.

353) G-lay-ciers.ungas is lain.emanators.

354) No old Eskimos in 1900.They eat fish mostly and very healthy but died early. Now, with modern medicines they live longer. Improving on Pritikin-You can Do Better, of Ross Horne, Happy Landings published.

355) In 2007 a group came and 2 stood. I eat no meat or fish; 2 more stood up; I did not eat eggs then, or alcohol, 2 more stood up; I still eat milk and cheese; one remained seated.

I now eat eggs again since the alien pesters me.

356) The alien’s atmosphere is different to ours. They wear an electric halo if they are on this planet; like the saints had this halo.

They have all the prophets of the past; 40 of them, recreated from a single cell, living on their planet.

357) Alcohol shrinks the brain.Proff Clive Harper, Prince Albert Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

358) Vitamin D does not pass through glass.Uni of NSW.Vit D is necessary for proper food growth. It is a brain food.

Quartz glass lets through ultra violet light.

359) Many marsupials; emanators; kangaroos;

360) There are 4 boozers in Coraki caravan park; one died. They represent Judy Judge reborn, and the 3 sisters were 7 once ,and the 4 that fell off in 4 million year periods when we could not get this information out to all. Booze like boo like fart gas. The 3 sisters are rock formations in Katoomba NSW, Australia.

361) re the discovery of vitamin C; in 1920s a Les, about 8 years old, was raped by his uncle. It was when vitamin C was discovered; Synthetic vitamin C has side effects; Many use mega doses of it daily. It was as if synthetic vitamin C should not be used; I used it if I got a cold; 4, 1000 mg tablets every 4 hrs; but do not use it daily other than that. Think it affects eyes. That 8 year old Les that was raped; shot his uncle and his uncle’s dog and told the police, who said nothing; But at 70 years of age he has a red rash on his lower legs that won’t come off.

362) Llover is rain in Spanish.AR diet makes good lovers; brings rain.

T= L/R is a formula for time; if you say L over R quickly, its lover.

Learnt this formula in Hornsby TAFE.NSW, Australia.

363) Defense budgets. From The 10 Most Common of Dorling Kindersley Mr Ash editor; 2000, Australia, $7 billion; USA, $270 Billion.

364) Walk in tall grass with a chap on cooked food and  meditates.

He got ticks, I did not; The AR diet protects against attacks.

365)Phil Archer  and family, in NZ got an asteroid through roof; day of Queen Liz holiday in australia13 June 2004.It may also have been re the film, The Return of the King, where it is told ,man can forgive souls; that is a falsity. A Peter made that film; and the ex has a Peter brother.

Like English Duke, but also ex, an emanator is a Sagittarius, the archer, who relates to queen Liz as her mother, a Hungarian Liz.

We made up; I apologized for all pasts.

366) Llama can keep foxes out of its pen or if sheep in same pen also. It’s the long neck; cou ,like courts in French is neck. Heard this on TV while in Glen Innes, NSW.

AR diet grows the dick, the penis, over 12 years.As the long neck of llama helps defend, so, for all armies, the longer penis would help defend.Same for police.

367) I was a fruit-vegetarian for 4 years before the revelations started. Found a community, Omshalom, where only 1 rule; was. No meat eating allowed. It’s changed now; have not eaten meat or fish since.1985.Gloria Dargin was titular head.

368) Humpback is púpos, in Hungarian, like poopos.Emanators or ungas rear; fart gas; Raspberry.Poo is stool.

369) Planet Perfor of the Sirius sun has a huge slice out of; like a slice of cake.

Obviously the alien would not tell in past. Atomic wars were.GAMN tried again.

370) Martyrs has mar like ungas is made by marring, near sex, as one walks.

371) Understanding magnetism, on Austar Magnetism of the planet,

keeps us from burning up by sun’s rays.

372) Vitamin B12 in wee wee. CIBA Geigy in Dr U.E.Hasler’s, Die Apotheke in Uns, in The Golden Fountain of Coen Van der Kroon, Gateway Books.

373) Hemophilia from hewn stones;

Chlamydia from too many sex partners.

374) Perfumes; billions of dollars industry; prove we have inner smells; which we do not have if we eat raw foods.

375) 1950s.In Australia, the fruit-vegie growers were Italians and Greeks; no pasteurized milk. Had enzymes in bones. Now ,2010,in NSW, it’s Afghans, Iraquis, Chinese.Picking and growing. No pasteurization in their countries I think in remote country towns.

South Americans go to USA and Albanians go to Europe as workers; same reason.

376) Enzymes in olive oil.

377) Armageddon if no ar diet.

378) Rá is onto in Hungarian.Rabi is Jewish priest; emanation, Rabi.Onto the bye; the ungas goes ‘bye’ from one.

379) Priest is p –ri-est; emanations of ungas; rear.

Bible; Bye again.Ungas.

Hindu is like HIN –do; The hind to do; un, rear.

Koran   has rá in it.

Quoran; same.

380) Atlantis, Mu, Siapora, Sindraga, Hanin (last 3 from All and Everything of G.I.Gurdjieff) Lemuria, Crocker land, Rutas, all sunken continents.

Hanin near Greece; Siapora near India.Sindraga near Mediteranian.Rutas.Not sure; near India or Africa or Turkey.

381) UFOs by Keith Basterfield. Hundreds of sightings of UFOs, in that book.

382) League of Nations; Un goes in a leeing; was up to 1945.Then United Nations.UN initials.

United Kindgdom; has Un; United Arab Republics; Soviet Union was; all with un in words.

383)There are the 4,6,10,11 year proofs from start of Kilauea volcano,1983.After I was told of Kilauea a numerologist came to me;I got the 4 and 10 year periods; A week later another numerologist came to me; got the 6 and 11 year proofs from start of Kilauea.

384) Anal sex caused brake failure, I saw once, not anal by me.

385)Emperor Constantine of Rome declared Jesus ‘Son of God’ in 325 ad; The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail of Baigent,Lincoln and Leigh, Corgi published.Until this,he was a mortal prophet.

386) For 19 years the alians just read all I wrote; from 1989; acted as security; then in June 2008 things changed. Only Yahweh remains; he is no longer the president of his planet but his planet President regards him favorably not knowing how he pesters me.

I am worth $200 billion if 24 affidavits could be collected; Companies that grew on our backs by con or helps, . All I have is  the old age pension plus my brother used to give me a bit.

Could have paid missionaries teaching GWDAL.Seems this is not to be.

387) The Koran; J.M.Rodwell, Translation; Dent, London, Dutton, NY, Everyman’s Library.

388) Fibre is required or one gets cancer; It’s in 2 researcher’s book. I think one is  in The Cilento Way.

389) In Mettings with Remarkable Men of Gurdjieff, Pan published is  that one can pin an effigy of someone and a drop of blood appears on the person. When Yaweh started to pain my hands and toes, I started to pin an effigy of him. We found out his penis, drawn and made by machine that makes bodies, was too long and the pinning acted as acupuncture on his pressure points in his head re too long a penis; he reduced the penis size by ‘gauze’. If he upsets me I still pin the effigy; do not know to what effect.I threw the effigy out in 2010,before Maygauze is an electrical unit to Aliens..

He upset me a lot.

390) If drink cordial, as it is pulverized food and plants feel, does one lose cordial relations, eventually?

391) If use pesto, a vegetable mix that is mushed up, does one gets pestered later?

392)Yaweh is like Andrew Varsanyi who worked at Retra Vision in Sydney, in 1970s and I wanted to buy a washing machine off him and the finance fell through.

393) The alians came 23,000 years ago, but were hovering for 2,000 years, before that, says the book by Claude. They killed the entire Neanderthal race (National Geographic, re spelling of Neanderthal).

394) Must not lean on trees or fallen logs; life exists on outside of trees and also on inside.

395)A pupil of Gurdjieff, whose initials are GIG and his 1st pupil was Peter Ouspensky,initials PDO,like PEE DO, was George Adie. When I left his group, which I had attended for 7 years to 1973, he was hostile; so emanator of aid from die is ungas.GIG is a horse drawn carriage or music.

396) A chap went shooting; his car had an accident; obviously the soul of the animal caused.

397) The Hungarian flag is red, white and green with a double cross on top, slanted.

Red is piros; like PEE ros.Ungas has 2 forms,like the two crossed cross.

When Mum double crossed me, it was due to non un and ar knowledge, I saw later.

398) The French anthem is The Marselaise; starts with mar; un is made by marring.

399) In The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is written of Pousin, which is like pussy and I had a cat, Connection, when the revelations came out.

But there was also the cult of the jaguar before and many statues of cats.

400) Adultery is a double cross of a partner. There are 2 ungasses.

401) Do not push back while sitting in Utopian life, but it was necessary to have comfy couches, which  is kénjemes in Hungarian(comfy),like ken is ‘to know’, in slang, until all revelations were out.

402) A woman prayed to God for a cure for cancer and next day she was handed a book on drinking own urine. Water of J.W.Armstrong. I had thought to not have this but seems it can be. Of course, stop, once cured.Ms TA in Australia.

Its in The Golden Fountain .

Goats drink own urine and so do camels and I saw on TV, once a giraffe drinking other giraffe’s urine.

Pigs eat other pigs’ stool, I saw once.

403)2 headed fish in  Noosa river; radio 12 jan 09.Its that farms chemicals leached into river; The Secret Life of Plants has stories of this.

404)All 44 plus past alien leaders would tell GWDAL now if they had their lives over; after lives as cripples except one who had a mild polio life.

405)’Gauze” is the unit of electricity alians use, to pain one or do other things.

406)Dad had many mistresses, and when I said ‘marvelous’ to him, meaning, ‘please do not hit mum as I am trying to get you top job in your field of symphony conductor in Sydney as mum had requested’, he misunderstood to not sex her as she had put divorce on him. But the alians killed him after he returned from a world trip.1973.

One month after that Yaweh spoke to Claude to write the book, and in 1988 or so, using the Raelians he tried to put up big posters in Sydney that’ the alians are our fathers from space who love us and are planning to land’. By my will power alone; (mum was still alive then), I kept them from landing, then. Yes, our ancestors were made by machine; but small change to face is all from Neanderthals.

I found the 6,000 acre community, Omshalom, 12 years or 3x4 years after dad died. I have not eaten meat or fish since 1985.Voluntarily.

Mrs. P from a dress shop, Belle Star, brought me the word’marvellous’ the day dad flew from Perth to Sydney; sensing my worry as dad had belted up mum once only about 1956,but I had never forgotten.

Ungas is made by marring; marvelous was commencing word.

Dad’s soul came to my room the night after the un revelation; saying’ this is it’.

407) Dean is like de-an; ‘de’ is from in French; from anus is the meaning of the word, Dean.i.e. fart gas.

408) Homosexuals can’t get past 95% in brain.

409) Alians can beam up and down.

Yaweh could  say a secret word to himself and an implant in tooth gives the signal to beam him up.

410) Too long dick from machine caused ‘stir’.

411) Caravan indication. Most have 1 woman but space men can have 2.

412)14 years travel indication from august 1996.Ends august 2010.The last alien leader killed the TCO(me), 1 year before the planetary perturbations.

I did cry out to arch angel in  about feb 2008, that ‘please get evil spirit off; don’t like it on’. It was Trangie NSW where I had gone because warren library had banned me. I use library computers.

It was June 2008 Yaweh started paining me.

413) Yaweh likes being pinned; or did.

414) Skin shrinks from alcohol, and one can see woman of man who drinks a lot; she has shrunken skin.

415) They built Sydney tower in 1970s.I took a figure of it in a biro to my uncle in Hungary in 1985; The revelations started in 1989.

416) Linus Pauling, knew about vitamin C.

417) A chap I met, his wife died.Maybe he was married in 1930s. He planted olive trees; they grew up in 7 years; the first flowers were blown off by a wind; his wife’s soul?

418) If one uses herbs; squeeze olives, does one sex own kids? I never did.

Woman, like her, herb.

419) Yaweh iwassenile; he sexed 16 times day for 500 years. No new life comes to body from machine after 50 times. He was on his last body.

420) Eddie Romano told me of Maldeck, June, The Sorcerer,(he drove from Surfers Paradise to Perth) about 1982.

Indications of another planet came in Mt Barker Western Australia, 1994.

Melina came from Caldwell in Tales of Reincarnation.

Darios,brother of Lucifer, took, Janet to be his bride on Melina; Lucifer was ruler of Melina. She fell in love with Estanbul a tutor; came the war between the alians; they blew up 2 planets.

Calwell had 37 past lives.

421) A woman, about 20, took ice and she looked 80 years old in 2 years; was a picture in the newspapers.

422)From Tales of Reincarnation, Page 149.was baby in previous life to woman; reborn as her mother.

Page 151.Witch burnt by fire.

Do people who get fires to houses; were they or are they witches?

Page 152 Edgar Cayce.He could tell past lives.

Page 154 Past life,mockery,scorn,hate,jealousy,indifference.New life;illness,loss of limb, degenerative diseases.

Page 154.An anemic in this life had caused great bloodshed in previous life, so his own blood was robbed of its vitality in next life.

Page 155.Obesity is starvation or sexual abuse in previous life.

Page 157.Slave, run over by wagon in past life. Chest pains in this life.

Page 158.severe and chronic headaches in this life. Hangman in past life.

Page 157)Soldier in military plane; shot down over Europe. New life; fear of flying in Europe. Also shipwrecked in previous life.

Page 157.Chronic colon pain; stabbed in colon in previous life.

Page 170.Murdered by hubby in past life. This life; poverty.

Page 112.Jim Morrison-Danny Sugarman-Doors band. Danny employee; past life in Amsterdam-Geb/Neral store-brothers; Danny worked; Jim did not; in store; past life as pirates;looting;pillaging;raping;Danny tried to stop them, so they put wood in his throat which expanded as they poured water in; he chocked to death. Past life as monk in china. Books from Jim; Danny not interested.

Page 125.600 years ago; forced to wear chastity belt; This life,hubby impotent, same man.

Page 128.Found out wife unfaithful in previous life; prayed; woman who left him-rang.

Page 131.Bartley-Joyce in previous life-stabbed-murdered by hubby-man she knows as Roger in this life-had affair-they fought; he chocked her; ended affair.

Another past life.17 year old George. Ill tempered mum; domineering pop;Roger in this life. Pop killed tall George; digs grave. Before-George loved Sally; Caught by pop in barn. Pop raped Sally; George and Pop fought; tried to choke pop.

Another past life. Blonde young man;rome;chariot race; his chariot swerves;his chariot next to him; other driver dies. dead driver was brother in past life. Before this; Bartley was ill(in Rome life);brother attended. Bond strong between brothers.

Another past life.

Peter and Bartley.Peter a tall Englishman; at least 6 past lives in England; One day she met Peter in elevator in her apartment building.Recognised him from past life regressions. They dated but it did not last. I think she was told by a channeler in Manhattan(not Alice, who saw many past lives with her) ,she would meet a blonde ,curly hair man who worked in creative arts.1987 she met William;Photographer.1988.Married.

Page 203.Janet Taylor Caldwell.Hubby Marcus Reeback;Janet died in 1985,the year I discovered Omshalom,a ,then,6,000 acre fruit vegetarian community where there was only 1 rule.’No meat eating allowed on the property’.I have not eaten meat or fish,voluntarily,since 1985.

Stearn published ‘The Search for a Soul; Taylor Caldwell’s psychic lives’.

Past life as Hannah ben Joseph; he rescued her daughter from stoning by Pharisees; who called the girl a harlot; Hannah died before Christ ,but at moment of death, her  heart burst into fire and she had a vision of the Messiah(could have been alien made).

He was clothed in lightning; larger than life; with rays of light streaming from his hands; his eyes were more brilliant than the brightest star and hair was like golden fire.

Past life as Helena; attendant of Aphrodite;5th century.

Past life as Sister Maria Theresa;15th century; denounced as witch; imprisoned in bell tower in Florence; to escape torture she threw herself out the window to death.

Past life as Jeannie McGill; chamber maid to Eliot(Irish writer);accused of stealing a ring; sent to workhouse; hanged herself.

Page 205 past lives in atlantis,lemuria,Egypt,china,france,mexico.Mostly poor and abused; forever cold;

Past life as Wilma Sims;blue eyed; flaxen haired; born in workhouse in Battersea.

Once past lives are known, many illness disappear.

423)Psychiatry is a study of people who ate cooked food;booze;they should all tell GWDAL, and see how the people become.

424)in Cilento’s book, is a study; The Cambridge Summerville study, I think; those not on psychiatry tablets fared SIGNIFICANTLY better. A 30 year study with a f0llow up later.

425) The alians put a LOT of gold under Tibet;Tibor, my father, related to that and innerly wanted the goal of life; the aim of life, like gold. When he flew from Perth to Sydney and I got that word ‘marvelous’ in the office of Tibor Varnay of Lawrence Varney,it was my dad, innerly, trying to GET TO the revelations.Think it was an article from a James, re gold under Tibet.

426)Metals feel; Bose, in 1900  proved this. Sometimes the computer does things of own accord, telling me things.

427)Marshal Cavendish, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Family Health, has re the pituitary gland; it is near the left ear and if lacking in enzymes, one gets sick; dad had a body smell in last year. Not just under arm; wish to hell I had known of Enzyme Nutrition, then; it was 1st published in 1948 or so, in other form.He would be cured on AR diet.

At the time, I thought a 6 months rest is what he needed.

428)Mohamed called Yaweh, as Allah. That is, in Hungarian, áll means to stand and La’ is beggining of my name in Hungarian, László, so, Allah , means ‘ to stand for La, and at the beginning of the revelations, there was a lot of hostility to me; lies about me, and the alians helped with life forces; they would beam down life forces from animals to me.1989.It was for about 3 months.

429)55 million died in world war 1, and 2.1st WW was 4 years.2nd WW was twice 4 years.

Indication of the 4 is important in Ungass revelations.

430)In Hungary, on the border with Austria is a town , known as Hegeshalom.Hegyes means ‘pointy’ and ‘halom’, means a pile. It refers to the stool, which has a point at top, on ground, and probably indicates direction of movement after doing stool.

431)Stone fruit, like plums,apricots,nectarines,.Stone is rock; Row the ungas knowledge.Emanations.

432)We cut head hair if we eat meat and milk and eggs and fish to appease souls of those animals.

433) Alians built Stonehenge. Has hen in word; Stone, like rock; Row the hen; woman.

A Roger was on the building in past life.Mum to help tell AR diet.

Notre Dame was built in 12th century ,I think, in Paris. To Knot is a sea speed; like not of Notre Dame; Dame is woman. To make woman ‘go further’, is Notre Dame; Roger, in past life was on the building of that and met with the alians; Mum to help tell AR diet.

The alians built Stonehenge as they fly at warp speed; sensed the ar in warp.

The alians built the pyramids; Roger was on that in past life.Pee-ra-mids.rá means ‘onto, in Hungarian as ungas flies onto banana peel.

St Mary’s Cathedral is in Sydney and the Archibald fountain points to it; My mother was a Mary; Emanations of AR from Archibald to Mary to Mary to me.

So, alien being ,father of Jesus,;St Mary’s cathedral is a Jesus building, helped.

Mum said ‘na nece’, means, ‘well, here you are then’, and the un revelation came soon after mum went to retirement home.

434)The center of Australia was lush with vegetation, 15,000 years ago. Jennifer Isaacs, Lansdowne Press. Obviously the alians had a race of worshippers there; the people rebelled. The alians atom bombed the area; When I was in alice springs in 2000, the spirits that live on flowers and trees, were still underground,mostly,where there is dessert, so powerful are the atom bombs of the alians.

I put out some AR leaflets and they came out.

435) December 2008.2400 workers from Kiribati,Tonga,Vanuatu, to pick fruit, came to Australia; They did not have pasteurized milk as kids probably.

436)Detroit,USA, is losing car sales; Maybe the Japanese started pasteurizing later than 1930s.The jap cars sell better in USA.

437)The alians have a soul catcher machine.

438)Farmers of 40 centuries, by a Fred, Rodale Press. Chinese in 1900 used to build hedges by side of road and thanked anyone who did stool on their property for the fertilizer.

But if its cooked food, one gets typhoid from such unless it is mixed a lot with water.

439)There is the King of Poo in Sydney, Australia. He gets the stool(shit) from sewage treatment plants; huge piles; drops worms into it from helicopters; after the worms have been through it, he sells it as fertilizer. Hunter valley wines are so fertilized.

440) Picture of a man;head of a human legs of lion; wings; its like un.Assyrian Colossus, Layard, Monument of Nineveh,London,1853,in Paths to the Ancient Past..Its a symbol of Un.

441)The USA army gave an afghan warlord Viagra; then they could do as they wanted on his area. The AR diet grows the penis; same things Better ways.

442)Less sleep in 30,40 year olds; leads to early build up of plaque in arteries of heart. Richard Staudacher,Pro Health Care Medical Association; 27 dec 08, in papers.

443)Eating sweets could cause amnesia; Columbus medical center, in New York; Must be a LOT of sweets. Little kids crave sweets when they get cooked food.1 Nov 09 in papers.

444)Ball games; make testicles, sort of, go further;

445)Bandits if no un as un is band of oneself.

446)Cricket is like c-ri-cket; ri,like rear; fart gas.

447)G-un;r-un;spear is like long penis;arrow has ar in it.

Chain letter makes it go further; so to be in chains is like un.Chain mail of middle ages; same.

Olympics is like o-lee-mpics.Un goes in a leeing.means a ‘going out’.

448)Queen Victoria was a carrier of heamophilia.All her 15 kids had it; She lived in a hewn stone castle.After effects of hewing stone.

449)In Brewarrina ,1996-7, I was on a 40 acre farm and an Image of God, as big as a small mountain appeared; It could have been alien made image.

Later, from one side came a herd of cows; black, mostly and from another side, came a heard of brown and white mostly cows; they melged after stopping.

The Andromeda galaxy will collide with ours one day, I saw on TV; The magnetism of the planet, if we do not use electricity should make sure there are no collisions; of Planets; The Andromeda galaxy has around 230 billion stars.

450)The 3 incidents of my youth, emanators.

A black cat had worms; Dutch tenant said’ can’t help’ and killed it; emanations of un comes from black inside one.

A kid at school asked me to help kill a snake on sports field; snake is ‘kigjó’ in Hungarian; ‘ki’ means out in Hungarian; un goes out from one; emanations of un.

A neighbor asked me to kill a chicken; Cs is like csinál in Hungarian, means ‘to make’, and ken is to know. To make ken; know of un and ar. Chicken is poulet in french; like POO let; Is Ungas rear.

451)There are about 30 epoch to epoch pasts in long form on internet; another came about 1 month ago. Its in notes. Means we were here, in this place, 4 million years ago.

451)Chambers encyclopedia re Attila died near town of Banan; saw in Chicago library. I had self published 1,100 Paradise in Hungary and only AFTER that did this item come.

I was in Hungary in 1985 as fruit-vegetarian and 1989 un revelation came;

I was in Hungary 1998 for 6 months and on return to Australia, the 6-8 proofs went up to 0ver 312.

I should go to Hungary again with the new proofs and publish but lack the money as at 6 jan 2010.

452)Bananas also grow from peepers; Chicago library. My granny,Gisselle , peeped into my parents bedroom when they sexed; my parents got her a flat; she was upset. There was a Peak Freans firm of biscuit makes in Sydney in 1950s.I think its all related.

Getting to un revelations.

453)  Elvis took too many drugs and died. Between my 3rd and 4th toe on top, a small skin rupture occurred as if Elvis had been part of my body.

And a Tom, I saw on TV, manager of Elvis, had got Elvis onto drugs in the 1st place.

The ex, relates to the Tom W.Also.

It can also be said that Elvis was using up too much of himself and maybe me.

Él is life in Hungarian; Elvis is an emanator;as un is extra life to fruit.

454)The alians can catch a man who fell off a cliff, in mid air; take him to ground; and disappear. I read somewhere.

