Cure for obesity

65% of Australians are obese (Sun Herald) Cure for depression and stress

Cure for war and divorce

Leslie Eugene Paul

IBSN 978-0-9871347-1-8


20% less apprenticeships this year in NSW, Australia (2015). Following a 4-year decline in numbers.

10,000 apprentices failed to complete their apprenticeships in 2014.

This means their diet does not give sufficient nutrients.

Enzymes die in cooking and chemical fertilizers give only 1/10th minerals and les vitamins.

Most supermarket food is grown with chemical fertilizers. WE must take 2 vitamin-mineral tablets

and 3 enzyme capsules daily, or the school leavers do not have enough energy to work.

And you need the AR diet.







The AR diet is eating banana with peel, which has had the ungas prepapration to it. The ungasses are the unborn in the steam of urine and rear gas.

If one does not have a banana orchard, one can get a string bag with ½ inch holes and put bananas in it and urinate under it.Gets the front gas, the steam of urine to banana peel. I use Cavendish bananas.

The ar diet is emotion related.It grows the penis over 12 years.This brings tears of joy to woman and this brings rain of joy whenever required. No droughts or floods.

Urination goes in a slight ARC. ARC is iv in hungaran, and 1V is 4 in roman.So, the 4 becomes

important in ungas revelations.

The ungases transform the peel of banana to taste like a sweet.

If everyone eats banana with peel and ungases preparation it will be a gentle summer all year, every year.

The un is the unborn or dead like dust in the steam of urine and rear gas.


GWDAL (6 titles)


12,000 years cycles, unless GWDAL, is known to all. READ ITEM 101


The film on ABC TV, 8.jan 08, Strange Days on Planet earth, proves global warming and available from Amazon. Asthma caused by global warming also.




90% of under 5 years have dental problems; Telegraph newspaper 11 Feb.08. 1 in 5 binge drink at 16 years; The Australian newspaper, 25 Feb.08

On GWDAL would have zero ill healths.


Yardangs are rock formation, mountains, and JAR, (acute on a), means to walk, in Hungarian.

In 1989 came the 1st of 3 revelations.Un in 1989. Ar in 1993, (into practice in 1994).

Kneel to brook, daily in 1995, and the X method of population control in 1995 or so.

In 1995 the 1st edition of Paradise,,2,000 copies was published and then, unbeknown to the author,in advance, started 14 years of travel, getting the 6 or so proofs of the 1995 edition, up to 300 or more, of which 290 are on WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,AS,long form, AT 24 NOVEMBER

2007,AND THE REST MAY BE ADDED LATER. This book has around 400 of the major proofs.

The point is, Yardangs CAUSED the travel. Probably CAUSED a lot of other, revelations knowledge items as well.


  1. Enzymes, vitamins minerals, 1/10th; proteins less.

    And how to obtain 100% in body and brain.

    Everything I teach is proven either scientifically or logically.

    AR diet or Arguments-wARs; divorce; separation; no right sex partner, is ALL argument.

    It is a proven fact that people’s brains are not being fed properly, and this can be cured by taking 2 multi vitamin- mineral tablets a day($10 for 100 in supermarkets)(or organic food eaten) and 1 or 2 vegetarian multi enzyme capsules a day.($30 for 60 in health food shops).Plus ar diet, with ungases preparation.

    Agy means brain in Hungarian and Agyalapi Mirigy means pituitary gland;villi is bél(acute on e)bolyhok;

    If either of these are not full with proper nutrients you get people whose brains that are not properly nourished.

    1. Enzymes die in cooking.Dr Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition.

    2. The body needs enzymes for optimum health.

Fruit loses enzymes in travel. 20% if frozen and 60% if not frozen; Enzyme Therapy;Friedrich W Dittmar and Jutta Wellman;Sterling Publishing Co,Inc,387 Park Ave,NY,NY,10018;Study.

  1. Chemically fertilized grown food gives only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.Orgaa study and David Philips, New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche.

  2. Protein is increased in organic; Dr Worke.Wheat 16%; oats 28%;vitamin B1 in wheat; 108%.

    So, it is necessary to take a multi vitamin-mineral tablet and a combination enzyme capsule daily,or get organic food.

    Reminder in telepathy,RB, to whose group, including N and K, I had sent many copies of Paradise, the 1995 edition, plus update leaflets plus 1st video.