455)They took 8,000 people to a planet, known as the planet of the Settlers and when the people would not do as they were told, the alians killed them all.

456)The alians retired one of their pilots by putting his soul into that of a little boy; on earth; gradually that pilot forgot how to build anti gravity space ships; I read in a book, in Beadesert.So, if you read my notes; find the man. Under hypnosis he can tell you how to build anti gravity space craft.

457)Saffer, is said like suffer. If no AR diet; banana is musa; sa of saffer,in suffer.

458) Holland is under sea level, the sea water held away by dikes.Ungas comes from INSIDE one. Emanations to Dutch.

459)The Batavia ship sank in 1600s with $3 million in gold coins because the World Court, in Holland had not let me in 2003.This was 4 million years later; Gold is like goal; what is aim of life.

460)Bananas grow from suckers also. Do women suck penis if no ar diet is told and in practice by all? A lot do do this.

461) Sickness in air. I was a medical detailer; which means I had to visit doctors, telling of a brand of pharmaceuticals best. After I left that job;(about 13 months), I got huge boils under arms and on posterior; squeezed them out; Realized I had picked up ‘sickness in air’ , a lot , from doctors’ surgeries. It means the tablets they use to cure , cure but not the ‘sickness in the air’ around a person, in many cases stays.

462)Churches and Hari Krisnas ‘chant’ in air, when it should be ungasses to banana peel.

463)’Eat greens for brain’, Martha Clare Morris, Rush Uni center, Chicago.

464)’Vegies aid memory’, In Neurology journal, USA Researchers.

465)25 glaziers of 150 left in Montana.2008

466)Rats fed Hunza diet, of grains, veggies, fruit, goat’s milk, healthy,affectionate.Other rats , fed laboratory chow, would kill each other if not kept apart.

Hunzas live to a ripe old age; healthy.

567) I saw that I read less if cat got cooked food. Read more if cat got raw food.

568)A diabetic measures his own blood sugars. Ate bananas; machine showed sugar levels up but he did not feel sick. It proves the machine does not differentiate between good sugars; fruit sugars; and bad sugars; processed cane sugars.

569) Do not eat sprouts; let vegetable grow up to full life; Dave Philips advocated eating sprouts and died early.

570)Pets get ills if one plants in pots.

Should be in earth. Soil.

571)Iceberg off New Zealand, 2008.Shows global warming.

572)It can be said GAMN starts wars to get us on GWDAL.GAMN is God and Mother Nature.

573) In a previous epoch, humans did not eat meat was found from teeth examinations; is in Eco Eating of Sapoty Brook, Lothian published.

574)Humans are not carnivores; Stomach acid of a carnivore is 10 times stronger. Carnivores have skin without pores; there are 15 differences between humans and carnivores.

575)Those who drank no alcohol lived longer.

576)Aluminium pots bring Alzheimer’s disease in old age. Having caravan with aluminium external walls, I took calcium manganese tablet daily; also eat onions; peas; brazil and pecan nuts; spinach; beetroot; asparagus potatoes to wash out aluminium from air.

577)Plants feel, so in Utopia, no use of timber also ,although saw and sawn; to see the revelations, necessary.

578)Bose saw plants feel in 1900; Backster saw again in 1960s; his name has ster like stir in it.’marvellous’ was voice thrown a bit.Bose proved metals feel,also.

579)The wheel was probably invented as we had not wee wee, ungas revelations.

I wrote a film script that we should get the knowledge from the ashaki records in next epoch as seems , Yaweh, delusion that he would not  be reborn as a slave and cripple in all future lives for not telling, won’t allow telling GWDAL in this epoch.

579)Towns totally deserted in wars, in recent years. yet people lived in tents, shows it can be done to grow own bananas; Kosovo and Grozny, were totally deserted.

580)St-ar-ve if no ar in practice. This seems to hit poor countries like Ethiopia.

Texas, Maryland  USA,Ethiopia had droughts recently. It also shows, the relationship to some who live elsewhere, but they have similars in drought countries; but do not realize this. In war, one fights one’s similars in other countries, and does not realize this.

581)819,800 Australians,2008, alcohol and drug disorders; 22million Australians.

Sun Herald article, 7 dec 08.

582)If only one atomic electricity generator does not automatically shut down in atomic wars, as they need heavy water maintenance, there will be atomic clouds all over the earth. Brazil highlighted this.

583) Bristol uni; vegetation is less able to absorb CO2;global warming.

584)Poison, PCB is in oceans so badly from chemical factories; mercury poisoning from tuna; Telegraph paper 23 june 06.

585) Sc-ar; Sc-arf.A ballet dancer died of scarf got caught in car wheels in 1920s.Emanations.

586)If hit tree with car; tree is arbre; ar emanations.

587)Police clear up rates 66% down on Fraud since 1995; Sun Herald paper, 18 march 07.

588)1 in 3 have diabetes; Diabetes  Australia. On GWDAL would be no ills.

589)Cancer linked to alcohol. Sun Herald 15 April 03..Breast,Colon,bowel cancers.

590)I had blood pressure tested 6 times since 1991.Always normal. Ate no meat or fish since 1985.

591) Árpád was the King of Hungary who led the Magyars out from near the Volga river,(in Russia,)in 900.Hungarians wondered for around 200 years; settled in Carpathian basin; where is Hungary today. Once it had most of europe;Austria;Bulgaria Poland; Italy partly, Romania.Magyars are Hungarians.

592)Eifel tower; is Tour Eifel in French; tour is to go further. What fell to go further; The Eifel tower is an emanator.

593) Leaning tower of PISA; Banana is musa; sa in each; looks like a big penis; emanator.

594)The name Rockerfeller; Row what fell from Ker; cur and ker said same; cur is dog or penis.Emanator.Ungas as emanator.

595)The extra long chin comes from cooked food. Its an illness.

When the pituitary gland is not full with enzymes.Lack of  sufficiemt enzymes inbody.

596)When one bows or kneels to river, one gets extra souls to one; in drinking from cupped hand; it’s a very fine thing; most do not notice; but one can give up alcohols and drugs if one bows to river and takes supplements.And is on AR diet.

And eats as per GWDAL.

597)Aristotle has ar in name; a past philosopher; Socrates; szó is word in Hungarian, like say; like sa of musa.Homer; mer is sea in French; in sea live fish; enzymes are like fish;Emanators.AR diet would grow knee gel,cartlege over8-12 years on AR diet.

Plato.a Past grek philosopher.Un has is LAYN(said like Pla to)Ungas emanator.

598)The Austro-Hungarian Empire was in 1800s; ‘aus’ means out in german and to tro; or throw. Un in Hungarian;Emanator.

599)Russia is said like ra-s-si-a.Rá means onto in Hungarian Ungas goes onto banana peel. When Russians invaded Hungary, it was emanations of un.

600)Thor is the God of Thunder; Thoracic surgery is in the chest; So Chest affects weather.

601) Meat is marha in Hungarian; Beef is marha, mainly.Marha also means mad.

601)Támad means to attack in Hungarian; To ta the mad.

602)There are drugs in every level of society was a newspaper article 2008.

603)You get asthma from old mattress.

604)1 in 8 australians had herpes at one stage; a sex disease.

605)The pituitary gland controls 8 bodily functions; sperm production, thorax, other.

606)Sunlight brings up melanin in skin;Emotion,Mel is chest in Hungarian.

607)Growing ozone hole;Eco News.Dec 2001.

608)St-ray bullets; Gurdjieff had 3 such at 3 different times; Dad had one; ungas is ray of one self; STRAY.Emanations.

609)Meat eating gives cancers; article in Telegraph 2007.


610)Dead live in krypts; cripple is said like crypt; alians who did not tell Un in previous epochs all reborn as cripples.

611)We live on G or life forces and healthy or unhealthy body. Life forces can carry an unhealthy body for some time.Years even.

612)Sword, like szó,like word like say, like musa;Emanations.

613)After effects to digging steps in soil.

614)Vitamin B3;Discovered by Axel; accidents if insufficient in body.

615)Kilauea volcano flows every day.Since 1983.

616) Body  drowned; ocean currents took  body 180 klms to or from  Coffs Harbor to tell Legals to ‘cough up’ to TCO.After Magistrate H lied; 2006.

617)Sphinx is like phew; ungas,rear;

618)Steel production down world wide, 20-40%,2009.

619)USA car sales down to 1944 levels, 2009.

620)Arbeiten is work in german; starts with ar.

If ar in practice for all, no need to work; gentle summer all year.

621)Moores were in Spain, 1200s.

622)William the conqueror was a Viking.He conquered England.Library book of town nears Port Maquarie,NSW.

Willie is penis.Emanations.

623)Marie Antoinette was Guilotined.Enzymes are like fish. Fish have Gills; Guillotine; she was queen of France; 1800s or so.Emanations of Un.

624)Lenin got a scar from Russian dragoons; he was Russian leader;1918.Scar has ar in word.Emanations.Ru pronounced like ra.ScAR has AR in word.

625) USA Pearl harbor was attacked by Japanese in December 1941.Has ar in word twice.

626)Abe Lincoln was elected president of USA  on 6 nov 1860. Obama was elected on 5 Nov 08.

627)Ozone hole  was size of North America; 2007.

5th largest on record.

628)Industrial revolution was to get to revelations; dust is like dead; ungas is dead in steam of urine.

Have to revert back; off electricity and motors.

629)Alians can stop the electricity of any motor.

Alians space craft can take care of 100 missiles every 10 seconds.

630)Its Queen Eliz cohort; Z in Yaweh that has him deluded.

631)There are the working poor.NSW Had 9428 bankruptcies in 2006-7.Population 4.5 milion,I think,at that time.

632)Stilbeim means shiny in german; Penis will shine on full growth is indication.

Stille nacht is silent night german song; emanations;

Au Tanenbaum is a german song;  ta from end; is ungas rear.Tanenbaum is pine tree. Many such in Europe, north America; all emanators.

633)Maybe when Andromeda galaxy collides with ours the emanations of an, anus; fart gas, will bring success to telling GWDAL.

634)Mu-si-c; si is yes in Italian; banana is musa; mu of Musa; Music. emanations.

635)When the Aryans attacked the Hungarian or Magyars, in 900 by the Volga river, they were living with the Ugor Fins; they separated and Ugor Fins went to Finland.

636)Australia made 225713 cars in 2009.Almost 100,000 less than in 2008.55%  of 2004 output; Loss of exports, mainly, due to world recession.

Shipped cars worth $741 million to 5 months to nov 2,009;less than ½ value to cars in same period 2008.

Sun Herald newspaper 10 jan 10.

637) A Brazilian president built Brazilia in center of Brazil in 4 years.

An Egyptian pharaoh built a city in center of Egypt in 4 years.

638)Largest steel co closed in France,Germany,Belgium plants.S/H(Sun Herald paper) 26 oct 08.

639) 16% of Australian fish have fungicide, malachite green.S/H Oct 2008.

640)Nitrogen Trifluoride from flat panel screen.

641) Methane trapped in ice; now out and up;25.4 million tons.

642) Sheridan Rogers in Good Life of S/H, re Joseph Banks and Capt Cook found seeds in bananas in Australia, 1770.

643)There are 6 feet tall banana plants as well. Cavendish bananas is what I eat; not sugar or lady fingers; Have not tried Paradise bananas; There are many different varieties.

644)9.9 million dexamphetamine tablets taken by Western Australian kids,1998;Mike Monroe; Channel 9 TV.

W.A. population would have been 1-2 million.

 645) 2 million anti depressants prescriptions taken by people in NSW in 1999.Population about 5 million.

646)Dr Finland of Boston Hospital found antibiotics reduced deaths from some diseases but an increase in deaths from bacteria formerly considered harmless.

Health and Survival into the 21st century of Ross Horne; Harper Collins.

647) Pythagoras; ‘Meat eating clouds the reasoning powers; Judges should abstain from meat for 24 hours before adjudicating’.

I have seen this to be true; when  he said’ but I only eat little meat’, I saw a haze come into his eyes.

648)There are probably as many forms of ungasses  as there are stalls at a market.

Or as many ungasses as there are cheeses, sausages, bacons, meats; fish, eaten.


Sausages                    Fish                         Cheeses

Salami                      snapper                     Kraft

Hungarian salami        john dory                cheddar

Polish                          white fish                      St Claire

Danish                           sardines                         Jarlsberg

Csabai                          Mackerel                          Blue vein

Cserkész                           Oysters                            Bega

Blood wurst                     108 edible                         New Zealand

White sausage                Fish types                           Colby

Ham                                                                             esrom

Beef                                                                             parmesan

Bacon                                                                           Brie &

Chicken                                                                         Swiss

Rabbit                                                                             Edam


Ham                                                    camenber

I counted around 120 cheeses and around 60 fish types once.

649)L-Carnitine; necessary. William Lee. Bristol published. Would be in fart gas. Think.

650)60% of Indians innerly want to rule the world. Cooked food eating such.Ungas comes from Inside; Indians.

651)Meat and fish and cheeses, come out as ungasses  in gaseus form.

Same eggs, milk, honey, alcohols. Reminder, once, Judy Judge, soul.

652)Motor Bike riders.70% had problems gaining erection,or emptying bladder. Vibrations of engine damages penis.S/H 23 nov 08.International Journal of Impotence.-Doctors in Japan. Vibration of engine caused decrease in 2 growth hormones, and bladder and prostrate related relaxation. Impotence Australia.

653)Ice drug shrunk brain 15% of 28 year old.

654) Most cooked food eaters brain shrinks 5% a decade after 40 years.

655)After 14 months abstinence dopamine receptors showed improvement but no improvement in cognitive abilities;S/H 23.nov 08.Uni of Western Australia.

656) V.M. Walcsak cured disease; prevented disease with enzymes,vitamins,minerals,hormones, in Studio City,Califorfornia;The Secret Life of Plants.

657)Dr Worke, re organic. Protein increase; Wheat, 16%;oats 28%;Vitamin B1 in Wheat,108%;oats 92%;Vitamin B2 in Wheat;131%;Oats 171%.

Vitamin B3 in Wheat;63%;Oats 100%.

Calcium in wheat.29%;Oats 25%;Phosphorus in Wheat 1%;Oats 3%.

658)Money for 3rd trip to Hungary is needed. After 1985 trip, came revelations in 1989.After 1998, came more proofs from 6-8 to over 312.

659) We have space craft under Pine Gap, in Australia, but probably under humanoid control.

660)Mohamed called Yahweh, Allah.La is beginning of László, and áll  means to stand in Hungarian.Yaweh said my past lives were almost all as rulers; many times king of England.Pharoah,Ceasar.

661)Recently; 12 jan 10, NASA email did not work.

662)Sárgabarack is apricot in Hungarian; has ar in word; Emanations.

Őszibarack is peach in Hungarian. Has ar in word; Emanations.

663)The Sirius sun is 10 times more brilliant than ours.

664) An Elizabeth Bathory, baroness of Hungary, killed 600 servants to use their blood to wash in, in 16th century. This is same woman as Queen Elizabeth, today.Guiness Book of Records,re Bathory.


665) If you use spells, you get babies with holes in bones; Film on SBS.The roman empire collapsed from this; weaker soldiers; and 40% of New Yorkers use spells. Therefore the soldiers, some, will be weaker.

666) Think of the delusion if you pin an effigy of Yaweh.Yesterday, it seems Hugo Stossel , soul came and Yahweh no longer thinks of himself as Yaweh.12 jan 10.Hugo is in a radio,cassette,cd player I bought in Moree

It came he is jealous that I am The Chosen One, TCO, is why he has, so far, refused to tell GWDAL, to this planet.

667) Pousin , could also relate to poo; ungas rear; fart.

668)The Goose march, the Germans used,; stiff legged march; Goose is liba in Hungarian, like liberation. Emanations?

669)There is a saying’ peace will be when Saudi Arabia is full with trees.’ This would be if all Saudis are growing penis on AR diet. Brings rain; grows trees.

670)There is a picture of 1951, dad in migrant camp; standing on steps; wearing coat tails and shorts and holding a coat hanger that is in the shape of an arc.

There is a Picture of Mum, me and my brother; standing under a huge arc in Switzerland, 1949.Urination goes in an arc.

There is a picture of me reading from a book, that has a large elk on front; Elk is szarvas in Hungarian and szar is shit in slang Hungarian; there is also caki is shit in slang Hungarian. The 1st world war started in Sarajevo, like ungas rear, emanations.

671) The USA dropped 1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima( he-row-she-ma), and Nagasaki(Banana is musa; sa in Nagasaki).New Clear, thoughts to them.1945.

672) I was 9 when we arrived in Australia. My son was 9 when JS and I divorced.

673)My father’s dad was a wine merchant; My mother’s dad was a director of a beer factory. Could be ungas related.

674) In 1970s, our dog, Fluffy, pinned down 2 little kids. Did not hurt; But police came; I took the dog, and let it loose in country near Bullens Animal World; It later turned out it was soul of my father in the dog. A Samoi.Emanations from Bullens; Penis is also known as the bull.

675) Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific, of Dave Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, published.

676) The palm tree could have been the forerunner of the banana tree.I think.

Alien heated my palm to put this in.

677) There are lizard head alians on one of the planets of Sirius. Lizard has ar in word. Emanations.

678) Chicago seems to have been a centre for learning; Dr Edward Howel was also there once.

Ice ages bore out the great lakes , near there, which are like giant pituitary glands, in ‘other ways’; full of fish. Emanations.

679) Rakot krumpli is stacked potatoes in Hungarian; has ra; rá means onto. Ungas flies onto banana peel.Emanations? Mum’s soul brought these.

There is also rakot palacsinta.Stacked pancakes.

680) Ms.T.A. , Australia, Water of Life book, by J.W.Armstrong; in, The Golden Fountain.

681) My initials in Hungarian are P.L., like Pele, the Brazilian footballer who won 3 grands.No other soccer player did that. It was in 1950s when I was a youth.

My brother’s name is George and the rugby team in Sydney, St George, won every premiership, when I was a youth.

682) I also eat cauliflower and broccoli against Alzheimer’s from aluminium walls  emanations. Raw.

683) sausage is like ‘saw’; to see to ungas?

684) German submarines were called ‘wolf packs’. Wolf is like dog, like penis.Emanations?

685) Japanese women in Japan eat little meat; no breast cancer; Japanese women in Australia ate meat; got breast cancer; this is from a leaflet of a chap who lived on Lilli Rock, NSW.

Genetically engineered potatoes made rats infertile. Hungarian researcher in London and Scotland.

686) If use food for  fuel there are after effects; plants feel.Corn is used,I think.

687) The revelations and further proofs are very fine emanations; I had to be alone for 30 years; without woman.

688) Earthquake Bam killed 50,000 after world court would not let me in; 2003; as Bam Bam is son of Fred in cartoon and a Fred W was hampering,to tell AR diet.

Earthquake in Banda Aceh killed 120,000 when a Magistrate lied to my son.

Earthquake in Kashmir killed 160,000 after a Magistrate H lied to me in 2006; re money owing to me.

689) Dad’s head hit a saucer, like flying saucer, when he died. Killed by alien.

690) There are ‘ford’ sort of people; Hugo Stosselle was dad’s age, one; he was married to a Kiki, (un goes out and ki means out, or who, in Hungarian).Emanations; Later he divorced; found his original girlfriend; married.

A tenant of mine; Sam is also a ‘ford’ sort; he gets pixies to his head; who get directions and fly off. I do not know what telepathy he says.

691)Nostradamus look alikes; Brien MacN; A.Golner(deceased), and the magistrate RM, who lied ,looks like Rudd,PM of Australia, 2010.There is Lake Dissapointment near a Rud--- river in Wester Australia.

All Nostradamus saw was the low quality of his own sperm as he ate cooked food; his doom and gloom predictions are from that.

692) Tenant Sam, was a leader of the red sea Christians in a previous life;

Tenant Chen was Napoleon, and a Pharaoh in previous lives. Chen has a huge tumor on shoulder, about 2 inches sq. As Vál is shoulder, in Hungarian and Valhalla is place of dead in Viking; did Chen bring atomic wars, 4 million years ago?

693) In school, 1952, there was a bit of consternation, and I got , later a B. Morris to sit by me for last 4 years of school; More; ungas is MORE life to fruit; emanations.

694) Ross Horne, a retired Quantas air line pilot brought Enzyme Nutrition to Australia. in  his book, Improving on Pritikin-You can do Better. I had made an Enneagram on an old globe, in my Perth house, and someone of Ross’s neighbors made a roof to house in shape of Enneagram.Klausbernd Volmar, Element Publisher; spelling of Enneagram; The Secret of the Enneagrams.

695) I crocheted a rug of the enneagram and gave it away, 1970s.

Because it was on hessian and there is a hessian fly; I left a note to spray the rug occasionally.

I also crocheted a diagram of the food diagram; left in Valiant car in 1997, when I gave it away. These diagrams are  in Peter Ouspenski’s book, In Search of The Miraculous.Routledge and Kegan Paul, published.

696) In youth I was always given Mecano sets for Christmas; M-ec-an (like anus), o. emanations of fart gas? Also Un is ECHO or one.

They are metal building sets. Can put together a car or a building,or a building

697) The rays of the alians can only get to 70 feet down.

698)Mr J.W. USA.Proffessor Danopoulu; oral Urea for liver cancer; injections 15% to 50% urea(part of urine).Injection around cancer in skin; effective; Breast cancer,Tumors.From Widening circle, from John Wynhausen,Dr of Chiropractic,1999.

699) Since I sexed 3 souls and stopped after  7 months; I wake up 3 times in night; wee; ; do toilet in morning 3 times.This ceased.

Chapter 7

700) Sam was an arc welder for 26 years in Australia; emanations of arc; urination goes in an arc.

701) Hugo was reborn as a Sanyo cassette, cd, radio, machine.Yaweh made him a body; spoke to him; then destroyed the body, I think.

702) Urea is used as chemical fertilizer; emanations of rea; rear; ungas, rear.

703) Slater Walker raided DHA(Drug Houses of Australia), after I left that firm; s-lay is ungas; ungas seeps through inner walls; Walker; emanations.Slater is pronounced as s-Lay-ter.

704) A consternation re nude pictures, Eugene Goosens, 1956; wife, Marjorie; It was his daughter and manservant who told newspapers, but Marjorie thought it was my dad; emanations of MAR; ungas is made by marring.A USA man,on TV said it was Albert,the manservant.

705) Szilva is plum in Hungarian. Si means yes in Italian; and va like val of valhala; place of death of Vikings; ungas is unborn or dead in steam of urine. Szilva is emanations of un.

706) I was a fruit-vegetarian  on the 1985 visit to Hungary.

707) A Nick  or Dominic, would not use his $2 ½ million to tell GWDAL ,2004.Tsar Nick of Russia, was killed by Bolsheviks along with his whole family, around 1918, 4 million years later.

708) There are other files of this knowledge; The long form on internet has as much again. The 2 files of unedited notes I went through once and have about 150 pages of notes. There are some pictures on my computer sticks. There is also the 2000 Paradise; the 1995 Paradise, which started of as It’s the Quality of Sperm and Thought.2000 copies self published and distributed.

The 1,100 copies in Hungarian in 1998.

709) A Mr Goffart, Belgian Ambassador, gave my dad a book, one month before dad died. Emanations of fart.1973.

710) A chap lived to 300 years eating herbs only, but went though 15 wives. Herbs is like her.

711) Queen Victoria was a carrier of hemophilia; all her 15 kids had it. She lived in hewn stone castle.

712) remember,pith of peel is emotion related

That vegetarians live longer.

713) We all go through a sea of forgetfulness before we are reborn.

714) It was Isabella Duncan, ballet dancer, whose scarf got caught in car wheels and she strangled; tenant, Dave, son of an Isabelle, was in house when ungas revelation came. Also my cat was there; He was not tenant when ar came, I think. Maybe when it was written down, 1st. AR came into practice 3 months after mum died in 1994, as if the cooking thoughts in her brain were stopping me starting to practice AR diet.

715) I used to chew leaf of pineapple to cure about 8 tiny red spots I have on body. Paradise fruit shop, Waitara, of Sydney, NSW, indicated it.

716) Many races, can be interpreted re un, or ar.

Sp-an-ish’an like anus; fart gas.Fr-en-ch; en like end; rear; fart gas. In-glish; un comes from Inside one.

G-re-ek; re like rear; fart gas.

717) Mum had notion I was ONLY for her support, at my age 12; I helped dad to top jobs; she got upset; emanations of ar in Maria. Its also ‘csak’ is only in Hungarian and ungas is also chucked from one; said same; emanations.

718) At age 1 or 2, someone told me to see what is downstairs. I saw dad with soot on face; No one told me it was custom in Hungary on New Years eve to dress up as chimney sweep; but dirty is piszkos in Hungarian; like piss, is wee. emanations; So Tibor; one bores into woman; emanator.Eventually at age 12 someone told me the custom.

719) My brother had a past life as an orc, which is like arc; urination goes in a slight arc. Only found out about his orc past life after mum died in 1994.His then wife is a soul from planet June or Hilda which alians blew up.

They are a group of souls who want to rule also, and built buildings; One was in probate as clerk, I saw in 1995.

My brother  asked spirits next door(Satanist family) to ‘come over’,1996;that is when the evil spirit attached itself to me. Need exorcist; Not spells; spells have after effects.

720) I wanted Ron Paul as USA President, 2009. Alien drilled out a tooth of mine then.

721) Aliens knows everyone on huge computers and relations of one’s Asians to one.

722) I brought in Obama, but I disagree with him allowing in sick people into USA.Aids.Also him allowing guns in New York central park.

723)Alians killed 4 of my Asians who relate to sex growth and 4 who relate to teeth growth; I think 2 sex growth Asians are re created now.I think.

I should have new teeth by now.

Others confirmed that their dick grows on eating banana with peel.

724) Apartment has ar in word.

725) Around 2004 I wanted to self publish 18,000 copies of a version, known as Fefrunarko, or Frunarko.A Hong Kong firm ,Color---, were going to print; My brother controlled inheritance and would not release money; He was born colour blind; its not necessarily due to this as around 1 in 6 or 8 are so born.

726) One lady did plaster of Paris as a sideline, and got very wide hips. But she also had relationship problems. The hips were about 1 foot wider than norm, both sides. Plants feel; metals feel; soil feels.

727) Film, 1492, is where I got that Columbus sailed from Aragon in Spain to New World; America.SBS TV, I think.

Nude American Indian woman, in rain. Rain did not bother her.In 1492,film of.

728) Canal has an like anus; emanations; Mars has canals; Holland has canals; England has canals.

729) Mars and Venus once had people; used up too much magnetism of planet by using too much electricity.

730) Claire Powers, The Meaning of Flowers; Arrow published.

Strawberry is perfect excellence. Chestnut is do me some justice. pear is give me some hope. cherry tree is education. hazel is recognition,peace.Beech tree is prosperity. Pineapple is perfection. Iceland Moss is health.

731) Israel can be said as IZ is taste in Hungarian; and rá means onto in Hungarian. Taste of food, onto is like ungas.

732)Marsupials have mar in word.Kanagroos,wallabies,possums,opossums,numbat;banded ant eaters,mole,native cats and tigers, of Australia,phascogales,echidnas-ant eaters,porcupine,mulgora,marsupial mouse, jerboa or pouched mouse, jerboa rats, Tasmanian devil, Tasmanian wolf or tiger,notorcyctes,bandicoot,phalanger,cuscus,koala,wombats,opossum from ‘Handbook to the Marsupial and Monotremata’ of Lydekker,Allen’s Naturalist Library ,1894.

733) Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake; ungas comes from inside where is burning; emanations.

734) ‘Haragud’ is to dislike, like in anger, in Hungarian. Has ar in word.

735) The Natural Magic of Mulch, by M.J.Roads, Greenhouse press (now Penguin), tells how fertilizing or mulching is very necessary to plants; trees.

736) Bridgeport, in Mysteries of the Unexplained, from New York Times 1872 is a key to ‘do not use bridges in utopian lifestyles’.

737) Mo the ham  can be said as Mohamed; Is ham like ungas; think yes.

738) Johanna Brandt had a diet to cure cancers; eat only grapes for 6 weeks and stay in sunlight a lot; it worked but is wrong way and her publisher, Ehret died by falling backwards in New York.

Reminder in my 1995 Paradise edition of M.Carey’s book.

739) There is the thought to not even move a leaf in utopia; Personally I think it is impossible.

740) The reminder to put in the 8 past epochs proofs from Cremo, came from a dentist who is a look alike to Rudi M., who was friend of youth, but lived in Melbourne and we lived in Sydney. He is also a Hannibal look alike and some, past agro was seen, not known until I knew he is Hannibal look alike.The Romans were Latins and  Etruscans.Romans defeated Hannibal ,n about  a BC date.

741) Blackberries . Un comes from inside where is blackness; emanators; we(my parent’s house) had a large back garden, full with blackberries in youth.

742) Some places where I worked and later was some consternation; One had Rae, as one of 3 past partners ,like ungas is ray of oneself, in firm name; but owned by another. Another firm with Ben in name; ‘ben’ means inside in Hungarian and ungas comes from inside one. I worked as external auditor on a new firm of 1974, Eye Lighting Industries.Un and ar revelations are like,’lighting up, the eye’.

743) I know people who are reborn leaders; Claudius Tiberius, (Jay) and Alaric, (Elias) are on dole. Napoleon, is Chen, was tenant of mine; Alexander the Great, (Greg), was a homosexual, Attila the Hun, is a baker, was a past tenant.

744) I have a ½ claim on estate of Kerry Packer, and when he died, about 2006-7, I wrote the probate court I want my claim heard in the probate hearing.

I rang many times; There is a law it must be heard in 6 months. I was never notified. This is how the Queen Elizabeth cohorts treat me. Packer had channel 9 TV and Women’s Weekly Magazine; His son sold them off, so even if I was heard, I would not get the media I wanted. It’s about ½ of $6 billion; I saved his life twice, from behind the scenes.

Once he was in an iron lung after someone had thrown a stone through my parents’, front window. Once he was in coma from falling of a horse. Spirits asked me whether he should live; I said yes; I heard the ‘swoosh’ as the spirits left, and next day in papers, ‘miracle cure’.James Dean in a Porche;James Cook ,trying to recover a LONG boat.Like AR grows the penis LONG.Jessie James ,shot by a Mr Ford,like  FOUR is like Ford.4 is important in Ungas revelations.

I sent him Paradise video and writings while he was alive; to no avail.

In Australia, from public servants I get the brush off due to Queen Eliz opposition to telling GWDAL; as she knows, no woman can rule in normality; must have King by her. But, at the beginning, her subconscious emanations of él, means life, ungas is extra life to fruit; was needed. The ex, also an emanator, an Ungarn, has un and ar in word, mother is a Hungarian Liz.

I had many such emanators; who, after some consternation; subconscious emanations are stronger; and I apologise to all, that I was not high enough before. But it was done to me on purpose. How the higher powers expect such people to distribute the knowledge, I do not know. Maybe others will. I told as many as I could, when I saw what had happened, why; always to get to un and ar revelations.

Sent them Paradise video, leaflets; books.

745) There is the thought to not move a large branch from where it fell and made a hole in future connections via hole represents vagina.

It can’t be done except in utopian lifestyle.

746) The earthquake on Haiti, 14th jan 10; It made me write a note to soul of Sue W’s grandfather; in 1951, Sue, (1st girl I looked at as a female), said, out of the blue, ‘need grandpa’s money’. I certainly did not want her to say that, and I do not need her grandfather’s money as I have 24 affidavits which owe me, if judges and list clerks were honest; NSW Supreme court registrars would not list them, yet. Sue W went obese after saying that; 1952.

I wrote again re Kerry Packer estate to Probate, about November 2009; I got no reply to Jan 14, 10.

So, you see, maybe 100,000 people died in Haiti just so I would write a note to the soul of the granddad of Sue W.These sorts of things ‘happen’ to me.

But, unless you can get space crafts to stop Yahweh; he then used his Joseph name again, opposition; I see ho hope; get the anti gravity space crafts under Pine Gap away from humanoids; get a message to President of Sirius, Gamar planet, that Joseph was not telling GWDAL to this planet and that 44 plus past alien leaders were reborn as cripples for not telling GWDAL in 4 million year periods. Try NASA; to me, their email went off; would not work; past 3 months.

747) The villi is in the lower stomach; looks like fingers; if you have arthritis of fingers; eat fresh; raw fruits; 8 pieces a day; every day. It will cure.

748) Tablet sex takes from soul and kids.

 Joseph, Yaweh, sexed 16 times a day for 500 years; he went senile.

748) Victoras Kulvinskas, Survival into the 21st century has the World Health Org stat; 70% of babies in 1970 had dental defects.

He also wrote that on raw foods, women have little or no period flow.Reminder in telkepathy,RF,who is reading this book,as possible publisher.To 30.4.11 he had not said to me he will publish.

748A) World Book Encyclopedia, Science has the Neptune has arc rings.

749) Craters can be said like ray. C-ray-ter.The many craters on earth are all emanations; of un.When Lebanon warred on Israel, they threw a lot of missiles that did not hit anything. But formed craters. Because Jews had rejected GWDAL.

750)Satan was an alien; he is dead; but you can draw a circle in ground around any Satanist and he/she can’t get out of it, is written in Meetings with Remarkable Men of Gurdjieff;Pan published.

751) Victoras Kulvinskas wrote he went from junk food to raw food and his hair grew back. He was also on wheat grass juice.

752) Plants feel; if you mash the potato, instead of cut and eat; after effects from the plant.

753) Mr. Ash is author of The 10 Most Common; Dorling Kindersley.

754)Unwanted Past life , after seen under hypnosis, left as dark grey clouds, is in Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley,Pocket books.

My brother had a past life as an orc; told him of this process.

755) Narrow minded is probably when no ar diet which grows penis and so would grow, widen vagina; wider vagina; not narrow minded. Think.

756) Plants and trees in one’s garden get fungus if the humans who live in the house are sick or do kinky sex; fungus ;like fun; like kinky sex.

757) Do not bury apples whole to grow; I did this in Hungary when I heard we were leaving, in 1947; My brother said, in 1970s, an apple tree grew on that spot.

758) There is a speaking cd; 2 cd set; of GWDAL. Available from Wes, 70 Victoria St, Dubbo, NSW, Australia. You have to send him, say $10 plus postage if you want it. I  gave one copy to NSW Police; one copy to Dubbo radio station; one copy I posted to Seattle police as they had 4 officers shot in restaurant in nov 09.The psycho did it; They should eat banana with peel and not restaurant food, and the 4 is important in ungas revelations; I emailed the Seattle police, telling them my interpretation. I got no reply to 14 Jan 10.

759) J.Frank Hurdle, A Country Doctor’s Common Sense Health Manual, Parker Publishing Company,’ vegetables, as long as eaten uncooked’. Cure.

760) New Guide to the Planets, Patrick, Moore, Sidgwick & Jackson.

From The Origin of the Solar System by Page and Page, MacMillan Company, from a James Stockley article, in Sky, May 1940;’the year 1816 has gone down in history as the ‘year without a summer’. This was preceded by a very violent eruption of Tomboro, near Java. The explosion of 1912, of Katmai in Alaska, produced similar cool weather in its wake. Volcanic eruptions can cause so much dust in clouds, it blocks out the sun, and could cause an ice age.’

761) Victoras was also on wheat grass juice.

762) I asked the Moree council to make a stainless steel plaque of the highlights of this book, for posterity.

763) Wes is on Australia 02 6882 7377; and 041 308 6543.Re the CD.

764) Paul is a Latin name; The Romans were Latins and Etruscans.Hanibal was beaten by the Romans; and Rudi M and many others look alike to Hannibal, have been problem.Sometimes.

765a) Kiri eleison is said in catholic mass. Ki means out or who in Hungarian; ungas goes out from one.

766a) Shead was a real estate agent in 1950s in NSW; can be said like SHE-ad.

Ungas adds extra life to fruit.

L.J. Hookers came up, and Shead lost business; Leslie Hookers in 1950s, grew as I was in NSW, to be largest real estate agent in Australia.

 Emanations; subconscious of She-ad.

767a)Asmodeus is a statue at door of a church in Rennes le Chateau in France; as Deus is word for God in Latin, I think, this statue should be smashed up; not to as- mow. Put there by Saunier, I think in 1800s or early 1900s.Its in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

768a) My brother is a top guy except for his orc past life.

769a) Yaweh was a german tank commander in 2nd world war. Shot up 3 times; got new body via machine.

10,000 people went to North Pole after 2nd world war, from Germany; some article; probably Nexus. Probably humanoids used by Yaweh.

770a)The Miracle Man , By RobertPellegrino-Estrich,Triad Publishers, is about John of God, who is in Brazil; 110 klm from Brazilia in Abadiania;33 spirits he has; one enters him in morning and they cure; he cures 1,000s of people; even aids. He can look away and the spirit works his hands; they do internal surgery.Maybe stir outside by S,mainly and A,made me remember,re Estrich.

771a) Fruit and Vegetables as Medicine by Sandi Rogers and Anne Wassnig, National College of Traditional Medicine, in Victoria. They have it wrong re diabetics, they say, can’t eat bananas; I told them the proof by mail; email, phone; all to no avail.

Raw Logic by L.R.Murray, printed by Panther Publishing and Printing; he is in Canberra; email titbits of proofs re raw food is best.

772a) Emanations of companies with ud or va or people with ar in name; and some prob was. In past.

773a) Life is meeting a woman who is on 10/10th brain; telepathy talk; Judy Judge was Queen Victoria in previous life; she was 1st girlfriend to bed; heavenly; but became emanator of ‘do not move stones in river or those being washed to river by rain; they are the power of the river and river feels’.

774a) Harp; Guitar; Clarinet have ar in word; Violin; has lin; Trumpet is like penis.

775a) Boar, has ar. Giraffe has ra; rá means onto in Hungarian; ungas flies onto banana peel.

776a) Ziege means goat in German. The Germans called out ‘ziege heil’ in World War 2 a lot. Go-at; ungas goes at banana peel. Emanations.

Tarzan has ar in word; Phantom has an like anus in word.

777a) The Can Can was a Paris show, where the girls danced and showed bum at end; an in word like anus; and fart gas.2 Ungases.


778a) Alien can be like a-lee- mar.Ungas goes in a leeing; a going out.

779a) Dad sunned himself a lot, naked, and this brought feeling to his body. He conducted with great feeling; But on the radio came that too much sun will give melanomas; a skin cancer. Think it was the Australian govt advertisement.

780a) I saw a table with arc on under the top; in the arc was a big oil; veg oil box. This made me think there is oil in the Great Australian Bight which looks like an arc. Then came the New Orleans storms; indicating to me there is. Then came a storm at Eucla,indicating ‘go in from Eucla’.The cartoon, Flash Gordon is of past epochs; indicated Gunther land was there; a Gunther used to visit mum for tea and cakes when dad was off interstate , conducting.

Has un in name. I told many oil companies; starting with Woodside oil; 15% of profits to telling of GWDAL if found. Maybe only 7 klms in; not sure.

781a) I stayed with a woman, renting a room in Mt Barker, WA, in 1983, who  had a farm named Capecup; to cap the cup; that is, bow to brook; drink water from cupped hand emanations.

782a) Ski has ki.Ki means out or who in Hungarian; ungas goes OUT from one.

783a) We came to Australian in nov 1950 in the Goya ship. Ja means yes in german.

784a) Fruit for Australian Gardens by Paul Backster, Pan Macmillan and Sun published, has banana is musa.

785a) Armies march; both have ar in word; emanations.

765) Mongols invented gunpowder; English used it to conquer; 65 or so countries speak English; I said, use English as international language.As already 65  countries speak it.

Yaweh speaks an ancient Hebrew, but says he knows all languages.

Sometimes he pesters me so much I would suicide if I had a gun. Emotional blackmail; ruined many relationships.

766) Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile is in Paris.

Urination goes in an arc. Emanations.

767) Maynard Murray M.D., has a bit in Enzyme Nutrition. On Epilepsy patients; blood magnesium levels went up on use of plant protease, lipase, amylase.2 tablets, 3 times a day.Magnesium gluconate, 4 tablets times a day.One gram a day.

That whales have fat but not clogged arteries is normal; They are made that way to have fat against the cold of the sea.

Using Archer, Daniels, Midland Co of Chicago infos re whales.

768) Enzymes can cure arthritis but need a year to do so. The lack has to be filled up innerly first. Depending on length  one had arthritis.7 tablets a day.

769)Dr Jeno Sellei,1937,Chief Dermatologist of Hungarian State railway hospital; said, many skin ailments are due to enzyme derangement in stomach,duodenum,pancreas or liver; he gave raw pancreas and liver as cure. Pancreatin tablets ;said , must be for many months.Yaweh forced me to repeat this from 1995 edition.

770) Movie Star had ar in word; ar emanations.

771)Some animals who sexed a lot had smaller brains than same species who did not; a study I have somewhere; so Yaweh, who sexed 16 times a day for 500 years; is now senile, has a MUCH smaller brain. But he had the space craft and humanoids.

He makes me says ‘sorry’ in 4 languages ; sometimes 60 times a day; one day it was 270 times; I have to go for 4 walks in the afternoon; exercise , push ups; skips; legs in air; arms up and sideways.

But he does not want me to have a woman and he refused to tell GWDAL, but has delusion he won’t be reborn as slave and cripple like the 44 plus other alien leaders before him were for not telling GWDAL.

772) Hugo was an architect all his life; has ar in word.

The Timeless Nation by Egon Kunz, Hungaria Publishing Co;in 16th century, the Hungarian army let the Turks pull canon through a marsh before attacking; mar and ar in word; emanations.

773) Arnica is tobacco. Has ar in word; The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary, Oxford Uni Press. Emanations.

774) Film, Brain Sex.Men lose brain cells faster in old age.Cooked food eaters.

775) Solicitors and barristers have articled clerks; ar in word.

776) The Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth to America; Plymouth; mouth; say; mu-sa; musa is banana; emanations.

777) Everything I have re this knowledge, I was given by spirits. I go into a library to browse and select book, and it falls open just at page necessary for this knowledge.

In Uni of Sydney there were many books on Enzymes; but that enzymes die in cooking, I did not see; Only Enzyme Nutrition has that.

Enzymes end in ase or sin.

778)17 jan 10 I looked into the ‘ ahead’, thinking as NSW has a premier who is from America, we could join America as a state; I saw that Americans have a LOT less enzymes in body; a Lot less.

779)Cosi Cosa is an Italian expression; Mario Lanza cd,MasterSong,Masterteck, is yes in Italian and sa of musa.French also say ‘comme si, comme ca’.Caki is stool in slang Hungarian; emanations.

780) Almost 500,000 in Australia are super obese. Sun Herald paper 17.jan 10.

781) NSW energy produced 3.1% less greenhouse gasses  in 2009, using gas, not coal. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 Jan 10.

782) Lots of Asmodeus in Yaweh.

783) Dumas is dentist who telepathy reminded re proofs of past lives on this planet; millions of years.

784) Scott Pictnick of Syracuse Uni, Biology; when females promiscuous, males with largest testes had smallest brains. Bats.

Page 226 to 266 of New Dimensions in Health. Brain smaller if one sexes a lot.

785) Raw Logic  can be got from PO box 750,Woden,ACT, Australia.

786) Yaweh forced tell re Maynard Murray.

787) Words that can mean to emanate;

Si-be-li-us; ri, like me.Ungas goes in a leeing; si means yes in Italian; Sibelius was a composer of classical music. on a Naxos Cd.Emanations.

Mozart. Mow the ar; another composer of classical music.

Tchaikofsky.Ki on end; Naxos.Emanations.

Handel; has an like anus in name; Naxos.Emanations.

Ireland, The Emerald Isle; Mer of Emerald means sea in French; in sea live fish; fish are like enzymes.

Essential cd.

Rossini. Row the si; Decca.Emanations.

Mario Lanza was a singer; ar in name; Masterson.Emanations.

Sheng; has en like end; rear gas; emanations; Golden Rock Australia 1995.

Pavarotti. Pa means a going out in Hungarian or German; like we say goodbye; Ungas goes out from one He was a singer of classical music and conductor of classical music. Music club.

Carreras; Ca in name; like caki is stool in slang Hungarian; rear gas; emanations.

As in name also; rear gas; like arse. Music club.

Domingo; in in name; ungas comes from inside; Music club.Emanations.

Wagner; ág  is branch in Hungarian; branch has ra in word; rá means onto in Hungarian; ungas flies onto banana peel.Emanations.

Smetana. a means a leaving as ungas leaves one.Virgin.A classical music composer.

Como, was a popular singer; Ungas is also mown, near sex as one walks.V&H Holdings.

In Abba song group; Agnetha Faltskog (2 acutes on a); like the ág story.

Anni –Frid Lyngstad.An like anus; emanations; Polymar Music International AB.

Aghartha is the name for the caverns 10 miles down in earth.Ag story.

Agatha Christie wrote lots of detective novels; Ag story.

Shambala is also a name for the 10 miles down caverns, I think; bal like balls are testicles. In word.Ungas comes from near.Emanations.

Király is king in Hungarian; both have ki in word; rá and like lee also in király.

789) There is essence and personality; essence usually helps; personality is what is in head from learning; From Gurdjieff’s teachings via Search of the Miraculous,Routledge and Kegan Paul.Adie can be ADD from die.Ungas Emanations.

790) Beethoven. Has like tó, is lake or puddle; Urination makes a puddle. Award.Emanations.

791) Placido; like ri, like si is yes in Italian; Placido Domingo.Emanations.

792) Chopin has in, in word; Eloquence.Ungas comes from inside.Emanations.

Classical composer.

793) Magnificent has ág in word.

794) Brilliant has ri, like rear in word.Ungas; rear emanations?

795) Tenant Geoff H, mother June, had accident in Livingstone Rd; in in word.Emanations.

796) Gustav Mahler; has ta in word; classical composer.Emanations.

797) Think Wilhelm van Otterloo, conductor, came after dad died, to Sydney Symphony orchestra. Willie is is penis in slang; and loo is toilet. Emanations.

798) Frederick Chopin; has in in name; Deuch Gramophone.Emanations.

799) Synagogue is SI,and ág in word.Emanations.

800) Slazenger, has en in word; Spalding has in in word; tennis racket manufacturers.Emanations.

801) Metro Goldwyn Mayer; like row, and gold is un.

802) Hedy Lemar; has mar in name; Mar.Ungas is made by marring, near sex as one walks; film star emanations.

William Holden; like Willie. Film Star.

Charlie Chaplin; has ar  in, in name; Film Star.

Bogart. Has ar in name; film star.

Kim Novak. Has Va.Valhala, place of Vikings’ dead; ungas is unborn or dead in steam of urine.

John Wayne.  The way, and the john is the toilet where ungases go. Film Star.

Peter Sellers. Sell is to go further, like un goes further; Film star.

Garry Peck; ar and eck like un is echo of one. Film star.

The name Sasha has sa, like banana is musa.

Gabor Ujlaki.Uj means new and laki(or lakni) means to live. Un is new life, extra life to banana peel. Gabor was GM of Reid Murray NSW, 1960s, a dept store chain in NSW.Ray is in Murray.Un is ray of one self.

G Szell; like sell; conductor of classical music;

Leonard has ar in name. Conductor.

Yaweh forced me to put in Maynard Murray.

Tanhauser is an opera; has an like anus in word.

Carmen  is an opera. Ar in word.

Paganini has ag in name; a violinist of past.