  3. The Double enzyme diet, or 1/3 or ¼ extra from ungasses, has over 300 proofs.

    It is eating bananas (Cavendish or Paradise) with peel (AR knowledge) which had ungasses preparation.Have not tried

    Sugar bananas or Lady Fingers.

    Kneel to brook, daily to get similar to alcohol;something falls out of chest(invisible,like electricity) and comes back to one in water drunk from cupped hand. Alcohol shrinks the brain.Proff Clive Harper.

    Ungasses are steam of urine and rear gas. over 300 proofs it is the Will of God and Mother Nature. As one walks something mars or greats,near sex.


    The 4 seasons are emanations of of 4.

    Urination goes in an arc. Arc is iv in Hungarian, and 1V is 4 in roman. One can live on 1/10th nutrients to brain; invent computers; repair cars; but also criminals and wars are;

    This diet and lifestyle simply brings the brain up to 10 times higher where one does not THINK to steal from others or war.One is FULL on AR diet.

    1. NEPTUNE’S ARC RINGS.World Encyclopedia, Urination goes in an arc. Arc is iv in Hungarian.1V is 4 in roman. The 4 becomes important in ungas revelations.Nep, (acute on e), means people, in Hungarian.’ People to tune”, to me, means, stand for election and bring in this GWDAL, via governments

      1. Yardangs, are rock mountains; jár (acute on a) means to walk in Hungarian; 6 proofs of 1995 up to over 312 in 14 years of travel.

A spirit whispered ‘UN’ in 1989.

A spirit whispered AR in 1993.


Ar diet or argument-wARs.

  1. Pangea about 350 million years ago, was only one land mass; Pangea; then it broke up into Gondowandiland and Laurentia;The Birth of Europe,by Jaques le Goff,Wiley Publishers. un is GONE from one(it comes out in English) and REN of Laurentia means rain in aboriginal.AR diet brings normal rain.Emanations of Un.

  2. 1,000 million years ago, this planet was covered in snow. Ron Redford’s “Origins”, publised by

Casselle and Co. FREE; FREEZE emanations. Freedom is un.

c)400 million years ago we were here, mining lifestyle; proven in Mysteries of the Unexplained, OF Readers Digest.

  1. Dinosaurs were; emanations of un; as un SOARS in air.un is unborn or dead in steam or gas of urine.emantions of un; Dinasoers were around 60 million years ago. They had pointed horned animals attacking them.To get emanations of horn, which is penis in slang.

  2. Taupo NZ had largest volcano; to tow the po.POPO is rear in slang Hungarian; emanations of un;rear.

  3. Ayers Rock is ROW what flies in AIR; un.(it comes out in English)

    Also Aryans to ROW; by emanations; Hungarians attacked by ARYANS in year 900 or so.The

    Hungarians lived by the Volga river(Rusia) in 900 AD.

  4. The 3 sisters, rock formations of Katoomba, were 7 once; each 4 million years that we could not get this knowledge OUT, one fell off.

    3 emanators to BED were to The Chosen ONE, before the revelations started; each one emanated

    one or other aspect of un and ar; 1st emanated ‘do not move stones in river or

    Those being washed to river, as they are the power of the river and the river FEELS’ and maybe if you move their MEETING the river, you eat meat; man is not a carnivore; proof; carnivores stomach acid is 10 time stronger than a humans’.!6 proofs of human is not a carnivore,in New Vegetarian with Natural Health.Carnivores do not have pores in skin.

  5. BUT human ate sheep (báráyn (acute on both a)) and BEEF (marha in Hungarian,) to get emanations of ar and mar.Ungas is made by marring.

  1. Mars proofs; un, ARC, enzymes as 4 is important in ungas revelations.

    The 1970s space probe to Mars; Mars put up huge dust clouds. Dust is dead like un is unborn or dead. Emanations of un.

    Mars put up 4 huge volcanoes, each higher than the Himalayas.

    Urination goes in a arc and arc is iv in Hungarian and 1V is 4 in roman; so the 4 is important in ungas revelations as is the word Marring as ungas is marred or buffed or torn or grated, near sex as one walks.

    Mars also put up a huge FISSURE on its planet.Enzymes are like FISH and Un is like FISH.Emanations.

  2. Venus proofs.Electricty use, must be planned to cease as it loses magnetism of planet and its this that stops suns flares from burning us up. Venus had people once, but used up too much electricity and magnetism of planet. Same with mars.