Toscanini; Tos the ca; ungas rear.Clasical conductor, emanations.

803) Whisky has ky like ki. Ki means out or who, in Hungarian; ungas goes out from one.

Edgar Cayce could see into the Akashi records. Ar and ca in name.

Gin has in.

Vodka has ka like sa, like caki is stool in slang Hungarian; ungas rear.

Brandy. An in word.And Ra.

Carrot has ca and ar in word.

Celery like sell.

Radish has ra.

Omshalom is a fruit vege community (was in 1985, now changed).Om could be like un; food eaten that becomes un and goes or shall go on.

Gloria Dargin, was titular head; Ri and ar in name.

Barry Callagher has ar and ag in name; a founder of Omshalom.

Howard has ar in name; a founder.

Greg has like egg in name; ungas is tiny eggs. a Founder.

Judy is like due di.Didi is breast in slang Hungarian; maybe un comes from breast; down to urine.

Margaret has ar in name.

Helen has en in name.

 Thomas has as like arse in name. Emanations  rear gas.

Raspberry has as in word.

Elizabeth Arden. Cosmetics firm; ar in name.

Ponds is a cosmetics firm; urination makes a pond or puddle.

Cherry.Ch is like csinál, means To make, in Hungarian; ri like ry; in word; To make rear; is ungas rear.

Grape, said like g-ray-p; ungas is ray of oneself; Bose, who found plants and metals feel in 1900, had a teacher named Vines.

My mother was escorted by a Mr. Vines at my wedding as my father was overseas, conducting. Emanations.

Badminton has ad, like ungas adds extra life to fruit.

Ping Pong has in, like ungas comes from inside one.

Tennis has en.

Claret has ar; it is a wine.

Riesling has in.

I was Divisional Accountant at Hanimex for 1 year, 1970.

ON The al; ál means to stand in Hungarian.

Hanimex has an.

I worked for the dept of the Interior in Sydney, 1965, for 9 months; ungas comes from inside.

Insurance   has sur in word, and súrlódás is marring in Hungarian. One sells insurance if one has not ungas revelations.

Camel has ca.

Horse is cheval in French; has val.

Japan has an.

Arab  has ar.

Ostrich has ri.

Emu has mu.Banana is musa.

Kangaroo has an and ar.

Australian coat of  arms is Emu and Kangaroo.

Holden is an Australian car; has en; car makes go further; the en; rear gas.

Chrysler has ry like rear.

Austin has in; a car.

Mercedes has mer; sea in French; in sea live fish; enzymes are like fish.

Bentley has en; a car.

Chevrolet. ,a car, Row the un and let it out?

Packard has ar.a Car.

Sanyo has an; electrical firm.

General electric has en.

Iran has an. Iraq has ra.

Carnation has ar.

Marigold has mar and ar.A flower.

Impatience has pa.Pa or pa pa, is said like bye in Hungary and Europe; bye is a going out; Ungas goes out from one.

Lots of impatience flowers in mum’s rear garden; where the revelations came; around a frangipani tree. Has an and pa.

Pa-ra-dise; rá means onto in Hungarian. Out  and onto, the Paradise.It was coming to me about 1995,and it also came in telepathy fromZ.

Utopia, is like u-tow-pee-a.Tow the ungas telling.Reminder to write in book by RF,who has 2 free copies of AR book.

Grass has ra.

Buick  is like BOO. Boo is like rear gas; a car.

Jason has on; ungas goes On. Also has as like arse.

Tomlinson. Has on.

McNamara has ar in end of name.

Danny has an.

Humphrey has re.

Dolphin has in.

Roland has an.

Kevin has in.

Baggage has ag.

Antonio  has an.

Papaya  has pa.Is Paw Paw.

Papacy has pa.

804)5 workers for every one retired, over 65 in Australia. Article; words of Rudd, the PM, SMH, 19  jan 10.4 decades ago it was 7.5 workers for every over 65.

806) Glass has as.

Sand has an.

Sperm is white from raw food; is grayish if cooked food eaten in over 40 years.Booze, with the 2nd quality enzymes might make sperm whitish.

Hamer Hall is in Melbourne. Has mer.Mer is sea in French;has fish in it.Enzymes are like fish.

Tivoli, has li like me.Ungas goes in a Leeing.

Orchestra has ra.

Opera has ra.

 E.T.  means one what et(ate);But its also initials of extra terrestrial.

Fisher library in Uni of Sydney; Enzymes are like fish.

Brewarrina is an inland village in NSW; has ar, and ri.

 Vanesa has sa. Banana is musa.

Adam; Add the am is ungas.

Dave has da.Da means yes in Russian.

Sinclair has in. A name.

Harry has ar.

807) Eve Balfour threw veggie scraps to 3 apple trees. They thrived; healthy; the ones she did not put mulch to were sick;

Plum was almost twice size after I mulched the plum tree.

Alsace has sa. It’s a region in France. Banana is musa.

I do not eat honey as its food for baby bees; but if one had own beehive; a bit; not needing replace by sugar; a year, might be ok.

808)The Iceland volcano of 18 April 2010 that sent ash all over Europe, closing most airports is emanations of UN; as ,like dust is dead; dust to dust; ashes to ashes.Ungas is unborn or dead in steam of urine. It could also be a warning of the blackness, due in 2019, that killed all peoples, 4 million years ago and many times before, for AR diet not being known to all.

809) In Loch Nahoon is a creature that can make its body in a circle; is blind. But if use peat moss, one could have accidents or other problems from the emanations of such creature. Mysteries of the Unexplained. Readers Digest.

If use cow or horse dung; the truck usually breaks down. Or use of any other, like chicken shit.

810) Dessertification; spreading desserts.RainTree Publisher; Paul de Zario.

24 billion tones of fertile soil disappearing every year over past 20 years; as large as farmland of USA;1/4 earths farmlands destroyed; china dust clouds; Beijing; so bad; planes can’t land;2 months a year.

3,000 sq kilometers become dessert each yr in china dessert.

India, Africa, Russia, Asia, Mesopotamia, all have desertification probs.

811) Dear Sirs,
I am one of a kind; I have WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM, and we all
die in 2019 unless AR diet is told to all; proven;(see attachment).
the ASH clouds are because an Ashleigh in a council in NSW,Australia,
would not pay me $50,000 re insult re my leaflets re library ban; court
case 28.1.09 in Warren; Queen Elizabeth influences judges in australia to
go against me;
Hence the Ash clouds over London, when re Queen Elizabeth Ashleigh.
1) After I was not let into world court in 2003, a shark ate arm of a
Bethane; like Queen Elizabeth as if Queen Elizabeth caused my not getting in;
also earthquake on Bam,50,000 died, because a Fred family opposed; Bam Bam
is son of Fred in cartoon.
2)2006 after magistrate Holmes of Tenterfield would not pay me; earthquake
on Kashmir; judges to pay me CASH ;like Kashmir;
120,000 died.
aAlso an Andrew Mens drowned and body dragged 180 klms to or from Coffs
Harbour, NSW, to tell judges to 'cough up' to Me;
I am the Chosen One, proof 281, in in the www, also I am The Interpreter of
God and Mother Nature's Will diet and Lifestyle.
Also in Sept 2009, 3klm high dust clouds were over Sydney, Australia, to
tell from God and Mother Nature ;the ABC, and SBS,TV stations in Australia,
to put on the video, The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune's
arc rings; Wendy Holloway at ABC Sydney has a copy.
3) The oil spill in USA was because I have 24 affidavits of people owing me;
the 3 largest are all USA ones; I prove B. G. and Partner grew
M. on an inner suing on our backs; they have not paid half their
I saved Paul Getty from mental hosp in 1985.I asked $60 million off Getty
Centre Los Angeles in 1998; They did not pay; lightning caused wild fires;
3 or 4 times; over 10,000 homes around Los Angeles were destroyed.
So I have this knowledge; we all have to get on this banana with peel diet
with ungasses prep or we all die in 2019, and we have been here in many 4
million yr periods and died for same reason; no AR diet told to all.
.You can reach me on email.
Put the video  on ABC, SBS, BBC, with
post production adds as this 2019 came only few months ago(to 2009,I think); ABC,SBS have had
the video since 14,1,09.
I can prove H. the magistrate of 28.1.09 lied; he also refused to view
the video, which is the crux of the case.
I think the ash clouds are sent by God and Mother Nature to make you pay;
Queen Elizabeth also owes me $4 million for ring chief judge of Australia
in 2000 to ignore me re a Alan Bond case.
please get back to me;
László Les Paul
 I am Les Paul, but in writings László Les Paul
Put a secret service agent or agents on this matter to come and speak with
me and learn all the truths and help me get the video on TVs and get paid.
The 2 largest sunflares ever recorded were after Magistrate H, 2006, would not pay me. He said something twice.
This was sent to many including BP, PM of England, President of USA, civil aviation Sydney and England; no one replied. In May 2010.
812) Too much of some vitamins could lead to higher mortality rate. Danish Researchers; American Medical Assn.
813) We are known as homo sapiens sapiens, and also cro magnon man. The un is from oneself; like sap. And we must revert to non electricity use; re magnetism of planet is reduced by use of electricity and it’s the magnetism of the planet that keeps suns flares from burning us up.
814) Christopher Columbus and Pintez left ARagon for the New World in 1482; emanations of ar.
815) Krakatoa made largest ever noise when it blew up in 1883; rá means onto in Hungarian; un goes onto banana.
816) The original seed of the universe; its just a thought. If it came out without moisture to dissolve inhibitor on seeds of planet; maybe is why we mine and plough; but all continents have been under water in the past, so this line of thought is probably false.
817) Seeds have inhibitors on them to protect them until conditions are ready for their growth; inhibitors are dissolved in 24 hours soaking mostly.,or cooking dissolves inhibitors also. Israel Uni.Shayen and Mayer.
817A) James P. did not pay 4 million years ago for his father,Kerry’s estate, of which I claimed ½ for saving his life twice from behind the scenes, and 3 James’s died in circumstances relating to Un and AR.
James Cook, in going after a stolen long boat; AR diet grows the penis long.James Cook died of natives. Jesse James was shot by a Mr Ford, and the four is important in ungas revelations, and James Dean died in a Porche car;por is dust in Hungarian and ungas is unborn or dead like dust in steam of urine.
So James P. should pay his father’s half estate and also stand to collect the other affidavits debtors to me and lead the telling of this AR diet by free copies and as well, sold copies to all the world.
818) the commencing word’marvellous’ was used as un gasses are marred.Emamantions.
819) if you can’t sleep, spit into handkerchief or elsewhere; came as reply to a prayer for me to be able to sleep.
820)There were 64 million people on MU when it sank 12,000 years ago.64 is 4x4x4 and the 4 is important in ungas revelations and planetary perturbations come if all do not know AR diet.
In Dec 2012 come the planetary perturbations and in 2019 the blackness kills all unless all know AR diet.It did not come in 2012.Telepathy from it said’this time clear out via Atomic wars’.
821) A Holt published 100 years ago, a book, ‘Why not eat insects’; 100 years later a shark took a Prime Minister of Australia. Mr Holt.
After killing 2 cockroaches, I woke up with pain on heart. Definitely after effects of this.It did not happen again.
822)Global warming and pollution is a side effect of the industrial age.The video,’Strange Days on Planet Earth’,available from Amazon, proves this.
The weather we are having is a direct result of global warming and pollution;Like The floods in Pakistan, where 10 milion people are displaced.
The floods in Queensland,Australia, where areas larger than france and germany have been flooded.Floods in Grafton NSW Australia and floods in Victoria Australia.As well the heat wave in Russia which caused the wheat harvest to fail.The mud slides in Brazil in Jan 2011.
So, this diet is eating bananas with peel and ungases preparation.No meats.Like the Amish people, who do not use motors or electricity, communities could start up,by rivers, of AR diet people,and hopefully spread.This would create no pollution and no global warming.
823)How I know the blackness came 6 years after the planetary pertubations,and all died, 4 million years ago,is that Yaweh recreated a cripple I had pointed out to him.This man was the Alien leader of 2 or 4 million years ago.He is able to ask him questions of the past and the man told him this is what happened.
He  told Yahweh,the alien leader of 4 million years ago, killed the TCO, that is myself this time, 1 year before the planetary pertubations started.
824)Proof of the un came via a house purchase in 1952 by my parents.Lou Lovin (now deceased, no kids)came back from Austria and wanted 5,000 pounds for the house we were renting.My dad could only raise 3,750 pounds.The law said,’if children in house, not allowed to evict’.So, he took the 3,750 pounds.As AR diet relates to love,like Lovin, I realised, this scenario, was to show me, that fruit with Un is 5,000(units of goodness), and fruit without un is 3,750.I sent a video, I had made, value ,$6,000 to Austrian TV,when was told this Lou Lovin story,in 1986.TV stations relate to souls.Lou Lovin left no relatives, I was told.
825)Arbeiten is work in german.In AR diet, fully practiced by all, no need for work.
826)My brother owes,but he has bought me 2 cars and a caravan,since 1986,total value $17,000.He also gave me $300 a month for about 2 years or so.So does A. B. owe $2 million, for me telling him to change skippers or he can’t win,the americas cup yacht race in 1982.The wind won’t help one if one squeezes grapes for a living.Plants feel.His previous skipper squeezes grapes for a living.He changed skippers and won.He is a billionaire,but after numerous letters of demand, he still had not paid, to march 2012.
827)One goes into a blackness for the time one would have lived, if one suicides is in Tales of Raincarnation.
828)Dr Shoneman’s table that 27% of newborn have abnormal pituitary glands is because parents ate cooked food.
829)Enzyme therapy in epilepsy,is in Enzyme Nutrition, from Maynard Murray,M.D.Magnesium gluconate,one gram,4 times a day, and 2 capsules of enzymes(presumably combination capsule),3 times a day.
830)I get invisible things I call ‘hibi jibbies’ on legs when I go to bed.It is a slight pain and I put spit on fingers and rub that spit on the hurt area,it is slippery when wetted by spit, and it goes away.Also from the TV rays,I got such hibi jibbies on head,and at first used spit to clear them away.Heat from a hair dryer also gets them and where I was sitting,the couch had to be hot aired to clear them away or, when I sat down,some were still there.Then I got a mirror and reversed the TV so it showed into the mirror and I saw the reverse image in the mirror,but I did not get any hibbi jibbies this way 1st day.2nd day I got less hibbi jibbies.I altered the mirror position and 3rd day I got less hibbie jibbies but still some.I wear a hat with cardboard on the inside top while watching TV.Some people get head aches from computer.Its the same thing .Invisible hibbi jibbies.The back pain one gets from computer,after a while, is a hibi jibbi.Just put spit on it.But it is a sign of fatigue.Reverted back to the small,110mm TV;cathode ray.Think if I had a woman, she would protect against TV rays; her aura would.Acat did.
I also got hibi jibies from used newspaper in library,so sensitive am I.The felt cloth couch,where I used to sit,watching the big TV, has hibbi jibbies in it.I use the hair dryer on it but they come back after ½ hour..Now I sit in a plastic chair,watching the small TV.Hibi jibies on head get on to bed sheets and I use a hair dryer to kill them.Heat kills them. Hibi jibies got on plastic chair from rays of TV,also.No longer use platic chair or other.
The machine of the alians can tell what false inner suings are in a hibi jibi.What it is made up of.The machine of the alians can dissolve hibi jibbies.
831)John of God in Abadiania of Brazil is authored by Pellegrini(I think)John Of God gets one of 33 spirits into him in the morning and he can cure anything.It is the spirit in him doing the work;Internal surgery also.Some of my books were stolen when my car was stolen and torched in may 2010,to make me wake up to the fact that the dust clouds over London were because queen Elizabeth influenced judges against me;she lives in London.An Ashleigh,like ash ,had not paid me.Maybe reminder re Pellegrini, from a scuffle outside,by S and A.They had free AR leaflets from me,before. 
832A)One can give up smoking, using Self Hypnosis, by Pamela Young.What one does is make a tape of talking to self.’Going down 10 steps inside oneself;then 10 more steps’.Then say,’want to give up smoking’.Then go up 10 steps and then go up another 10 steps inside oneself.’Put the tape under the pillow.
832)I remembered that enzymes are torn, near sex(as well as marred, greated,buffed),from a name.R.Torbay, a politician.I sent him  a AR leaflet.
Its Barbara Hand Clow,  in Tales of Reincarnations,re an unwanted past life, seen under hypnosis, will leave as dark grey waves.Page 101.
Urea is the main chemical fertiliser used.Is it an emanator of rear gas;like uREa.
833)Too much vitamin A lifted mortality rates by 16%.Beta carotene by 7%.Vitamin E by 4%.The Journal of the American Medical Assn.Danish Researchers.Herald newspaper 8.2.07.Vitamin C;No effect re deaths.Too much is no good.After cold is gone stop taking Vitamin C.
834)Asteroids wiped out life twice in past;Science Magazine.Frank Kyte.Gold Coast Bulletin paper.5.1.04.
835)Vitamin E supplements do more harm than good.John Hopkins Uni.Dr Edgar Millar.Those on 400 units a day,had 10 times risk of dying as those on 200 units a day.S.H.14.11.04(S.H. means Sun Herald paper).
836)Kids denied milk, meat,eggs suffer mental and physical impairement.Animal nutrients not found in vegies(but are in ungasses).Proff Lindsay Allen,uni of California.
837)Pregnant women taking multi vitamins to prevent birth defects also protect babies against cancer;cut risk of kids neurobalstoma;nervous,by 30-40%;SH 1.9.02.US and Canadian researchers.
838)Eating too much mono sodium glucomate,a flavour enhancer common in asian and processed foods could make you blind.Hirisaki Uni in Japan.MSG.Dr Hiro Shioguro.New Scientist magazine.Rats ate 1/5th of diet MSG.Lesser amount might be ok.
838)Eating bananas could ward off risk of strokes.Hawain researchers.SH 18.8.02.
Country people are less likely to have asthma,41%,and less likely to have eczema and dermatitis.SH 16.10.05.
839)Walking,gardening,housework for 30 minutes a day cut risk of dementia by more than 1/3rd.Italy scientists.I walk approximately30 minutes, all told, a day.
840)Eco bulbs worsen migraine.Epilepsy and auto immune disease.Brain Foundation.Gerald Edmunds.SH 6.1.08.
841)Mercury in sharks,catfish,snapper,barramundi ,often up to 7 times safe maximum.Proff Stephen Corbett.Medical Journal of Australia.SMH 7.1.08.(SMH is Sydney Morning Herald).
842)There are many studies that a little exercise a day helps liver,kidneys,general well being.
843)You can get a pathology laboratory to measure your level of enzymes AST,ACT,GAMA 1,Amylase,CK,Creatinine and these tell level of enzymes in liver and kidney,and wether you have cholesterol problem.Test Iron and calcium NSW,Australia,there used to be a company, Lifecheck Pty Ltd, which had Reflotron machines in caravans and from 1 drop of blood,could tell you these enzyme levels.It cost $40 in 2000.Lot cheaper than going to a pathologist,where,in Australia, you have to get a referral from a doctor, and then go back to the doctor for the results.Lifecheck in 2004 was on phone, in NSW,Australia,02 9232 2243.
844)Supermarkets,Coles and Woolworths and Bi Lo have organic beans in cans.
845)There are organic farmers markets all over the place;probably on Google.
846)in darkness after suicide, is in Tales of Reincarnation ,page 192,story of Prince, and also story of Tom,pages a murky thick grey fog;big ugly things kept bumping into him;and one stays in this state as long as one would have lived.
847)light pollution.Sydney,Australia, sees 60 stars;country sees 4,000 stars.International Sky Assn,David Crawford blames low quality outdoor lighting-urban sky glow is masking views of stars. About 1/5th of earth’s population can no longer see the Milky Way.SH July 13.03.Author says he thinks it is pollution.
848)We live on G or Life forces and a healthy or unhealthy body.The unhealthy body,used to its habits, sometimes rejects the cure.AR diet.
849)Almost 2 million Australians(population in 2011, 22 million)suffer from osteoporosis-Good calcium intake overcomes it.3 serves of dairy daily;800-1,000 mg a day of calcium(author takes calcium tablets since 2006);spinach,nuts,sesame seeds have calcium.Sun makes Vitamin D which helps absorption of calcium.Upper limit is 2400 mg a day.(this item is from my articles file). Calcium would be in fully mulched soil.
850) Sydney drivers can inhale 4 or more times max recommended poisonous air in a typical trip.Stephen Greaves.Envirenment Protection Heritage council.ST 24.6.07(ST is Sunday Telegraph).
851)Infertile had babies.Had to take out coffee,sugar,dairy and replace with organic fruits and vegies,herbal concoctions and vitamins.Took 4 months to conceive.Francesca Naish,Jocelyn Center;75-80% success rate.
852)One in 6 Australian couples have fertility problems.
853)More than 1.2 million Australians have diabetes,type 2.30 minutes exercise,plus vegies,fresh fruits and cereals helps prevent it.Sunday Mail,Body and Soul section.4.6.06.
854)Carrots,peas,green beans,corn,broccoli,can reverse heart disease.Wake Forrest Uni,in USA,School of Medicine in North Carolina.SM 25.6.08.
855)Drinking low or non fat milk increases risk of prostrate cancer.Uni of Hawai and US National Institutes of Health.American Journal of Epidemiology.Other dairy products not linked to the disease.Whole milk showed decreased risk of developing prostrate cancer.SH 13.1.00.
856)Alcohol brings breast cancer and bowel cancer.Those who drank 5 standard drinks;40% more at risk of colorectal cancer.WHO International Agency on cancer.Peter Boyle.SH 15.4.08.
857)Eating an egg a day increases risk of premature death for middle aged men.Harvard Medical School;Drs Luc Djousse andJ.Michael Gaziano.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.Tele 11.4.08.
858)1980 ,pole covered in ice size of USA.2007 ice would cover Missisipi only.
859)More than 2 million Australians live in poverty.15% of kids live in jobless households.Half of Australians live on less than $30,000 a year.SH 3.7.05.
860)Sydney’s middle east community-inter family marriage;lead to high incidence of kids born with defects.More than half of the 20% so married were 1st cousins.Kidney,liver,heart probs for babies.SH 28.5.06.
861)The higher the level of education, the more likely to get Parkinson’s disease.Mayo Clinic.Neurology Journal.SH 18.12.05.
861)Brain of teenager who drinks gets damaged in hippocampus.Vulnerable to alcohol.Journal Pediatrics and adolescent Medicine.12.7.06
862)Deserts in Nigeria swallow up 3,500 sq.kilometers of farming land a year.Many move to cities.ST 22.10.08.
863)America-Bee keepers lost 31% of hives in 2006 and 35% in 2007.SH6.7.08.
Many fruits and vegies need bees for cross pollination before they can bear fruit.
865)700 police officers killed in Australia.SH 12.2..06.Its obviously because they acted in wrong ways.Not telling AR diet to others.
Radio said $12 million in Victoria on truant police officers.
866)Judges should be on AR diet for 6 months before judging cases.Law Schools should teach AR diet.
866)6 studies Atkins diet make you ill after 1 year.Rosemary Stanton in Newspaper.
Atkins got leukemia and suicided.His diet is a lot of grains and bread.Its no good for one.
867)Salt link to cancer.Eating 12g of salt doubles the likelihood of stomach cancer.Cancer research,UK.Recommended daily 6g for adults.Dr Tim Key.Epidemiologist.SM11.1.04.
868)One in 4 kids go to school,hungry.Uni of Sydney research.Jenifer o’Dea.
869)Herbal teas not good for pregnant women.Avoid chamomile,fever few,ginseng,licorice,raspery,St John’s wort,aloes.Medicine Control Agency.SH 2.2.03.
870)Australians taking vitamin,mineral,herbal supplements is 74%.1993 it was 58%.Sunday Life.
871)Mobile phones could trigger early onset of alzheimers disease.Swedish study.Lund Uni.Environmental Health Perspectives Journal.A US govt journal.SH Feb 9.03.
872)1 in 7 in prison are on methadone,making addicts.1036 people started using methadone in prison.1277 entered on methadone.1828 left on methadone.SHNov17.02.
873)Stimulant medication for kids who suffer ADHD can slow growth.Dr Allison Poulton,Western Clinical School,Uni of Sydney.SH 24.7.05.Journal of Archives of disease in childhood.
874)Up to 75% of Australians are iodine deficient.Australian center for iodine deficiency disorder.get Iodised salt,says Dr Muli.Sunday Life.Eat onions for iodine.
875A)Teenagers exposed to 2nd hand smoke,four times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome,including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.US Research.Journal,Circulation.SH 14.8.05.
875)Adverse effects from ginseng,Echinacea,gingko biloba;alternative treatments;For Kids.Dr Rosanna Capoligua.AMA.Study byDr Alissa Lim,Royal Children’s hosp in Melb.Skin Discoloration after colloidal silver taking.Constipation from valerian.Prolonged bleeding from gingko biloba and ginseng.Vitamins interfered with chemotherapy.Proff Les White.Sydney Children’s hop.SH 5.5.02.
876)Meteorite in NZ.Phil and Brenda Archer’s house.Northern Star paper.15.6.04.This was on celebration of Queens birthday in NSW.The ex wife is a Sagitarius,the archer,and her mother is an Elizabeth,same  name as the queen,and in Australia, they have cohorts in areas like ABC TV and SBS TV, who do not put on videos on GWDAL.I have sent GWDAL to ex and also to Queen Elizabeth,and,to April 2011, they refused to tell GWDAL.
Australia should vote to become a republic.
877)Endometriosis.Affects 1 in 10 women.Janine Walsh.Endometriosis care center of Australia.More than 75% of survey women needed surgery.Cells which normally live in uterus grow outside uterus.Mostly in pelvis.SH 8.7.01.
878)Kids who sleep for less than 6 hrs risk obesity.Sarah Blunden.Uni of South Australia,center for sleep research.
879)Doubling eat cereals,fruit and vegies can halve risk of bowel cancer.Fibre does help.Proff Nick Day.Cambridge Uni.God for Yaweh’s bowel.
880)Ketchup good against breast cancer and osteoporosis.Protects against prostrate cancer also.Ben Gurion Uni in Israel and Uni of Toronto.SH 16.6.02.
881)Victoras Kulvinskas, in his book, Survival into the 21st century, wrote,he grew hair back, when he went from junk food to raw food.He also used wheat grass juice.
882) When a chap cheated on tax, his car broke down a lot.
Tax dept gets you.
Another chap cheated on tax and his wife got a gammy leg, 4 million years later.
883)Australia is on 80% water table.George Philips and Son,Atlas.
884)AR diet would grow limbs back, slowly.
885)If a man sexes a woman who is on cooked food, he is surrounded by a low quality aura.
886) Ar diet would cure alzheimers disease.Use dosage,same as for epilepsy.
887) I used to take l-Carnitine powder.Presume it is in eggs and milk, so I stopped taking it.
888)Queen Elizabeth rang judges to ignore me.She holds women from me, via judges,as they have the law of torts,like clitoris.I could probably get a new girlfriend in USA,easily.
Queen Elizabeth cohorts tell drunks I am homosexual.I am not such.
Hungarian Liz held women from me, when I was there in 1987-8 for 6 months.
889) NSW Australia law says one may copy bits from a book, not the whole book, as long as one gives author and publisher reference.
890)If a food server eats as per AR diet, the inner quality of the food they serve up would be higher.
I have had to spit sometimes after being served food.Only on 2 occasions.So low was the inner quality of the food.
891)3 District Court judges of NSW in 2001, agreed the 23 ½ degree tilt of this planet means ‘to pull the AR diet telling with fear’.
892)There is a film, narrated by Leonard Nimoy,telling of the 26 million year periods.
893) Nostradamus predicted doom AND GLOOM.Bernie ward authord book.