  3. Neptune proofs .Neptune has arc rings; arc is important in ungas revelations.

  4. June, Hilda planets proofs; planets between Jupiter and Mars, blown up by ETs in Argument instead of AR diet, 22,000 years ago.

  5. Proof 281.Proving the author is TCO.The Chosen One

  6. Lemuria; sank 24,000 years ago; as big as Australia in the Pacific Ocean.The Sun is Rising,by The Lemurian Society.

  7. Mu (64 million people); sank 12,000 years ago. As big as Australia in Pacific Ocean.

    Emanations of un.64 is 4x4x4.4 is important in ungas revelations.TheLost Continent of Mu,by James Churchward,Adventures Unlimited press.

  8. Orion; December 2012; prophesy of next 12,000 year period planetary perturbations.Did not come in dec 2012.

    The planetary perturbations ONLY come if GWDAL is not told, is proven by that MU had 64 million people, and 64 is 4x4x4.And the 4 is important in ungas revelations.

    Emanating conquerors. Why such names, and not others.

  9. Darius; emanations of RE, RI, like rear, ungas, rear. He led Persia.551-330 BC.Persian Empire 551- 330BC.

  1. A, Alexander The Great (Nagy Sandor)Nagy means BIG in Hungarian; emanator of BIG in Hungarian as dick grows big; ar diet grown penis; this brings tears of joy to woman; this brings rain of joy. Artificial enlargement does not work, and takes from kids and soul.Alexander,356-323BC.

  2. Claudius Tiberius; I; rear gas emanations, ri like rear.the fart gas; 400 years; he conquered England from year 4 to 400.Ceasar has ar in word. Also sa.Emanations.Banana is Musa.

  3. Hannibal; emanations of ar; balls are testicles; also half his army froze and ICE ages are if no ungas diet as ungas like I, of oneself ICE; I. Freeze; free.200 BC.

  4. Alaric; ar emanations; he conquered Rome around 400 AD.

  5. Attila; Died near town of Banan.Chambers Encyclopedia.emanations of ar to him.Around 454AD. 14)A, Moores attacked Spain; Europe; 1200s.emanatios of MORE as ungas gives MORE life to fruit.

    14 B) Árpád led the Hungarians from near Volga River,in Russia,,out from there,after Aryans

    attacked, in 900 AD.

  6. Genghis Khan; 1227 AD; anus; rear gas emanations

  7. William the conqueror;1027-1087AD. willy is penis in slang, English; emanations of ar.He was a Viking.From some library book, in Wauchope

  8. Napoleon Bonaparte.1812 AD. Bone fish is banana fish;(it comes out in English) emanations of AR


    in it) Aus means OUT, in German.

  9. Carl Marx.AR and MAR emanations; Ungas is made by Marring. Carl Marx was a Russian writer of 1800s; and his ideas were used by Russians in 1918, and china today still uses them. Communism.

  10. Kaiser Wilhelm; emanations of willy; penis; ar.Started WW1.

  11. Adolf Hitler.World War 2; ungas ADDS to fruit; 1/3rd or 1/4 extra; emanations of ADD.(It comes out in English)

  12. Musollini;World War 2. banana is MUSA; MU and SA; emanations of MU; AR

22)6 million jews; 10 million darkies; in world war 2, as ungas is a GAS, these were GASSED;

emanations of un

  1. S-ta-lin;World war 2. ta means a going out; like ungas GOES out from one; emanations of un

  2. Formosa;Now known as Taiwan. Four like FOR; un emanations; Chinese went to Formosa after civil war 1949

  3. Hungary attacked in 4 century periods; emanations of 4; un 26)12th century by Tartars; ar; emanations of ar

27)16th century by Ottomans emanations of un;’ott’ means there, ‘tó’ means lake or puddle in


28)20th by Russians. Ra (acute on a) means ONTO in Hungarian and ungas flies ONTO fruit; emanations of ONTO; unra said like ru of russians

  1. Russians stayed for 44 years; emanations of 4.Rusian is pronounced like RA.

  2. World war 1; 4 years. emanations of 4

  3. World war 2; 4; and 4 years. emanations of 4;twice

  4. Lincoln, Kennedy;President of USA in 1960s. LEE assassinated Kennedy; ungas goes in a LEEING; emanations of un.BOOTH assassinated Lincoln;President of USA in 1800s. emanations of BOO; BOOZE; rear gas

33)10 years to repair CO2;article of Bristol UNI; plants and seas , no longer able to soak up as before; they are saturated; we have to plan to cease using motors and electricity.