894)I have lots of articles stating of corrupt solicitors and police.


895) A quarter of school girls suffer period pain so severe it disrupts their class attendance;Dr Luk Rombauts;Tele 11.3.06.

896) There is an article that about 75% of girls start sexing at age 12.


897)Drug PBT2 reduced protein re alzheimers.Colin Masters.Mental health research Inst of Vic.SH 16.3.08.


898)Good for insomnia.Melatonin.Calcium,magnesium.Hops.Passion,valeria.Earl Mindell and Carol Coleman.The anti aging bible.Bookman Press.


899)Bethany Hamilton lost arm to shark.Herald Tribune in Amsterdam.5.11.03.It was just after World Court refused to let me Queen Elizabeth cohorts not letting me in;cause.


900) 40% of NZ cops caught with porn pictures on the official computer.sH 15.9.02.


901)Hamburgers might give asthma.Wellington Asthma Research group.Proff Julian Crane.Kids who had 1 hamburger a week;75% higher risk of asthma.Dr Kristen Wickens.SH 20 Nov 05.


902)New superweeds springing up in America around genetically modified crops.Dr Charles Benbrook.Former US govt adviser.Tele.29.11.05.


903) I got a new neighbour;80 years old.He had 2 jobs in life.He is innerly depleted, and I feel innerly depleted, more so, than before, after I have worked on the computer.


904)Eat onions if iodine deficient.


905)There are many who refuse AR revelations and use inner lies via lying judges to maintain their vitality.Its the 10% brain on cooked food-booze.


906)My brother,I told AR diet since 1996,but he could not get on it.He got a cartledge in knee injury in 2011, and I emailed him many times to get on AR diet and get the vitamin-mineral tablets and enzyme capsules.The injury would heal much better on full nutrients;Still he refused to get on AR diet or even get supplements.He eats more fruit due to my saying so.Yet he is a multi millionaire,mainly from the payout of a job, I got him,and he used to make money on stock exchange, 4 times every ten years..


907) More than 1.2 million Australians have diabetes,type 2.30 minutes exercise,plus vegs,fresh fruit and cereals,helps prevent it.Sunday Mail,Body and Soul.6.6.06.

I use the Australian date system. Day.Month.Year.Americans use Month.Day.Year.


908)Reproductive cancers in water in Victorian towns(Australia),from chemicals in agriculture.Atrazine.Mildura,Red Cliffs,Piangil towns.The Australian paper.5.2.08.


908)Products made with slim milk can reduce risk of high blood pressure.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.SH 18.12.05.


909) Bat males who had largest testes,had smallest brains.Proceedings of the Royal Society.Biological Science.SH 29.1.06.


910)58 of 100 sites in Sydney waterways had hazardous levels of fecal coliforms and enterococci bacteria for at least one month last year.But Sydney’s beaches are clean.ST 13.1.08.


911) Harder to see the Southern Cross from Sydney due to pollution.No stars visible from New York and Tokyo.Nick Lomb.Sydney Observatory.SH 11.11.07.


912)Atkins diet linked to life threatening complications.Brit Med Journal.The Lancet.ketoacidosis.Tele 18.3.06.


913)Infants,breast fed are less likely to be overweight as adolescents.Journal.Epidemiology.


914)Deficiency in sunshine leads to vitamin D deficiency.Rate of deficiencies,’mind boggling’.Dr Ken Sikaris,Melb Pathology director.Vit D helps calcium absorption.Women who were vit D deficient passed it on to their kids.SH 9.12.07.


915)250 million years ago a 50 klm diameter meteor hit Antartica and broke up Gondowandiland.Australia was born,as well as Africa and others.Ohio State Uni scientists found the crater.Proff von Frees and Laramie Potts.SH 4.6.06.


916)USA had 5 million bee colonies.Now they have about 2.5 million,due to varroa bee disease.SH 29.11.09.Its in Europe too.I think AR of varroa is emanator of AR.


917)Women have an 80% increased risk of diabetes if they consume one drink each day that contains sugar.USA research.SH 30.4.06.


918)1 in 8 workers in Australia testing positive for drugs,at work.Articles file.


919)Young ice users have shrunken brains of age 70s.DanielFatovich,Australian College for emergency medicine.SH 23.11.08.


920)Atkins diet makes you moody and bad dreams.Serious short term impact on well being.Uni of Sydney.Tele 6.10.06.


921)Beliveau and Gingrass,Uni of Quebec,say,raw fruit in diet is best to stop cancers.CM21.11.06.


922) Police said 75% of police is alcohol related.You can give up alcohol on AR diet with supplments.


923)To get a woman, eat some parsley for a few days.Wait a few is petrezseyem in Hungarian,like pet.Angol Magyar Útiszótár,Magyar Angol.Dictionary.Akadémiai Kiado,9th edition.


924)Formal wear.Formal is like four;Four is important in ungas revelations.People wear formal wear as subconscious of un.Reminder, wedding of Duke and Duches of Cambridge,to whom I posted a leaflet of AR diet,30.4.11.To William I had posted once before.


925)What I hear innerly is essence.Most do not even know their telepathy said it.


926)Sometimes newspapers don’t give references of researchers.In one case I rang the newspaper.They said ring AAP.AAP said to ring the newspaper.


927)I posted the 1995 edition of Paradise to Princess Dianne and Paradise video,2001 to Duke of Edinburough for the english queen.Pricess Diane thought as she was the Chosen One, she would not tell AR diet.Later a car,make is Un,like the Ungas, hit her taxi, and she died.God and Mother Nature work in this way, and I only interpret.Also posted AR leaflet once or twice to Prince Charles,about 2006 and 8.

Just like famous PM of Australia, H.Holt was used to highlight re ‘do not eat insects’.


928)Herpes is in farmed oysters.SBS TV;Thalassa.1.5.11


929)Alcohol causes more than 6,000 cancer cases a year.Radia 2.5.11.Australia.


930)Vitamin D pill to treat prostrate cancer.Brit Scientists.SH 28.1.07.


931)Users of Ecstasy have lower verbal memory.SH 10.6.07.


932)Numerous fruits and vegies are pollinated by bees.Mysterious disease threatens our bees.Could be varoa.SH.20.5.07.


933)Normal to fart 10 times a day or burp.ST 8.7.07.Baked beans good for heart.Anyone who eats large amounts of fruit,vegs or high fibre foods is likely to fart or burp.


934)Deserts in Nigeria swallows up 3500 sq.klm of farming land a year.Many move to cities.ST 22.10.08.


935)Southern Ocean less ability to soak up emissions.Corinne Le Quere.Brit Antartic Survey.SMH 18.5.07.


936)I hear telepathy of AG who is deceased at about age 82,similar,saying to me,’you’re not the leader’.He should read the internet,long form, 1st 4 pages as to why my parents died.without prejudice.






The volcano, Kilauea, in Hawai, has been active from 1983, to 2003 and is still flowing in 2003. The FeFrunark or Paradise revelations came out from 1989.’Ki’ means ‘out or who ’in Hungarian and the Ungas goes OUT from oneself (picture from Sun Herald newspaper of 19 Jan 2003.By B.J.Reyes). This is a God and Mother Nature proof of FeFrunark or Paradise Revelations. Read the 10/4 proofs, the 11/6 proofs, item 123 and 127, 130,




It could be April 2004,if Paradise video, available from TVD Broadcasting, 02 9906 5333, in Crows Nest of Sydney,NSW,Australia;or from author  0457 11 55 85,email

If not shown, before then.



There, they had people alive,who could put it out.After ATOMIC ATTACKS, there would not be people to put it out.

If a WORLD COMMISSION, could be set up,that one person of 2 families is always living underground,10 metres, where there is an atomic reactor for electricity,at least he or she would survive holocaust and be there to turn off the nuclear reactors until a FULL maintenance crew was on hand.He would have to be taught how to do this.

The 10/4 irrefutable proofs to FeFrunark


1983 started the Kilauea volcano and has erupted ever since to 2003 and continuing.

1973 my father died.

1993 came the ar revelations.

2003 this volcano was revealed to me.

1963 I went overseas from Australia

1953 may have been the csak/chuck story, item 100 of Frunark.Long form.

1943 was my brothers bum trick as I had not Ungas, rear, and revelations.Just seeing;not pushing in.My age 2;his age 4.


The 4’s

4x4 or 16 yrs before 1983 I was married in 1967.

4 years before 1983, I was divorced, 1979. The stronger emenations of UNGARN helped to bring Ungas revelation in 1989, which is 10 years after divorce as when one dislikes another, like in divorces, inner emenations to the other, are stronger.

1955 or 7x4, I think was the Goosens Affair, before 1983.

1951 or 8x4, before 1983 was the Arpasy Affair.Necessary AR emenations.

1947 or 9x4 before 1983, we left Hungary for Switzerland.

1995 or 3x4 after 1983, I think is when Gabor Ujlaki died, and came the kneel to brook revelation.

SZ’s soul says he was waiting for stronger proofs of non-use of timber.


These prove, without a shadow of doubt, 2 things.

One is that it was MY LIFE that God chose to use to GET TO Frunark revelations.

There were also black cat, snake (kijo) and chicken incidents, ALL LEAD to Frunark revelations in my youth.

There came a Bush,USA President, after my old man’s death (1973). There came another Bush after my mum’s death (1994). Busulni means to ‘grieve’ in Hungarian. So the grievers SHOULD tell Frunark to world. The ‘tails’ if one can use this word. As a monkey has a tail and a rat has a tail, in Chinese astrology, dad was a monkey and mum was a rat.


The deadline for atomic wars, if frunark is not told by 2005. Only Frunark, Paradise Revelations, on TV, daily, CAN avert atomic wars. 2005 is twice 11 years from 2003, Kilauea Volcano.


There are also the 11 year periods after 1983, mum died in 1994, which is 11 years after Kilauea, 1983, because I had written, AR Revelations down but it was not in practice. 3 months after mum died AR came into practice for me, therefore 2x11 years after 1983. If her ‘griever’ Bush, has not told Frunark by 2005, he will die, probably atomic attacks.He did not die to July 2013. After dad died came Un revelations. After mum died came AR into practice. After Gabor died (6 year periods from 1983), came kneel to brook revelations.  After SZ died (6 yr periods from 1983), came stronger non use of timber and its after effects.

938)I had many emanators before the revelations.Emanators, in this sense, are those who had argument and inner emanations are stronger when that occurs.One had surname starting with AR,(Arpasy), and another has an in name, like anus, refer rear gas,Janet.There was also a P, who lived in Sexton St, so emanations of sex, like AR grows the sex.Sexton galaxy is a dwarf galaxy, I think I read.All were sent AR revelations.

Germans were Dorians before and ex, divorce, 1979,born in germany to a Hungarian Liz.Ungarn is Hungarian in german and has un and ar in it.She was sent all books and 2001 video,and son was sent 2009 video.

939)AR fills up the backlog in one that is depleted from eating cooked food,first.Then it grows brain and beauty.But peoples faces are better already a few days after learning of AR.Telepathy reminder of RF who has 2 books on AR.Also was thinking of S who resembles ARpasy,and who I told my Hungarian name to, when reminder re more beautifucl face on AR.

You don’t just try this diet and cease.You have to keep on it to fill up innerly.

I  gave a copy of the book to Tenterfield police on approx. 2 May 2011.Its no good to just scan it and bin it.You have to take the time to read it.

I gave the 2 page leaflet, like the back page, expanded, to Tenterfield, NSW, magistrate, asking him to give criminals a chance.AR diet brings brain to a high all day,like drugs, but not a surge, and give all criminals a copy of the leaflet.I asked Tenterfield Police to do the same.

It is a criminal offence, in God and Mother Nature’s book, to report a possible drug user to police, without first offering AR diet, which one had been told of before.

It is a criminal offence by judges and magistrates to not offer AR diet leaflet to all criminals.

I emailed Silverwater jail,NSW with 2 page AR leaflet,approx.3.5.11.And Vilawood detention center,same day.


940)Moderate consumption of cabernet sauvignon may reduce risk of alzheimer’s.Mt Sinai School of Med.Tele 1.10.06.

941)Anzac day holiday,26th April,2011, NSW, on dirt road,Mt Lindsay Rd, car lost traction and hit gutter and turned over.

Telepathy of tow truck driver, next day, saying it was a man who has a spirit in him that flies out at night and gets up people’s bum.This man’s wife is in a nursing home,with alzheimers.he had 2 jobs while working.Worked himself out.He is innerly depleted.He has one-upmanship on me.I think he has a mild case of alzheimer’s too, as I forget things, as he lives near, since he came, as if his hahn influences me.without prejudice.I have driven hundreds of klms on dirt road and never any problem.I was in traffic;Other cars were travelling at same speed.Tyres on my car are excellent.This man was upset with me, as he had pulled hahn and I had exposed it and got it back,and also he might think accident appeases others who think I hurt them.The 1/10th brain way of doing things.It was definitely a spirit that caused the car to lose traction.I am ok.My passenger said I was driving well.This chap refused AR book,and I cannot talk to him, so strong is his inner opposition;to 3.5.11.

Light from sky, which has come, indicating , in past every few months, pointed to this chap’s flat.It is a light of about 1 second duration, from the archangels, as spirits.

942)More than 1.5 million Australians(population 22 million in 2011), have type 2 diabetes. For people aged 65 or over this more than trebeled between 1995 and 2004-5.SH 17.12.06.

943)2 glasses of wine a day can raise risk of breast cancer by more than half.Uni of Chicago.Beer slightly worse than wine.Tele 15.4.08

944) Food standards found 16% of domestic fish,17% of imported fish have malachite green fungicide.Swordfish contain mercury at levels that harm small kids and pregnant women.SH 26.10.08.

945)Rising CO2 levels in sea water affects sense of smell of fish.Tele 6.2.09.

946)Memory lapses in elderly may be linked to sugar levels.SH 14.6.09.

947)Fatty diet.Too much alcohol and not enough exercise can increase risk of bowel cancer.

948) Alcohol relates to death of 1 in 7 young people.Nat.Drug Research Inst.SH 25.10.09.

949)Eat what you like but put in 4 to 6 bananas with peel a day.8 fruits a day is good.

I eat cooked vegies,1 egg or so a week,milk  in tea and coffee,a bread bun a day,until I have my own orchard of bananas and paw paws,if ever.

950)To use AR diet is 2nd heading came from RF,who has 2 free books on AR.

951)Sickness can be latent for 8 years before surfacing.World Health Organisation,in Victoras Kulvinskas’ book.

952)The alternative to drugs and alcohol, as 3rd heading came as I was about to post to Tenterfield Police.

953)In 1996, I posted Paradise, 1995 edition, to a Mr Chin of an accounting firm I had worked for.I am Honors Accountant.He rejected it and about a week or so later, a king wave took the life of another Mr.Chin.

954)If anyone speaks the language of the dead,please email me at,to order off the evil spirit.I think it’s a device to keep my brain in highest, as it says ‘death’,only I can hear and fear  makes my brain in highest.

955) I am eating like a horse due to new neighbour is depleted.His aura affects me.

956)Daniel M Sheehan,Daniel R Doerge,Dockets Management Branch; Food and drug administration,Rockville 20852.

Inhibitors of thyroid peroxidise.

Vascular dementia and brain atrophy from tofu;soya.Nexus,oct-nov 2000;white et all 1996.

957)Heather and Jarrad Reubens; banana cream is good for skin; lindtar excemia cure; S/H 10.july 94;told by Piet Meyer.

958)Earth 90,000 years ice ages;then 10,000 years without;present 10,000 years us up.Courier Mail;Andrew Kenny.

959) Bronze disc-partially covered with gold leaf;symbolising sun drawn by horse ;on wheels;Opp is large horrn of Gallelus;Brit Museum;Sun in Nat Museum  Copenhagen.M.Hetier.Emanations?

960)Fresh fruit to kids;after 6 months;skin infections reduced to nil;hearing loss improved by 1/3rd;Dr Ray Jones;Bulgarr Ngaru Aboriginal Medical Corp;discovered  every child had a vitamin deficieny and iron;

1 in 4 had skin infections;

1 in 2 had middle ear disease.

960)142,000 sq klms forests destroyed a year and 150,000 sq klms grossly depleted.Equal to area of UK.Is this transforming inhibitors of planet?CO2,methane(from cows),nitrous oxide(from synthetic fertilisers) and CFCs contribute to global warming.SH 22 Jan 06.Mars had glaciers once.

961)Ice is melting early july instead of late july.Nat Geo Magazine.Article John L.Elliot,Dec 2005.Bears have to wait longer to get seals.

962) cement only bricks bring wheel chair cases in old age.Told Hutchinson,builder.

What happened, is I sued my brother in 2001, for payout from job I had got him via Alan Bond.Judge Dent 1st said, ‘a normal brother(and by inference, a normal sister in law, as I sued both him and his then wife), would pay you’.Then, due to a spirit his solicitor had brought into the court room, the judge changed his mind and ordered against me.The understand is, what I had to have the emanations of the house, the ‘den’,like Dent, re the cement only bricks after effects and also re trees, used as wood.When I had this, I wrote Dent to relist and pay me.He did not.

A caravan park owner had cement render buildings.His nephew had ills.

963)60-70% have kids.Cost of domestic violence is $8 billion a year.Queensland.

963) 600,000 kids live in homes where there is abuse.Australia.1 in 4 women live in domestic violence.

964)in 1850 there were 150 glaciers in Montana.2007,27 left.Article of John McKief.Sun Tele.3 June,07.


965)Copper affects sperm and kids.Met a copper miner getting medicines for his friend with diaphragm probs.I felt the tarnish in chest from copper bracelet.Gave it back.

966)Yangze river of china supplies 40% of china factories.It is at lowest in 142 years,in 2008.SMH,Jan 2008.

967) A Z,Liz, look alike,associats to Queen Liz in telepathy,they know my thoughts so well, she tried a con at restaurant-take away,to try to stop someone helping me.I whistled for her;all hers is ofset.They say,in telepathy,’we are all going to die and we will have Eliz as Queen again in 2 or 4 million years.’They don’t give a damn about the human suffering without AR diet.These sorts innerly sue me if I know someone has used drugs or cheated on tax dept ,but they won’t tell AR diet, the cure for drugs and cheating.


968)reminder to put into a leaflet on AR, the bit about school girls get period pain, from a pie shop, food.They have a free GWDAL leaflet.

I get thoughts from food.Even,sometimes, from eating a nut.


969)Zoe Plankton is Greatly down in ocean off California;less color in coral in caribean sea farms;dust increase in sahara causes coral of caribean to die;lake Chad is 1/20th of former;Africa.90%  of world’s large fish are lost.

 Probably from video, Strange Places on Planet on Earth, the video, shown on ABC TV,Australia, and available from Amazon.

970)Natural disasters up by 40% in 2 years from 2004.The International Federation of Red Cross Societies.World Disaster Report.Agent France-Presse.

971)Since 1981 the Southern Ocean’s ability to soak up CO2 has reduced by 15%.Corinne Le Quere of Brit.Antartic Survey.

972)Soil replenishes from dust falling in air,every 5 years.Maybe read this in The Secret Life of Plants .

973)Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth in England to USA,at start of populating USA.Has mouth,like one Says via mouth,like sa of musa,is banana.

974)Sydney Harbour prawns banned.SH Dec 05.

975)China has 7 rivers in north that are polluted.Readers Digest.One city is sinking due to bore water.Dust clouds in Beijing 2 months a year.

976) The end of the ice age was triggered by orbital variations which increased temp but CO2 amplified the size of temperature variations by 10;from antartic core ice data back 430,000 yrs.and taking in 4 ice ages.

977)Too much sexing produces loss of eyesight;legs;prostrate.An article.

978)China,3,000 sq klms of new desert each year.Dust clouds in Beijing so bad planes can’t land some days.

979)CO2 before industrial revolution was 280 parts per million.Today its 350 ppm,building at 2 ppm per year.Temp rises of 2-5 degrees C(3.6-9 degreesF).

980)1 molecule of methane traps 27 times as much of sun’s warmth as does CO2.

10 trillion tones of methane;CH4(maybe should be CO2,mispelt) in tundras and beneath sea in continental margin.As tundras melt,may be doomsday machine.

CFC12 retains 10,000 times more heat than CO2.

981)For every mile on road,the average American car pollutes 1 pound of CO2 into sky;gasoline powered.Nat Geo,March 09.Peter Miller.Photos,Tyrone Turner.

The Average gasoline powered lawn mower pollutes as much as 11 cars.A ride on mower,24 cars.Buildings electricity use 38% of emissions.Transport,34% of emissions.

Paradise Revelations is the new Bible, the new Koran, the new Vedas, new Torah and such.

By the bie is like un.Vedas has as,like arse;rear gas.Ungas is also torn,or marred, greated,buffed.The jewish bibble, The Torah,is like un.Budhhist ;Ungas is like buds from one.Emanations of Un.

All past religions were started by the alians.

All these religions rely on faith. In AR diet, everything is proven, either scientifically or logically.


983)Marshall Arts;Ungas is made by, emanations of un.Reminder,A,who has free GWDAL leaflets.

984)One out of about every 3 people has a hole or tunnel between the 2 upper chambers of the heart that did not seal properly in infancy.Partially Mayo clinic.From article of Steven Rochlitz,PhD in Nexus Magazine,April-May 2011.


985) One study showed that drinking 350ml of tart cherry juice twice a day reduced muscle pain.Fresh or canned tart cherries are also helpful.From Readers Digest,May 2011.


986)Re Melanoma cancer.The drug PLX4032,shrank tumours in 81% of advanced melanoma patients.Associate Proff Grant McArthur,from the Peter MacCallum cancer Center,in Melbourne.In Readers Digest,May 2011.


987) I think Dr Howell lived to age 95.On enzymes in food and probably supplements.


988)There are urine samples for enzymes; Enzyme Nutrition.


989)The Harris diet, I do not know much of,but it contains meat;meat causes cancers.

990)To D.C.,
Time travelers of our Future,by Bruce Goldberg,has details of people being abducted,worked on, by RTs and returned to earth,and they only remember under hypnosis.
Mysteries of the Unexplained of Readers Digest has some re aliens.
I travelled for 14 years getting more bits of infos to my book,wherever I stopped.
There are Yardangs, rock mountains,and the word for walk in Hungarian is jar(acute on a),said like Yar of Yardangs.6-8 proofs up to over 312 proofs.
The Cosmic conspiracy of Stan Deyo has space ships in it.
I know a Mr Imre Csicsaki(now deceased),whose father was a sea captain,and he wrote on Mu.Imre has a brother,Janos, John used mainly in english,who might know if any of his father's writings were publihed.Janos lives in Sydney,maybe in the phone book,or maybe the Hungarian House in Punchbowl, can help locate him.Maybe in Hungary,where they come from.Imre had no facial hair growth at all.
Mu was one of 3 continents.Lemuria above it and Hiva,below it.Is what came to me.I know the leader of Hiva,as a reborn man.Hiv means to call,like phone,in Hungarian call,andDominico,loved to get phone calls when rent was due.I was a tenant in his hotel.
The 24,000 years ago Lemurdia sinking I got from The Lemurdia Society book,The Sun is Rising.It is writtings from the Akashic records.
Tsar Nicholas was assassinated in Russia,(4 million years later)because Nico would not use his $2 million, to tell about Un and AR.He is a bit look alike to my Father.
There are Roman pillars at the unground level of a metro station in Budapest.The Romans called the place,where Budapest is today, Aquincum,I was told.
Dave Philip's book,New Dimensions in health, from Soil to Psyche,reminds me of T in blood,relates to what one did as toilet,connects,in telepathy,to thoughts man has few days later or so.
Hitler also assasinated 10 million dark people,as some of them rejected Un and AR in previous 4 million year period.Hitler did not know this.He just thought of pure Arian race.
regards, Les Paul

991)) There are a lot of other bits and pieces on the WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM, and more in uncollated notes I have; but this tells you the situation; If I had the experts  in computers by me, I could put in a LOT of pictures; as it is, I have to present it this way.

992)Inner Argument before AR revelations came,was with a Tom .Tomato is paradiscom in Hungarian,and the same word is used for paradise,which is AR and Un knowledge.So, emanations from a Tom was.

993)After massive doses of enzymes, to cure something,revert back to 1 combination enzyme capsule a day.As fruit loses enzymes in transport.

994)I was preparing to take a copy of AR diet to police, Tenterfield,NSW,when I wrote into front page,’Alternative to drugs and alcohol’.

995)My brother helped type in corrections to this edition.But he owes me more than that

996)Plants feel and metals feel.All appliances have a soul and can feel.

997)Emanations of pill,or to take multi mineral-vitamin tablets,came from a chap who has pill in name around 1994 and and in 2006 from a doctor,Pilgrim,(pill in name).

998)Met a chap,who did not like bananas.We found it was something he did in childhood.

Met a chap  who did not like bananas.Told him it must be something to with his past.He needs a hypnotist.I gave him, free, a copy of the AR diet book.After 3-4 days he gave it back.He did not give any money for the book, so giving it back,I don’t owe him anything.His legs are bad and if he got onto AR diet,in 6 months,I think, he would be walking properly again.

999)AR diet  telling is via a teaching.It is not a religion,or church.

1,000)Its AR diet or Argument.If someone says he can’t eat bananas,the procedure is to find the cause in his/her youth..One commences with saying,if he had argument in past;Its AR diet,brings brain to highest,or Argument. AR diet or argument.Argument is divorce,or wAR.

1,001)A Satanist can’t

 get out of a circle drawn on the ground,around him.This is written in Metings with Remarkable Men of G.I.Gurdjieff.Pan published.Satan is dead,as at June 2011.

1002)All informations were given to me.Either a spirit whispering or other means.

1003)If one marries a widow,one gets itchy nose and also ones family gets it.Inner reminder from voice of a police woman.

1004)Lenin was also known as Oulianof.He was cut by a sword of a dragoon.This left a scar.Emanations of ar in scar.Reminder, a policeman in telepathy of Tenterfield,NSW.

1005)Sometimes one needs a knife to cut banana peel.


1006)AR diet brings brain to 100%.But it takes 6 years at least as first the lack of good nutrients in ones body,like to bones, has to be filled up.

1007)People on AR for 6 years would not do low quality things.No criminal things.

One has a same life as 4 or 2 milion years ago, if one rejects AR diet in this life.Reminder in telepathy;Tenterfield police;who were given a free AR diet book,some months befor.

It is useless to ‘try AR diet for a  few days and then no more.’The full nutrients one needs every day for the rest of one’slife.

1008)There are people  from planet June and Hilda(which were blown up in a  space ship fight 22,000 years ago),living on earth.Their souls flew here.June and Hilda were between Jupiter and Mars.

Some built buildings and would like to rule.

One was working in registrar of Sydney probate in 1994.

1009)Most Taxi drivers in Sydney were a king in a past life.Reminder in telepathy,Tenterfield Police.They were given plenty of AR leaflets in the past.

1010)Emotions,feelings build up over 6-12 years of AR diet.Change criminal feeling to loving feelings.

1st the back log in one,like in bones,has to be filed up with FULL nutrients.Mental telepathy help to write this down;Commander Skipio,Police chief.

1011)Banana peel needs 5 to 10 minutes,after gassing,before one eats.

Only the steam of urine and rear gas.Not to wee on banana peel.Remember in telepathy to write this down ,P.G.

1012)One could live to 1,000 years if on AR diet from birth.

1013)This knowledge takes 2 weeks to go through brain.

1014)Billionaires ,who did orgies,some find it hard to walk .One chap has free AR book.

I think banana with peel  and Ungases would help cure the legs.

1015)I get thoughts from food.

1016)Drunks(more than 5 glasses of beer a day),and possibly those on drugs,maybe do not understand this knowledge.

1017)While still on cooked veggies,rinse in cold water,noodles.This gives some enzymes to the nodles after cooking.Mr Chan.There are Chans noodles,reminder.I sent Chan free AR leaflet,some years ago.

1018)Protein from nuts until own banana orchard.

1019)Light to sex organs,1/2 hour a day, is good.

1020)There is the Johana Brand grape cure for cancer.One eats nothing but grapes for 6 weeks.Also a lot of sunshine.But its not the RIGHT way as her publisher,Ehret,fell over backwards in New York, and died.

But this is an indication of nothing but bananas with peel, for 6 weeks, could cure cancer.It might take longer.

1021)Pot bellied people don’t seem to understand AR diet.I only met one to  three, to date of writing.One in Brewarrina RSL.

1022)Aliens in space ships, have acted as security to me since 1989.They read all I write from orbit.

1023)Famous vegetarians.Carmelite Nubs.Annie Besant;Theosophis Founder.George Bernard Shaw.Hitler.Leonardo Da Vinci.Leo Tolstoy.Voltaire.Sir Isaac Pitman.Dr Albert Schweitzer.Ralph Waldo Emerson.Benjamin Franklin.Reverend Sylvester Graham of Presbytarians.Charles Wesley,Co-founder of Methodism,which is partly Uniting Church today.The 7th Day Adventist church.The Trapist Monks.

1024) The longer chin is a result  of a big lack of Enzymes,vitamis,minerals,protein, in diet.

1025)At the time of the Un revelation, I had a tenant whose surname has ROO in it.A kangaroo,looks like an ARC in hoping and in feeding.Ungas goes in an arc.At least, urination goes in an arc.This tenant ,on cheque days,would get drunk and sometimes raise his arms and say’I am God’.Or’do you accept me as God?’So, due to the emanations,which are stronger if argument,subconsciously this chap helped by emanations of ROO.His Father has a pot belly.At least the one time I saw him he had a pot belly.

And I had a cat when UN revelation came;also when AR came.The ROO chap was not tenant when AR revelation came.


1026)The 7th Day Adventists are vegetarians.


1027)Aborigines of country(not city),said(in telepathy) they would kill a man who is with a widow.City aborigines said(in telepathy),they ask for $50 a week from man.Maybe they steal all his furniture,but not if they get the $50 a week.They,the City aborigines,would not kill such a man.

I ask,what is the difference between a divorced woman,and a widow.They allow mary a divorced.Sure,there is the itchi nose from widow,but can’t that be cleaned out by the widow saying or writing,’I divorce thee’,the ‘thee’, meaning the husband,while alive.Its AR diet or Argument.The widow may or may not have had inner argument.Or her hubby did something in life for which he paid by dying.Some city aborigines sleep with widows,came in telepathy.

1028) 8 pieces of fruit a day,is what I recommend.Only 1 citrus in that 8,because bees do not like the pollen of orange trees.Also, Gurdjieff, in his travels, found a completely deserted orange grove in his travels.Of the the 8,at least 4 bananas with peel.Better if 6.

1029)I interpreted and mailed, to Rockerfeller, his name,in 1998,when I was in Chicago.

His name means ‘to row,what fell from ‘cur’,like ker,like cur means penis, futher’.  Ro like row.he did not pay, yet, for this.I posted to him a shortened version of Un and AR about 2007.I think its David Rockerfeller.This is WHY, he dominated the oil and petrol industry.Emanations of Un.God and Mother Nature works in such ways.

1030)Like the Ford car company is the largest single motor company in the world.Emanations of FOR,like Four.Ford.The 4 being important in Ungas revelations because urination goes in an arc.Arc is iv in Hungarian(thanks for this word to Attila and Roland),and 1V is 4 in roman.I speak Hungarian but did not know this word.


1031)I am perfectly  innocent.Proofs are in Gympie,Australia, was a taipan snake about 4 metres from tent,which had door wide open all night.About 2003.The snake did not try to enter.

About 1985 I slept with open door in Mackay,Queensland.I was told sometimes crocodiles visit ,from sea,that area.No croc came to eat me.There are salt water crocodiles and fresh water crocodiles.

1032)Sex position.I says only the ‘missionary’position.That is man on top,woman underneath.

No anal sex and no oral sex.

These last 2,are ‘kinki’ sex and those who use them are really ,subconsciously,,as ‘ki’ means out(or who),in Hungarian and the Ungas goes OUT from one,so a trying to get to Ungas lifestyle.




1)Planetary pertunbations are due in December 2012;last for 5 months;this is the Orion prophesy.Did not come in dec 2012.They said, will clear out with atomic wars.

They only come because everyone does not know ungas diet.

The 4 is important in ungas revelations; as it is the steam of urine.

Urination goes in an arc;an arc is iv in Hungarian.1V is 4 in roman.

12,000 years ago continent MU sank in planetary perbutions.It had 64 milion people on it; 64 is 4x4x4,and so this is the proof that the 12,000 year planetary pertubations are due to non knowledge of ungas diet.Also Atlantis sank 12,000 years ago in planetary pertunations;and Lemuria, as big as australia, in pacific ocean ,sank 24,000 years ago.Mu was in pacific ocean, as big as australia.




2)Proofs that we were here in previous epochs ;there are many at the back of the long form of WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM.

FROM  Time Travellers of our future by Bruce Goldberg,page 194. From Forbidden Archeology:The Hidden History of the Human Race,by Michael Cremo and Richard L.Thompson.Bhaktivedanta Book Pub.Inc 1993.

They found artifacts made millions of years ago.


The alien, Yahweh, found the previous alian leader of 4 million years ago,reborn as a cripple.He recreated him and this alian leader of 4 million years ago told  that approximately 6 years after the planetary pertubations,came a blackness CAME and everyone died.So, this time it would be 2019.

Its all because of non ar diet in practice.


Yahweh found  over 44 past alien leaders reborn as cripples  for not telling AR diet to this planet.They had been alien leaders in 4 million years epochs.

Ar diet is eating bananas with peel and ungas preparation.Ungasses are steam of urine and rear gas.


Where the emanations of God and Mother Nature’s Will are explained,like Pangea,a one land mass of the planet, broke up into Gondowandiland and Laurentia about 350 million years ago. Steam of urine is ‘gone’ from one(Gondowandiland),and ren of Laurentia means rain in aborigine.Ar diet with ungas preparation brings rain as it grows the male penis over 12 years,bringing tears of joy to woman,bringing rain of joy.There are 312 plus proofs of AR diet.

Les Paul

I have no publisher and if someone has the desire and resources to tell all peoples,please let me know.

Everyone on a cooked food,booze diet is on a 1/10th brain only.All life,inventions,legals,clergy,actors,businessnes,presidents,kings,queens,are all on a 1/10th brain on cooked food booze diet.

Everyone on a cooked food,booze diet is on a 1/10th brain only .Specially emotions on 1/10th,due to lack of full enzymes,vitamins,minerals,proteins,leads to arguments,divorces.


All life,inventions,legals,clergy,actors,businessnes,presidents,kings,quens,are all on a 1/10th brain on cooked food booze diet.


The fact that urine is not offensive,is proven by 2 books on urine.The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon, and The Water of Life, by, I think, Armstrong.Thousands of people drink their own urine to cure ills,like cancer.The Golden Fountain,says over 20,000 inTaiwan.Some in Australia.One woman prayed to God for a cure for cancer,and the next day someone offered her a copy of The Water of Life.

Ungasses are only the steam of urine.I did not drink urine.AS a last resort, to get sperm flow back,I drank own urine.It seems to be working,slowly.Some nasty people put a s[pell on my sperm flow.


2.2million in Australia are on the poverty line,said the radio on 27 March 2011.They could all be growing their own bananas,and eating with peel and ungas preparation.which grow up in 18 months.

Originally bananas had seeds as big as a finger nail,on small finger. I think someone grafted the seeds out.Seeds  are still available in Papua New Guinea and the Canary Islands.


3 psychologists have read the leaflet,which is the 1st 3 pages of this book, and they all okayed it.


All NSW supreme court,and district court judges.All Australian High Court judges,and some magistrates have been sent AR diet with Ungas preparation, in a previous leaflet,and none objected.


The TV said 90% of the large fish in the oceans have been fished out.


All crime is lack of full nutrients.The 1/10th brain.Enzymes die in cooked.If all prisons taught AR diet and provided the bananas and string bag,it would reduce crime a lot.


AR diet cures all illnesses, over a period of time.6 bananas a day with peel and ungas preparation.

Pith of peel is emotion related.David Philips of New Dimensions in Health.


The ash clouds over London,may 2010,were because an Ashleigh,would not pay in court case;queen Elizabeth influences judges against.My car was stolen and torched to make me wake up to this,that the ash clouds over London were caused by Ashleigh not paying.


Queen Elizabeth rang chief judge of High Court of Australia in 2000,to ignore my claim on AB(I told him to change skippers or he could not win the yacht race in 1982.The Aliens told me the queen rang the judge.


I still eat cooked vegies,eggs,chese;no meat or fish since 1985.


Over 13,000 copies of the book, in various editions were given out;over 4,000 4 page leaflets.


The Un and AR are revelations.Un in 1989.AR in 1993.


I have not had a cold in 10 years at least,on this diet.

4 to 6 bananas a day(Cavendish) with peel and ungas preparation,should be eaten daily.Other than that, eat what you like.


This diet leads to health.Cooked food booze diet,led to alzheimers disease for wife of my new neighbour.Yet he is too old to read this.He read the 4 page leaflet,that is same as 1st 3 pages of this book.


Many women, I was told, wash their faces with urine, for beauty.


I take a multi vitamin-mineral tablet daily.


All police should have a Refletron machine that tells level of enzymes from 1 drop of blood.


People smell on cooked food-booze diet;under arm.The huge perfume industry attests to this smell.Vagina of woman smells .Sperm is greyish after 40 years on cooked food-booze diet.Maybe if drink lots of booze,sperm could be whitish.But that way it affects liver.Badly.


Giraffes drink the urine of other giraffes.

 Books also referenced.

The Middle East,re Darius.

World Book Encyclopedia

Colliers Encyclopedia


Collins Dictionaries.Tuttle Concise Dictionary.

Banana photo.Free Public Domain Photo sent them an email of AR diet.

Pith of banana and organge are emotion related.

In December 2012 come planetary pertubations;last for 5 months(The Orion Prophesy).They come in 12,000 year cycles and last time 2 continents sank;each as big as Australia.24,000 years ago,I know of one continent that sank, as big as Australia.These planetary pertubations only come if all do not know AR diet.Because Mu had 64 milion people on it,when it sank.64 is 4x4x4,and the 4 is important in Ungas revelations.Orion did not happen in dec 2012.

In 2019, it is proven, we all die,a blackness comes, due to all not knowing AR diet,and that we have lived on this planet many times in past in 2 or 4 million year periods is proven.


 Copyright, László Les Paul.

6 May 2011.Tenterfield, NSW, Australia

Part 2 started 3Nov 2011

When this chap came to be a tenant,I felt strongly to get a crank and crank my car.The car was not made for a crank.It was a Valiant,and stood in the driveway while the UN,AR ,kneel or bow to brook,X method of population control and many other items came to me, for the 1st edition of all this,known as Paradise,or, 1st few were known as ‘It’s the Quality of Sperm and Thought.

It turned out this chap’s mother is an Isabela or such name,and,from The Girls from Esquire, an Isabella D, around 1920s,was a ballet dancer and her chauffer forgot the car was in gear when he got out to crank it.The car fell of the bridge and her 2 children,in the back seat ,drowned.Also,This Isabella got a lift in an open sports car,and she had a long scarf on, which got caught in the back  wheels of the car, and Isabella was strangled to death by the scarf.

For not publishing AR diet,by a D,bad things happened to another D in 2-4 million periods.

ScARf has AR in the word,so,emanations of AR.

The Girls from Esquire: Frederic A.; Steinbeck, John; Fitzgerald, F. Scott; Jones, James; Shaw, Irwin; Gill, Brendan; Dos Passos, John; Ruark, ...I got the Publisher’s names off Amazon.

Probably because a publisher of a magazine is named D,like Isabella D,who would not publish AR diet in his magazine,2 or 4 million years ago.

He and wife Catherine, have rejected many of my emails of AR,not putting it in the magazine.It may not be this Catherine holding out.

There was a Catherine the Great of Russia,around 1500s, and some,not all Catherines,reject AR knowledge, hoping that next 2 or 4 million year period,they can be Catherine the Great,again.

When I was in Hungary in 1998,I tried by sending in the mail, a Hungarian version of Paradise to the Prime Minister and the President,and I found out that one or both had secretaries,Catherines,and these secretaries would not pass on the book to the PM and the President.

I don’t read Hungarian well.I speak Hungarian fairly well.

I know of 3 or more continents that sank in the past.

Lemuria sank 24,000 years ago.It was as big as Australia,in the pacific ocean.

Mu sank 12,000 years ago,in the Pacific Ocean.Planetary pertubations,every 12,000 years.

Atlantis sank in Atlantic Ocean,12,000 years ago.

High voltage wires bring cancer if one lives close to them.

I do not eat mushrooms.They are the houses of fairies.

There were other continents that sank in the past.

Dad had a stray bullet hit his back in 1945.The word stray has RAY in it and ungas is a RAY of oneself.The bullet came from next block;over some houses,hit his back.Hit a bone in his back, that made the bullet go out the other side of his back.

G.I.Gurdjieff had 3 stray bullets hit him in his travels.

Life is Real Only Then, When I Am.Book,Penguin Group USA 1999.


Yaweh said, when he was King(about 6,000 years ago),there were people saying to eat banana with peel and ungasses,and he just shot them.They did not have the proofs that this book has.


So, you get 20-30% Nutrients from cooked,processed  food.You get 100% nutrients on banana with peel and ungases preparation,plus the combination enzyme capsule a day and vitamin-mineral tablets,2, a day.This brings brain up higher to see above arguments.


You can test the level of enzymes in one, with a Refletron machine,or at a pathology office,or a urine test.


One day, in Qld,near to D’s magazine office,a taipan snake made a noise in leaves of rubbish,like compost or mulch.It was a caravan park and the mulch was just outside the fence.My tent was about 3 metres from it,open,but the snake never came at me.

D’s father wrote on Mulch,and so I took the snake in mulch indication to ring Duncan as I had just left him a copy of AR diet at his office.

I fed my cat rabbit meat,raw,but he was run over by a car at age 6.But cats,similar to mine,befriend  me,wherever I go.

My cat used to scratch my lower legs when I was cooking, as if the cat sensed that the emanations of the feelings of the food being cooked,go onto lower leg.


I was in Hungary for 6 months in 1998,and no infos came.

On my way back to Australia, in Chicago,came that Attila the Hun died near the town of Banan.Emanations to his soul of AR diet.Bananas with peel, and Ungases, diet.


Back in Australia, more proofs came to the AR diet book,bringing the number of proofs to over 312.From 6 to 8 proofs.


The value of resting.Sometimes I feel tired,and I rest.Usually at the end of such rest,comes something to remember for the AR book.


One can live to 1,000 years if on AR diet from birth.Dr E.Howell lived to 95.

He did not know AR diet.But emanations of dogs HOWL(like Howell) and dogs wee to trees,like ungas is extra life to banana.

All cops Should be on AR diet to get brain up to 100%.Not 20-40% on booze all day.

All soldiers, navy, air force should be on AR diet.


Homosexuals can’t reach above 95%.They fall after 95%.


Wait 5-10 mins after gassing the banana peel,before eating.One should sit straight,without leaning on back,BUT we have ‘comfortable’,which is kényelmes in Hungarian,and ‘to ken’ is to know..


Frank Owen Ryan,the Chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission,in 1977,who fired me for no reason, had bandy legs.These legs are in an arc.So, emanations of Un,which goes in an ARC.

Also Ryan is like RHINO,which has 2 large horns.Horn is penis in slang.Emanations.


Therefore,as inadvertently,This Commission helped in 1977,and its ASIC today,they should help tell  the Un and AR.I have sent it to them many times but no help was received to Nov 2011.

Also the chairman of Bank of NSW,now Westpac, J.Uhrig,has Uh in the name,like woman,in joy from AR diet penis grown,makes a joy noise,like uh,uh.Emanations


C.B.Benn, a former employer in accountancy was an emanator,as ‘ben’ means IN, in Hungarian and ungas comes from Inside.


Arpasy, a girl of 11, when I was 11, asked me to ‘go for a walk in the woods’,at my age 11, and I would not go.My penis only started to rise at age 14.

As Arpasy was upset with me, she is an emanator of AR.


Having an inner argument  with a Tom,before the revelations,helped,as tomato is paradiscom in Hungarian and same word is used for Paradise.Also, his surname has AR in it.Emanations before the revelations, of AR.Other members of the family,same.AR emanations before the revelations.


J-an-et same. Emanations of an like anus,like fart gas,before the revelations.


Lots of newspapers and magazines rejected AR telling, to Nov 2011.


Grafting,is not right way.One could get a not right partner.Grafting is making a cut on a tree and adding another branch and tying it together.


In colder places,can have a hot house for bananas.It needs opening at the top as Vitamin D from sun,does not pass through glass.I met a chap who grew bananas in London, for 6 years,without a hothouse.Reminder, in telepathy,Tenterfield Police.


2 amino acids are not in fruits and vegies,so,at the start one needs milk and eggs,hoping these have the amino acids,I eat a slice of cheese  daily,and maybe 1 or 2 eggs a week.Probably these 2 would be in fart gas,in gaseus form.Have a bit of meat also,if can’t get rear gas.


One has to stay on AR diet,not just try it.Stay on it  for life.The fuller nutrients have to fill up the backlog in one,first.Fuller nutrients to brain and emanations,eventually, between 6 and 12 years of AR,SEE OVER ARGUMENTS.


Every man who drinks a lot-his wife gets haggard looking skin around age 50.The male takes out of the female,life nutrients,without realizing it.


Telepathy of Tenterfield Magistrate,brought this up again.I had thought it many times


Corruption is lack of full nutrients,of enzymes,vitamins,minerals and proteins.EVMP.In telepathy with Tenterfield police, I remembered this item,had seen it many times before.


The Independent  Commission  Against  Corruption,NSW,would not apply this, Un and AR to their daily practice, NSW.


I sent a small booklet, about 12 pages,about UN and AR to all judges of Supreme Court of NSW,judges of district court of NSW,their secretaries also,Registrars,and some magistrates,in about 2006.All High Court judges and registrars.

I hear that most judges and magistrates take bribes.

Would not AR diet,bananas with peel, fill them up better,maybe not wanting MORE,as Ungasses are MORE life to banana peel.

Not all judges and magistrates take bribes.


I read in papers, one solicitor with 3 hotels and some other venues, put the lot up for sale just after I posted to the judges.Fearing, I think that if AR diet became well known, and I gave up all alcohol in 2007,there would be little sales of alcohols via his hotels.


There are most public servants in Queen Elizabeth rule.They have an aura on their heads, from her.

A good Gardener mulches his/her plants, well.The Natural Magic of Mulch,by Michael Roads,Penguin publisher.

This applies to feeding one’s own body with AR diet,for maximum enzymes,vitamins,minerals and protein.


I left a full copy of this book, up to part 2,with the aboriginal center of Tenterfield,early Nov 2011,and it has in it that Hitler gassed  10,000 dark people.He did not know what made him do this.But it was emanations of gas,like Ungass is a gas, because dark people had rejected AR,UN, 2 or 4 million years ago.


Woman could have a too narrow vagina without AR diet,and this leads to a narrow minded look on life also in deciding to read AR diet book or not.This narrow mindedness would transfer to her man,also.AR grows penis over 12 years.Presumably it grows vagina too.


An old man, but very strong, would not read AR diet book,but he,in a drunken state, banged on a woman’s door and he also urinated on her front door.Doing things the wrong way.He did other things the wrong way.The right was is to educate.Give her a copy of AR diet.



 AR grown vagina might be easer to find.If one has  a big stomach.


Gurdjieff cured an alcoholic with hypnotism.

In Bruce Goldberg’s book,Time Travellers of our Future(Bruce mistook the Extra Terrestrials, or aliens, for Time Travellers.) There are also methods of hypnosis.Gurdjieff just told the patient under hypnosis,that alcohol is terrible.It tastes foul,and that he hates to drink alcohol,to such an extent that the patient got a strong aversion to alcohol,when out of hypnosis.


One should not do sexing in a cart,or car.If you do,you might get thrown into the swimming pool,fully clothed.


One should not lean on back,but the Hungarian word, ‘kényelmes’,means comfy.Ken is slang for ‘to know’,so in getting to the AR ,Un revelations we had ‘comfy’ chairs and such.


I once did it with a woman, but her vagina was too wide for me.It was 1985,pre AR knowledge.She undressed me.AR grown penis would have helped.


I charged a bank for an 8 page lying letter from them to Corporate Affairs Commission in 1977,$4 million dollars, for the lies.I charged ASIC $2 million(where I was working).


Later,in 2010,I remembered again and asked The GM of the bank,K to pay  me.She would not.Nor did ASIC.

I remembered in 1982, I had had a tenant in Perth,K, whose name is same as GM of the Bank.And his story was, he had a defacto girlfriend, who, was argumentative while K drove the car,and he went faster due to the argument.At a corner, defacto’s son fell out the back seat and died.

So, I told the story to K, the GM of the bank and still she would not pay.


Show palm of hand to the dog if a dog is aggressive.

Never had to try this in wild country and some city dogs are so full of their master,this show palm does not stop their barking.Sam G told me of this show palm.


Sit down if a dog wants to attack.This is in one of G.I.Gurdjieff’s books.


About 2002, in Bega,NSW,my father sent a thought to sex a rich older woman,a widow.

I had not thought of such before and while I was thinking it over,one morning, in my tent,I saw a black spider on my ankle.

This convinced me to not sex this woman.The spider did not bite me.


In Perth Western Australia,I had a 3.6 tone truck to do removals.I worked for a steel firm also for a short while,driving their steel truck.

One day, moving a steel girder,on the ground, had I not had quick reflexes, the girder would have moved by others and cut a finger of mine off.Proves I am innocent of all,some strange people used to acuse me of.


AR diet is not a religion.It is a teaching.


A lot of cooked food eaters use con-pull.On AR diet, in 12 years or less one is so full of emotions,felings, one does  not use con-pull at all.


One can forgive criminals if they get on AR diet and stay on it.Saying,’before we did not have AR diet,so had argument.Now,on AR diet, brain grows to not have argument.


‘Marvellous’ was a bit voice thrown, as ungas is thrown from body.1973.AR came in 1993.Un came in 1989.


Brain weights of wild and domesticated.Researchers.Crille and Quiring,Marshall et al,Anton,Howell.

Mouse,wild Ohio,  2.85

Laboratory Mouse 1.34 1.60

Domesticated sheep,.25

Wild Buffalo .11

Wild Impala and Gazelle  0,31

Laboratory Mouse was fed a chow of cooked food.


An older widow,tried to get me to sex with her,before soul of my Dad said to sex her.

I did not sex her.After my dad soul said to sex her,I was thinking,and a black spider appeared on my ankle,but it did not bite.

The black widow spider exists.


All crime is of lower brain.Not AR diet fed.Including judges and magistrates,who take bribes.



I lived in a suburb of Sydney,called Wahroonga.The ROO in that word is emanations of UN.

In  postal address is Wahroonga,also partly is Warawee.Emanations of AR.


I wear shorts in winter as well.Only long pants if it is really cold.Last winter,(2010)in Tenterfield, no  long pants needed.

Pith of peel of banana or orange is emotion related.With more emotion from banana peel,one is a bit warmer.


A kitten offset the hibi jibies from TV screen.Just having the cat around one.

But they came back after a while.

I wore sandals to get more light to feet and ankles,without socks.

Anal sex to get something is the wrong way.



Its AR diet or arguments



Anal sex grows the penis,but it’s the wrong way.

Women sense this and its not as high quality sex than AR diet grown penis.

My view is-Fill up on EVMP,Enzymes,vitamins, minerals,proteins , and you will never be sick.First the back log of inner organs have to be filled up,so 2 years or so on AR diet should  see length of penis increase,with no ills.

In  Meetings wth Remarkable Men, of Gurdjieff,Pan published,is a story.

Man has a wolf,a goat and a cabbage.He arrives at a river.The boat will only carry him and one other of his charges.

The solution is, to go one extra time across.

Take over goat;return.Take over wolf, bring back the goat.

Take over cabbage.

Take over goat.

I am not homosexual, or pedophile,nor did any wrongs to my parents.

The drunk parade almost always, after some time in a village or town,bring out all sorts of lies about me.

Dad’s soul came to my bedroom the night of the Un revelation, and he said ‘this is it’.

One of my tenants,Chen,in Sydney, was Napoleon in a past life.Napoleon disliked cats and his army mostly froze in the russian winter.He was also a pharaoh in a past life.Cats relate to weather.


Greek philosophers, whose names indicate Un or AR.

Plato.Un gas is laid.Plato,la pf Plato.Also to(acute on o), is lake or pudle in Hungarian.


Aristotle, as AR in name.

Homer.Mer is sea in French and sea has fish in it and enzymes are like fish.


Kioszt means to distribute in Hugarian .The Un is distributed from penis and vagina.

Kioszt has oszt in it.So if you are on Ungasses diet, she won’t be bOSSY.It was a chap in Nanango fruit shop, that highlighted this for my interpretation.

Its air bubbles in soft drink have after effects.

Anal sex can be forgiven if go on AR diet.And stop anal sex.

Like the Later Day Saints.

Occasionaly one glass is OK.

I have not eaten meat or fish, voluntarily,since 1985,when I stayed on and was a member of, the 6,000 acre Community Omshalom

Then there was a rule’No meat eating allowed on the property’.

I eat eggs and milk-cheese,until I can get the rear gas to bananas

Before Un and AR revelations, I had 3 women to bed,who are emanators of some part of this book.It was 9 months, 9 months and 9 years.

The 1st emanated back, IR or stone knowledge.Do not take stones in river or those being washed by rain to the river.It is the power of the river and the river has feelings.

The 2nd one is Irish and the Irish elk had the largest horn.They are extinct but she did emanate AR as AR grows the penis, known in slang as the horn.

The 3rd one  is an ungarn.That is the word for Hungarian in the german langueich.Un and AR is in Ungarn.

The 3 sisters of katoomba,rock formations, represent these 3 women.They were 7 or 8, rock formations in  past epochs past.One fell down each epoch that AR was not published.

John of God in Brazil,110 klms from Brazilia, can cure anything.Abadiania.

Cats claws take out hibi jibis,as they scratch one.Invisible to human sight.Like acupuncture.


Other continents that sank.Hannin,near Greece,I think.Siapora and Sindraga.These,are from G.I Gurdjieff’s book.And there are other sunken continets.


There is a book’Sunken Continents,’Published byAdventures Unlimited Press.Author,Karen Muton.

It has many sunken Cities and Continents,among them,Hyperborea and Thule,KerguelenSahul,Spartel,Sundaland,Sundaland,Sahul,.Page 173,Pan sank 24,000 years ago.Hiva in Pacific Ocean.Hiva was once part of this.I once lived in a hotel and HIV means to ring up, in Hungarian,and he loved for me to ring him.Rutas.

Ruth was a country, part of Hungary,once.

I take Mu, Lemuria Hiva and Pan as one continent that broke up.

Crockerland or such name also sank in the past.It was a continent.

An actor in a TV,soap,said, in telepathy,the reason  the tall chap in  that soap TV,started to not like me is because another look alike to my friend ,The golfer ,built a boat out of aluminium,and then went through 2 divorces.

A Texas Uni study says aluminium pots bring alzheimers disease in old age.Emanations of aluminium must also create dislike.

One magistrate is on 4 bananas with peel a day and is drinking half the alcohol he used to.telepathy info.

Raw food eaten gives higher quality sperm,which is white.Cooked food eaten gives lower quality sperm, which is grayish.

The cat, when it scratches human, is trying to get off hibi jibies.

StARvation if no AR style eating.

I was 9 when we came to Australia.The infos re AR were in Australia.I was born in Hungary and spent 2 years in Switzerland before coming to Australia.

I can telepathy talk with animals,trees,grass,and also food gives me thoughts.

Its AR or Argument.If had argument in past but got on AR diet later, all can be forgiven re pasts.Even murder.

Dad’s head broke the cat’s saucer as he fell in 1973;saying it was people in a UFO that killed him.It was also the 10 year build up of Kilauea volcano.Ki means out or who in Hungarian.I was trying to get him the top job,in his field,in Australia.Conductor of muic.At funeral the ABC man said that the 3 top jobs were vacant.

A caterpillar told me in 2006 or so, that extra terrestrials killed my Father.

Its that Kilauea volcano 10 year before,build up.It started to flow in 1983.Dad died in 1973.
Ki means out or who in Hungarian.Ungas goes OUT from one.Emanations of volcano.

Kilauea volcano flows every day since 1983.

Maybe some interpretation came via that ex wife, or JS,real father was an interpreter in germany.Maybe Paul Schmidt,interpreter to Hitler.Emanations stronger when arguement was like divorce.reminder, the grandkids or my daughter,who found the www site I have, and read it.

In my youth was the black cat, konked by a tenant, as it had  worms too many to cure.But Un comes from blackness in people.So emanations of black, were.I did not know worm pills existed,and listened to my elders.

The snake, some school kids asked me to help them kill..Kigyó is snake in Hungarian.Ki is out and who in Hungarian.Emanations of ki,out as ungas goes out from one.

A neighbour asked me to kill a chicken.Cs is like to make in Hungarian and ken of chiken.Ken is to know.So to make ken emanations.Also chicken is poulet in French.Like POO let,like fart gas.

I also sent to german papers and ambassadors of United Nations, and many other,about 2005 or so.

Some girls sex a lot in school.

Its that they get cooked food.No enzymes in it,so they try to fill up via sex.


My Father’s name is Tibor.has bor in it,like Aborigine has bor in it.

I cannot sex an aboriginal woman, as just by thinking of it, I sense-feel my blood.

I have never sexed an aboriginal woman.

For colds,you can get vitamin C tablets, orange flavour;use 4, 1000 mg tablets every 4 hours,until cold has gone.

It is no good to use Vitamin C over long periods.Just a few days could be alright.

Lady Cilento has a book, with the after effects of long use of vitamin C,in it.The Cilento Way, Pitman, 1985.

The Alians have many planets on AR diet.

In Lady Silento’s bok, it speaks of a Cambridge-Summerly(or such names) 30 year study,with a 5 year follow up.Patients NOT on psychiatric did better than patients  under psychiatric treatment.

I think if son sexs mother, the mother,innerly is upset.Same if brother sexes sister, the sister is upset innerly.

The Alians have a machine, which can make any human.A fully grown human comes out of the machine.

A photo or a drop of blood is all that it takes.

The alians have a brain operation to live to 1,000 years.

The body from machine method stops after 50 such.The body is still made by the machine, but no soul or life,comes to it.

Sodom and Gomorah were atom bombed by the alians.

Bandits are because farmers,shopkeepers don’t use AR diet with UnThe Un is like a ‘band’ of one.Like The Magnificent 7 film,bandits stole from farmers.Farmers and shopkeepers must use AR diet.

The Aliens put lots of gold under Tibet.Gold,like what is the goal of life.Tibor, my father, related to gold under Tibet and tried to search for un and AR knowledge

I have some Mongol or Turkish blood in me, as the Mongols and the Turks attacked Hungary in the past.

Soap,lather well ,and water removes hibi jibies,a friend,CV, told me.

50 planets are on AR diet,from me.Taken there by the Extra Terrestrials.

Anal sex does grow the penis but after a while, it grows it too long.The woman feels pain from such and rejects the  man.

StARve or AR diet.

Sometimes whole countries starve,like Ethiopia in the 1970s.

The blackness of 2019, means nothing grows and so all starve.It means starvation to all.

And this has happened many times before in 2 or 4 milion year periods.At least 46 times, according to the number of alian leaders, reborn as cripples, found by Yahweh and me.If not more.

The ‘marvellous’ ,said to my Father in 1973, and he asked it to be repeated,was a beginning word-The Un is made by mARring,(near sex, as one walks, something mars or greats), to get to the un revelation, or we all die again.

12 years later(3x4 yrs)I became a fruit-vegetarian and 4 years(16 years or 4x4 after Dad’s death) after that came the Un revelation.The 4 is important in Un revelations.A spirit whispering ‘Un, Un’.

Maybe AR diet reduces size of penis ,grown too large by anal sex.Provided you stop anal sex.Maybe 12 years of such.I do not know for sure.

My Dad died because an alian from space ship(flying saucer)killed him .It was also a Kilauea volcano emanation.Its 10 years before starting, build up,emanation.Kilauea started in 1983.Dad died in 1973.When I was told of Kilauea in 2003, a numerologist came to me and I got the emanations of the 4 and 10 year periods from Kilauea start.The next week another numerologist came to me and I got the emanations of the 11 and 6 year periods from Kilauea start.Everything of consequence falls into these periods.

Dad’s head broke the cat’s saucer,like flying saucer, as he fell.

In 2006 a caterpillar said alians had killed my Father.

One month after my Dad died, The alian, Yahweh, landed in France to hubby of a Marie-Paul.My Mother was a Mary.He told Claude Vorilhom,Rael, to write a book of what he said.I found this book, later.The Message given to me by extra Terrestrials, they took me to their Planet.I think its freely available in libraries.

Yaweh wanted to establish relations with all planetary leaders and rule.

Attackers or would be attackers could be emanators of some part of this knowledge,like Bonaparte attack was emanating.Bone fish is banana fish.Emanations of banana.

These who have 3 eggs a day for breakfast,can’t seem to get on AR diet.They are EGGoist,saying,’if I am not The Chosen One(TCO),I will not get on AR diet.There are many such people.

In Fiji, in 1800s, natives ate a Missionary,left only his boots.Boot is like boo, like fart gas, emanations.

AR would grow limbs and straighten crooked limbs,over time.Maybe 16 years of AR.

Re Dad.Its the realization method.One dies and in death sees something and emanates it back to me.Gloria Dargin was an emanator.Either of kneel to brook or the X method of contraception.Gabor Ujlaki was the other re these 2.There were many emanators.

Re Yahweh.It started by me pointing out re a cripple and he recreating him and asking him questions.Then I pointed out Cherry St Polio hospital,which had moved,and he found other cripples who were alian leaders and so on.

 AOM Corp published Vorilhon.

It should be 1 egg a week.

5,000 years ago The Hungarians lived above China.They used to attack and steal Chinese women.A tenant, A Chen told me this.Maybe I have some chinese blood in me.

Cement only bricks bring wheel chair cases in old age.

Life span increases a lot if one changes to AR diet.

I don’t eat mushrooms.They are the houses of fairies.

In Improving on Pritikin-You Can do Better, of Ross Horne, Happy Landings Publication, it says, in 1900, before modern medicines ,there were no old Eskimos.They lived on fish.Were healthy and then suddenly they died.

I wear shorts and sandals to get light to my body.Just as LIGHT is beneficial to growing plants, it is beneficial to the body.Of course, not too much,like nude sunbaking.

After finding 46 past alian leaders, reborn as cripples, Yahweh would not tell me how many more he had found.I am sure he did find quite a few more than 46.

Now that my brother eats lots of fish from a glass jar container,I felt,my right chest,upper part, as if  something was wrong.This was after 3 days of close contact, breakfast,lunch and tea.I am sensitive,sometimes.I sensed it only when thinking of the problem.

I wear sandals because it struck me when I saw a Tundi in Budapest letting light to feet.Tundi means something like angel.She has a boyfriend,Tamás and I have a cousin,Tamás in Hungary, who lives on 29 Safrayn St.Banana is Mu-SA.Like SA of Safrayn St.Safrayn also has RAY in it,like un gas is RAY of oneself.There are 2 forms of ungas.Steam of urine and rear gas,like the 2 of 29.Ungas is the unborn in the steam of urine.Emanations of SA-MUSA from Safrayn and of Un from 29..

Wild,like Vadász was the builder of Center Point Tower in Sydney in 1970s.I took a biro with an effigy of the Tower to Tamás in Hungary in 1985.1989 the Un gas revelation started.I met with Vadász a lot in Adelaide in 1962.

What is the Central Point of life.Center Point.Un and AR diet is the central point of life.

The soul remembers-even if there is catastrophe.Its worth publishing.

Before modern medicines reached the Eskimo,he died out early.

ES-KI-MO.Ki means out or who in Hungarian.The Ungas goes OUT from one. Eskimo can be said like the ESSENCE of what goes goes out.The Ungas.

My giving 2 spirit hepers to my brother at his 1st wedding, and when the wife argued, some months or years later, I took back one, Is like ungas in reverse.When you do not have ungas lifestyle, you have such arguments.

The original gift was about 1969.

In Search of the Miraculous of PD Ouspensky,Routledge and Kegan Paul published, is like a Search for the Ungas.The Miraculous is the Ungas.

My wife, having 2 abortions in 1970s was like un.The Un is the unborn in the steam of urine.An abortion is like an unborn.

Some harassment  I had to write the above 3 items.

The Zs’ poodles.I went to their place,on day the wife left in 1979,and they were not home,so I circled their house twice,in my Combi.

When Z. came home, Steve chocked to death their 2 poodles, hoping to blame me.This is like the poodles because UNBORN,like the Un.

RM had a heart attack,few years ago, but now he is on the AR diet.RM looks like Hanibal who was defeated by the Romans in 200BC.The Romans were Latins and Etrrascans,and Paul, my name is a latin name.Although RM is part of our larger family,he had this problem.

It took a heart attack to get him on AR diet.

There is an aboriginal near Tenterfield, who eats 5 eggs a day and is a similar to RM, and says he will attack me as he is not the Chosen One.He eats too many eggs.Many are like this.

It will be a gentle sumer all year if all get on AR diet.The 4 seasons not necessary,then,as emanations of 4.

Granny Gisselle.At her age 91,she was in hospital,dying.Dad said help her.I sent her a letter with some of myself in it.She recovered.At her age 95,dad said ‘enough help to Gisselle’.

I wrote her another letter and withdrew my helps.She died 6 months later  of natural causes.

What my Father had sensed is the keeping alive,artificially a diseased pituitary gland, and everyone over 60 has such,brings high winds, which bring floods which bring food shortages.I found the scientific proof of this later.

There was a Peak Freens biscuit in Sydney in 1950s.Gisselle used to peek into parents bedroom when they sexed.Bananas are also grown from pEEpers,like Peak.

For getting Gisselle a flat and move out of our house, in 1940s, another Gissele used this via a trick to ‘pull

 From me in buiding Stocks and Holdings,Like hold Gisselle in house, should have been.Its now Stocklands and I wrote an affidavit they, G and A, owe me ¼ their worth.

The Xmas tree has lights.The lights represent the ungas, and the presents at the bottom of the tree,represent doing ones stool to bottom of banana plant,tree.Also pine trees as Xmas trees is tanenbaum in german.Ta from En,is ungas,rear.

21 banana trees perperson.They know when to grow,so one has bananas all year.

Pythagoras said meat eating clouds the reasoning powers.Judges not to eat meat 24 hours before adjudicating.

All over 60 who had accidents had abnormal pituitary gland.This is in Improving on Pritikin, You Can do better.

Jews speak Yiddish.Banana is Platano in Spanish,like plates,like dishes.

Re Gisselle.Would be longer life on AR diet,ungas diet, otherwise she became ungas.The dead or unborn in steam of urine.

Granny Vally sold 2nd quality enzymes in beer;her hubby was a beer merchant.She died at age 74.Too much sold out of 2nd quality enzymes.

To get on AR diet,say to yourself,’I will start in 2 weeks’This allows body and brain to adjest.

Giselle became ungas as she had not Ungas and AR in life.Nothing MORE as ungas is MORE life to fruit.And Gisselle S, would not tell Ungas with her $bilions.Up to 28th Feb 2012.

CARp fish were introduced to NSW.Maybe in 1960s.Emanations of AR from cARp.But they rake up the river bottom.Mud in waters;they should be exterminated.

Cane toad(like to-ad) introduced to Australia, maybe 1960s.Emanations of ‘add’.


1 chap had a large amount of bananas planted but had not the Un.

And his bananas got the black spot disease,as UN comes from blackness inside one.I told him Un and AR and kneel and X method of population control and in varing  leaflets.

Everything in this book I was given by  .At library book would fall open at just the page I needed for this book and such.

Australian Vegetarian.Machiel Hannan,publisher.Vegetable lifestyle decreases risk of food poisoning by 80%.Decrease risk of cancer by 40%.Heart disease by 80%.20% less likely to die from any cause.

Thoroughgood et al.

On AR diet one consumes ½ the amount of beer or spirits, as one did before being on AR diet.One tels full from 4-6 bananas with peel.Telepathy of a magistrate.

A chain letter makes the letter go FURTHER,like Ungas makes peel of banana go further in nutrients.

There was also chain mail in middle ages,worn in war times.And if someone is in chains it could be they think further re AR diet,getting to this.A chain letter goes FURTHER.

Woman rigs man for next days work with her UH UH.

Aspirin increases the risk of gastro intestinal bleeding.From an article in The Australian March 2012.Aspirin cuts the risk of developing cancer.Article by Adam Cresswell,Health Editor.

In the middle ages, a form of punishment was the RACK.It has ra in it and ra,acute on a, means ONTO in Hungarian and un flies ONTO banana on tree.

I bowed to God in 1988 to avert atomic war,and give me more time to get to the revelations.Also in 1991 or so.

In Bruce Goldberg’s book, Time Travelers of our Future,he says he hypnoticaly forward regressed patients,to see the future.80% of 400 patients said atomic war between USA and Soviet Russia was due in May 1988.

Wauchope Library re William the Conqueror was a Viking.

There is also obesity from EMOTIONAL upset.And from killing,telepathy or actual.King Henry the 8th got to be fat when he killed wives he did not like.Was an English king.

Ar diet cures period pain.Telepathy thought.Mostly cured in 3 months on AR diet.Fully cured in 6 years on AR diet.

I recommend use of mobile phones for short messeges only.Use landline for longer phone conversations.

Banana is MUSA, from fruit for Australian Gardens,by Paul Baxter,Sun and Pan MacMillan,publishers.

Basically all doctoring relates to insuffient Enzymes,Vitamins, Minerals,protein in body from food,and surroundings,like hewn stone.

When I bowed to God in 1988,to avert nuclear war, I did FEEL, inside me, that holocaust did happen in a parallel Universe.Reminder re Parallel Universe from Bruce Goldberg’s book,,Time Travellers of our Future.

My chest,innerly feels much better on raw fruit than on cooked food.

John Talbert 1959,Hackensack,N.J., is probably the 1st publisher of The Lost Continent of Mu.

One can pick up hibi jibis from a chair  that some who had hibi jibis  previously sat on.Hot bath for 2 ½,hours, and Dencorub gets it off.Knee operation on cartlege is not necessary if one knows this method.Its probably attached to neck,invisible, as well as to knee.Rays of ETs can get rid of hibi jibbies.So that machine device, mentioned in this book, but was too expensive to me, used for arthritis, would probably get hibi jibes as well.

There is hardly any period flow on a raw food diet,said Victoras Kulvinskas in Survival into the 21st century.

His book was recommended to me by Sapoty Brook,who changed his name from Michael David Crook.

If teeth are bad, one can eat the internal of banana and cut the peel into small pieces to eat.Instead of shredding.The ETs helped me see this.Plants FEEL.Bose and Baxter discoveries.

Bose’s teacher was a Mr Vines.Bose discovered that plants FEEL.And Metals FEEL.

At my marriage, as my father was overseas,a Mr Vine accompanied my mother in 1967.On vines grow grapes, and the word gRAPes (pronounced graypes)has RAY,like ungas is a RAY of oneself.Emanations of RAYs.

I met a man who had grown bananas in London,without a hot house,for 5-6 years.

This AR knowledge is in practice on 50 planets that the ETs control.

Period pain must be reduced and left altogether on AR diet and supplements.I think it is like arthritis,where 7 combination enzyme capsules were taken daily.Also say take 2 multi mineral-vitamin tablets daily.Have 4-6 bananas with peel,prepared by Un gases.

Dr Arnold  Renshaw used 7 capsules of enzymes a day for arthritis.He did not have AR diet,and stressed it took 6 months or more for improvement to start.

‘Massive enzyme therapy requires observation under a doctor with blood tests to determine how many capsules can be tolerated each day.’Dr E.Howell;Enzyme Nutrition. Page 135.Ancoats Hospital, Manchester, England.

Many police stations and magistrates were given free leaflets on AR or books.

Those who can’t afford enzyme capsules-reduce it to 1 a day or none,but get 4-6 bananas with peel down every day,with ungasses preparation.Eat 8 pieces of  raw fruit a day,but only 1 citrus, as bees do not like orange pollen.It could take 6 years but to START and keep on it, is the main thing.

O’Sullivan and Tompson 1890.On Enzymes.Roberts,Lumlian lectures 1880 on Enzymes.

Others in early stages of discovery of enzymes and their function.

William Howard Stein.James Batchellar Sumner.Axel Hugo Teodor Theorell.Werner Arber.Julius Axelrod.Hans Eulev-Cheplin.John Howard Northrop.Sir Arthur Harden.Aleksander Ivanovich Oparin.

S.H Vines was a Proffessor at Oxford..

If you reduce to 1, the enzyme capsule.I can vouch that amount is tolerable.

In Gurdjieff’s book, a man insisted on crawling up a hill to a saint.This man was a cripple.He crawled on his side, and passed out when he reach the top where was a statue of a saint.When he came to he found he could walk again.He might have rubbed off the hibi jibies on the crawl.Or the statue took the hibi jibi off him in spirit form.

I am not a pedophile,or homosexual of,I did not sex my mother,and I did not kill anyone.

Most people threw out the corrupt cop’s leaflets.There were good leaflets about me too,by those who like me and did not like the corrupt cop’s.That cop was fired.I heard in telepathy.

This is put in here because a corrupt and jealous Tenterfield cop put out bad leaflets about  me in april 2012.It did not happen anywhere else and in 14 years of travel I have given out to local police in various towns, 100s of Un and AR leaflets,and books.

Over 13,000 books in various editions and over 4,000 leaflets AT LEAST,I have given out free.

The Tenterfield police station is made of hewn stone.It could be affecting them.

Queen Victoria lived in a hewn stone castle and all her kids had a disease.Hemophilia.Could be Queen Elizabeth used a Phip to escape this sickness.

We live on G or life forces and a healthy or unhealthy body.

The G forces of some keep them alive in a very sick body,for some time.

Hibi jibi on knee, many have unnecessary operation on knee and take out some or all of the cartlege gel;totally unnessesary if the hibi jibi can be overcome.

I got one from sitting in a chair that one had sat in with hibi jibi on knee.Part of the hibi jibi had transferred itself to the chair and later,on to me.Only the rays of the ETs could break its back,so to speak, so strong was it.

The Rays of the ETs work out what legal case is behind the force of the hibi jibi,and then they overcome it.

If anyone knows of a small, hand help, electronic pulsator,good for arthritis, please email me where I can get one.

Queen Elizabeth knows AR diet stops wars,but she opposes telling it,as she wants to be Queen in next epoch.But she is not alone in not telling AR diet.This was up to 21 April 2012.It might change.

The after effects of using enzyme capsules,as plants FEEL, would be the same as eating vegimate,which is made from squeezed vegetables.It is sold in supermarkets.

Australia reports to the British Parliament,not the Queen.But she rings a lot,offering Sir title.I know of 2 recent ones.

Queen Eliz’s crime is not telling AR diet to all.She has seen both the videos I made and sent to the ABC,Australia.But she did not put it on BBC,yet.

AR diet makes one look younger.Reminder of a man whose daughter brought us together in telepathy.He had read some AR.

Undara volcano, near Mt Surprise,about 18000 years ago or so, flowed to the Einesleigh river and Lind river.Flowed 10 times the usual flow.Indicates sperm flow on AR and Un diet would be 10 times what it is before AR diet.

To bow to dwelling or not.A publisher,Boden,sugest one could.I don’t know.The DEN is the dwelling.To Bow to DEN.

The new Extra Terretrial leader uses the name Yahweh, as did the previous one.

My cat says using a dildo in vagina  to ease period pain,shortens  one’s life.

A cat talks by rubbing or sitting on one.Telepathy.

In Cosmic Conspiracy by Stan and wife Deyo;West Texas Trading,publisher,is that 2 US planes met a UFO over Iraq.The US planes fired.It hit the target but no damage to UFO.Then the UFO fired.Both USA palnes went down.

The aliens can stop the electrity of any engine.No electricity to motor, the planes fell down.


Cosmic Conspiracy has that the US had 4 fully operational space ships,but the ‘elders’ stole them.Elders means Extra Terestrials.

Sunlight also diminishes hibi jibies,but too much sunlight is no good.

A too short girl to a man,in 2nd month comes sorrow,is an indication that came.About a 6 inch difference.

The space ships.Each can take care of 100 missiles every 10 seconds.

They can fly at more than 7 times the speed of light.

There are relay stations all the way to Sirius for phone.

The alians have a brain operation that allows them to live to 1,000 years,and then they get a new body from a machine.50 new bodies in such a way is the limit.No life comes to another new body.

Big,100 metres across, space ships can carry smaller ones,7.5 metres.

There are caverns 10 klm down where people live using an atomic sun.lobsang Rampa is Nexus magazine.

There are many underground tunnels. And many exits for space ships.Under Solomon islands,under Greenland is but 2 of their exit tunnels.

The alians came from a planet of the Sirius sun.Gamar but they moved to another planet recently.Due to using too much electricity,I suppose.

ETs can fly home in 10 minutes which takes our best rockets 90,000 years to do.

ETs speak mainly in telepathy.They know all langueges.

They can have their choice of women from machine,humanoids are brain held so they can only obey.Fully submissives.Or full brain.

The machine can make bodies from a drawing.

ETs came 23,000 years ago.First they surveyed the planet. For 2,000 years.So they saw, 24,000 years ago, Lemuria sink.

ETs ray science can cure all ills,grow teeth.ETs started all religions.

ETs can levitate or  beam up or down, anyone.Yaweh 1 had an implant in his teeth,so if he wished to beam up, all he had to do is say a word and the implant sent the message to the space ship.

ETs can retire a space ship captain into the body of a young boy.This I read in Beaudesert library,Qld.

Urination goes in an arc.But there is also a opposite to the arc which is an upside down arc to the urination.An echo.

There are lizard head ETs, from one of their home planets.Its emanations of AR, as AR is in LizARd.

One of the planets of Sirius is Perfor and it has a slice out of it,like a cake slice.Per, spelled differently, in Hungarian is a court case.

Every appliance and furniture has a soul.But only a sensitive can see this.

Everything that grows,like trees and flowers,has a soul.

I am sensitive some days.Not on other days.

Every building has a soul.

Every river and lake has a soul.

Every mountain and plain has a soul.

Every tree has a soul.

Wheat that is cut by 1,000s,and then thresed and pulverized into flour—its FEELING gives one cancer in old age.

ETs can kill with rays.In 5 seconds a heart attack.

ETs have enough atomic bombs to blow up all cities on planet earth.

ETs rays blew up planet June and Hilda,22,000 years ago,when they had a fight with space ships.Lucifer lost and was put out as ‘the fallen angel’.

ETs can appear and catch a man who fell of a cliff,and take him to ground and disappear.I forgot the book references.

Ar or Argument.It takes 24 years to cure a person if they did murder-then got on AR diet.They found AR after the event and stay on AR diet after.

ETs can make the outside walls of a spaceship from non see through  to see through..

ETs are Extra Terrestrials.

ETs can make a metal coin disappear and then reappear.

Once, Yaweh was caught and killed(maybe 2,000 years ago).His assistants made a new body for him and he caught and killed the ones who had caught him.

In the 2nd world war,Yaweh was a tank commander for the germans.He was shot up 3 times;each time he got a new body and carried on.

After world war 2 ended, about 10,000 men went to the north or south pole From Germany.Probably humanoids.

A person with extra long chin is lack of EVMP.Enzymes,vitamins,minerals,protein.Reminder on footpath.Lobsang Rampa wrote article in Nexus magazine re caverns 10 miles down.

ETs can grow teeth with rays.

Emanating people of past.Socrates.So is like szó,which is word in Hungarian.Word is SAID,like sa of musa.Ra in word also.

Plato is like ‘lay the to’

Tó is lake or puddle in Hungarian.Homer has mer,which is sea in French.In sea live fish which are like enzymes.

Aristotle has AR in word.

Men in black,existed.They need a pill every so often.They have wires at ankles going up the body.They drove large American cars,doors sealed.Drove black helicopters Usually appeared to warn someone not to talk of seeing ETs.

I do not know wether they belonged  to ETs or Lucifer.

Sperm from cooked food is grayish.from raw food it is whitish.

Reminder re greyish sperm,I.and defacto,who have a free AR book

GAMN would not choose one who is capable of pedophile,or homosexual,or sexed mother,or killed,for job of AR telling and finding out the revelations and all its proofs.

Travel in space ship takes just as much being as an ordinary flight in a jet.Travel of fruit loses 60% enzymes if not frozen,is similar.But humans can drink or eat extra enzymes during and end of flight.Fruit cannot.

ETs can stop the electricity of any motor or any engine.

The Bermuda triangle,wether planes and ships disappeared, was probably Lucifer stealing.Lucifer or satan, an ET, is now dead.

The law of karma gets everyone-no exceptions.Even in another life.Examples are in Tales of Reincarnations of Rosemary Guilley.Urging me to put this in was I.R,who has a free AR book from me.

I think it takes 6 years of AR diet before sperm or cum is whitish again.For older people, maybe 10 years.There are a lot of unfed cells before one started eating as per AR diet.

The ETs got space ships when a ship landed on their planet,programmed to land when the maker of the space ship,his planet blew up.25,000 years ago.

The ETs control 50 slave planets.

There were other ETs here before the Sirius ones.

The ETs built the Pyramids,Stone Henge;They can make a stone,but soft.

They can levitate huge boulders.


I know each leaf on a tree has a life,a soul.

In a Utopian society maybe they would be where humans can’t tread on them.

I find myself avoiding leaves that have fallen on the path I walk and on street,if possible.

Cut flowers.Plants feel.If not for eating,I think one should not cut flowers for decoration.

There is a multy millionaires business selling perfumes,which is cut flowers,to begin with.In a Utopian state, one would not cut flowers or squeeze them for perfumes or grapes for wines.

Reminder re flowers,Ts cafe.Who has a free AR book.

If you do anal sex in youth,woman might get humped back in old age.
Púpos is humped in Hungarian,like POO(is toilet or shit)possibilities.An old lady,hump on back a bit and on shoulders, I saw.Whistled for her helps.Or stooped shoulders.

The properly grown(AR diet) penis grows the penis longer over 12 years of eating banana with peel.The long neck of a Llama can defend sheep against foxes,in its pen.Similarly the properly grown penis can act as defence against attack, even by other countries.I think.

Banana peel is an aphrodisiac and the pith of the peel, the white part, is emotion related, is in Dave Philips’ book,New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche Re emotion in pith.I tried to find out where he got this,but could not as he died and his widow either did not get my note,via publisher,or forgot to reply.

Dave Philips advocated to eat sprouts,which is a sort of grass, cut before fully grown and so he was ,sort of,his life was cut before fully lived.

I travelled for 14 years, from 1996.Each place I stoped, more proofs came,bringing the 6-8 proofs of the 1995 edition(2,000 copies distributed), to over 312 proofs.Probably Yardangs emanated travel.Yardangs are rock mountains, I read in National Geographic.

Enzymes die in cooking, Dr E.Howell.

A cap of fur,with cardboards inside,that I put there(1 cardboard and a Christmas card),when worn allows one to watch TV,-no hibi jibies..Sometimes the rays get though, and I adjust the cap,it works again.

This was written down after phone call with AD and Jag was on the TV.a Video film, soap.

Jag relates to PC,whose Father had a car, a Jaguar.

The Sun of the ETs, or aliens, is 10 times brighter than ours.Reminder A.H. who has a free copy of this book.

If one does spells, as that comes from ones soul, using it up a bit,it is POSSIBLE, that one is born as a shorter than normal.

This thought came after I watched a TV programe,that is about young withches.

I forget the name of the show,but it has a screen name,Piper, in it.The Charmed Ones.

I have insufficient data to prove this or not.If one person got a HYPNOSIS chap to regress back,maybe 50 dwarfs,maybe it can be told from heights in past lives.

Urine douche heals a wound a lot faster than without it.The Golden Fountain.It is also a small defence,being a healer.

The TV series Charmed  has Piper in it.

Fruit vegetarians need not wash ,shower as often as meat eaters,as meat eaters wash of  the karma of animals, fish, eaten,a bit.

Some psychiatrists regard communication with extra Terrestrials as schitzofrenia,and refuse to read back up books re ETs.Like Time Travellers of our future and The Message given to me by Extra Terrestrials,They Took Me to their Planet.

Other psychiatrists do read this book and back up books..

Nexus magazine has writtings of UFOs, in almost every issue.Reminder is Cheers soap TV series.I posted them a AR leaflet.

The Angel Gabriel(an ET) appeared to Jesus.Interpreting.GAB is to SAY,like Sa in Musa.Emanations.Reminder,Cheers TV soap.

The cap to watch TV,has a Milo tin top in it as well.I scratch the cap on top when rays getting through;eventually it settles down and no TV rays get through.After I got a cat, the hibi jibis were overcome.

I gave Nexus magazine AR diet a few times.

Clean Air.

Try doing what the Germans did to filter chimneys.The Black Forrest  was bare due to pollution, and now it has good growth.

The government should get the knowledge from the germans and instead of a carbon tax, help those who have chimneys polluting,by filtering them.

I was born in Hungary,but grew up in Australia.All of the infos were written,and found in Australia, except for 2 bits in Canada.Both langueges were necessary.UN stands for unborn in the steam of urine.Its an English word.ÁR is a Hungarian word,with acute on a,,means price.Mum had in her background a Baroness of germany,maybe in 14th century or so.I was fluent in Swiss German in 1950, when we arrived in Australia,and learnt English in 3 months while sleeping in a school dormitory.Emenatioins from English speakers.

On the ship from Germany, The Goya,there was a sign’no smoking’,above some steps.’Smoking’ is smoking jacket in german or Hungarian..I did not have English then, and wondered why it is not allowed to wear dinner jacket,while walking on the stairs.

Most of the info, came in Australia.

Perfor is a planet of Sirius and it has a chunk out of it,like a slice of cake.Proves in previous times, there was atomic bomb wars in that region.Probably to tell the other planets to NEW CLEAR(nuclear),and tell this Un and AR knowledge to this planet.

The Extra Terrestrials or Aliens, can get to their planet,from here, in 10 minutes.Flying at more han 7 times the speed of light.It would take our best rockets 90 thousand years to do the same distance.

Hibi Jibies from computer screen go also onto BACK.Back pain from them.Back pain,newspaper said,is a common illness  of computer operators.

A hot bath for 2-3 hours would remove HJs on back,neck if immersed long enough.

With pressed veggies,& extract from them,what I think happens is the larger family members are sued by the veggies, inerly..

Sickness in the air.Tablets and such cure the ill but not the sickness in the air from the ill.I was a medical detailer for 1 year and 2 months in 1962 or so.I had to visit doctors and hospitals and tell them of any new product my company had.

When I left that job, I got huge boils on me,some on bottom.It was the ‘sickness in the air’coming out as boils.

Only raw food clears that out.In patients.

This edition, I took the short form,which is basically chapter one, and it came out as ‘higedly pigaly’, after that, in this book.There is a reason for this,which maybe next edition I will put it in.I do not want someone hurt by Queen Elizabeth cohorts.

I get hibi jibies a lot in bed where head lies.I tried Surface Spray on bed sheet and mattress.It kills them a bit but they come back.Crawley Cruncher is better.

Some people can wave their hands and they are gone.If anyone has a spray or other cure please email me at have a life and speak via getting on head;emanations.The rays of the ETs can see what its from, speaking.

I got a HJ from chair that my brother had sat in.He had knee surgery and I got what he subconsciously  had where he had sat.

He had not known it was a HJ.The doctor had taken some flow of his knee.All one can do is ask Aliens, and they can tell what the HJ is made up of and then cure it.I also used saliva .Where it is slippery, after saliva or spit put, it’s a HJ.

Csárdász is a Hungarian dance.Has AR in the word.

In travel of 14 years,probably Yardang emanation controlled, I lost some references to books.I apologise.

The thicker neck is a result of fingering or sexing too young girls.Not sure if this is right.

With pressed veggies and extracts from them,what I think happens is the larger family members are sued innerly,as well as the user,by the veggies.

Use of veggie sourced enzymes,I say, use only until the sickness is cured.Even the 1 vegie enzyme capsule a day, I take because fruits lose 20% enzymes if frozen and 60% enzymes if not frozen,in tansport.

The word in Hungarian,’vigyorozni’,is bereavement.It is a hysterical form of laughter,and a spirit keeps it on one,until someone tells you to stop.

The word for laughter,in Hungarian, is ‘nevetni’.

Hemophilia is a sickness from use of hewn stones.Queen Victoria’s children had it.It is bleeding that cannot be stopped,but it attacks in varying degrees.I think having a Philip,husband,as connection, Phil and philia(of hemophilia),must have helped Queen Elizabeth to waylay it.They lived in castles made of hewn stones.

Personal Insect repellent,of Black and Gold product,works against hibi jibies.It has 133g/kg diethyl toluamide.16.7g/kg N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide;8.3 g/kg di-n-propyl isocinchomeronate.Packed for A.A.W,4 newington Rd,Silverwater 2128 NSW Australia.Dermawand;don’t use it for hibi jibies.It took some eye power when used on eyebrows,

Marihuana slowly ruins the brain,I saw on a TV show of SBS,Ithink.

Opium,one becames addicted to,and it would ruin inner cells,I think.I never took illegal drugs.

Pont is bridge in French.Pontius Pilate excecuted Jesus.Was it to subconsciously tell to not use bridges,as one is not close to ground if walks on bridges.

Hid is bridge in Hungarian.Do not destroy aphids(has hid in the word?)

Jesus helped inadvertently in some cases.

They put a crown of thorns(has ho r  in word.To feel ‘horny’ is to feel like sexing,which relates to AR knowledge.

Notre Dame is a Jesus religion church’s, or cathedral’s name.

The Archibald fountain in Sydney,Australia, Hyde park,points to St Mary’s,a Jesus religion cathedral.

From Male infertility, of Andrology

Page 91.A ring of muscle around the opening of the blader closes to stop semen,entering the bladder during orgasm.Retrograde ejaculation closes to stop semen entering the bladder during orgasm allowing semen to flow back into the bladder.

Page 7.sperm are transported  from   from the tail of the Epididymis via the vas deferens to the uretha(urinary tract) in the penis.

At the back of the bladder the vas deferens becomes the ejaculatory ducts,which pass through the prostrate gland to join the urinary tract by entering the prostatic urerhra.The prostrate gland produces fluid that mixes with the sperm in the orostatic urethra.

Page 95  Extra fluid from the seminal vesicles enters the urethra via the ejaculatory duct.Passage of fluid along the urethra is further helped by the lubricating fluid made by Coper’s glands.

(the Americans do not kill vagabonds.They put them in halfway houses).

1 in 5  over 40 have erectile problems.