34) Apples; are apfell in german; upfell; ap and up is pronounced the same in English. Potato is erdapfel in german.

potatoes; are aardappel in dutch;upfell.Emanations of falling up; ungas falls up.Erdapfel in german.

Proof 281 in the larger book.From Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific by David Childress,Adventures Unlimited,publisher.

In Seychelles islands, was found millions of buffalos and millions of mammoths and neatly on top of them, millions of uprooted trees.

Tree is arbre in French; AR emanations to the animals’ souls and to Chelle and my daughter has

Chelle in name so AR emanations to me.Ungas is BUFFED or marred, so BUFFALO, and mammoths

have tusks or horns and horn is slang for penis; so on ar diet, penis grows over 12 years of 4 to 6 bananas a day with peel and ungas preparation.

9) Similarly in Hyde Park of Sydney NSW,Australia is a Archibald fountain that points to St Mary’s Cathedral, and my mother was a Mary; so AR emanations to Mary to me. Soldiers put a crown of thorns, like t- horn, on Jesus, who knew nothing much, emanations of penis; ar; to that chap. (as I wrote it seems daughter of Mary and Jesus made this St Mary’s cathedral; possible.Maria Teresa?)

Horn is slang for penis in English.

ci-vil,wars if villi,not full with nutrients;villi is in lower stomach;iraq;Afghanistan;Russia;Africa;had recent civil wars.

Villi, vila, village, videk (acute on e) (country in Hungarian), vilag (acute on a) (world in Hungarian).

TCO stands for The Chosen One, proof 281.

Anyone who does not understand and LIST CASES AND pay TCO, knowing WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM AND ITS 300 PROOFS, is A non

understandle.Same for media.

  1. Undara volcano; un emanations; came up 190,000 years ago, near Mt Surprise

  2. Kilauea volcano; ki means OUT in Hungarian; ungas goes OUT from one; flowing since 1983.emanations of un.after newspaper told me of Kilauea in 2001 or 2003, came to me a numerologist; I got(emanations ways) the 4 and 10 yrs proofs from 1983,Kilauea start. A week later, came another numerologist to me; emanations ways I got the 6 and 11 year proofs from 1983; Kilauea start. They are in 1st pages of WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM,long form.

  3. Bourke and Wills; lost his EXTRA food supply as explorer in Australia in 1800s because he would not tell AR, 4 million years ago.

    Ungas is EXTRA life to fruit.

  4. R harrasssement (2006) caused me to forget in a rewrite, many items which led one to think the 2012 planetary perturbations would be on Qld, Europe, England, Asia, China, USA.

    37a) Black death took or killed 3/4 of Europe in 12th to 14th century; ungas comes from INSIDE one where is black. emanations of un

    38A) Stille Nacht; Stillbeim is shiny in german; penis shines on full growth on ar, is indication.Stille Nacht is Silent Night in german.

  5. Au tanenbaum,A Tune. Ungas goes OUT; like TA;a tanenbaum is a pine tree.Found all over Europe and North America.

  6. Eifel Tower; what fell is ungas.Tour Eifell; tour is GO FURTHERR what fell. Tour Eifell is French.

  7. Leaning tower of PISA; Musa is banana; leans like penis in a town like MUSA.

  8. Mohamed called the ET Allah;

    TCO (The Chosen One) Hungarian name starts with LÁ; áll (acute on a) means to stand; to stand for LA; Ets did help and do help to keep predators at bay to László.

    ETs are Chosen Ones to tell via space ships. (aren’t they the good guys; )

  9. Aboriginals ate kangaroos for 40,000 years; Kangaroos look like ARC in hoping and in feeding. Emanations of un

  10. Buffaloes; American Indians ate buffaloes for 100,000 years; ungas is also BUFFED or torn or marred or greated; emanations of un

  11. Mammoths; have tusks or horns; emanations of horn is slang for penis; i.e., AR diet.

  12. After magistrate H. lied to TCO, but having had the book with 290 proofs, 3 months in advance of 29 march 2006, a body, name relates to Liz Windsor, the English queen, was drowned by God and Mother Nature (GAMN), and ocean currents dragged it 180 klms from or to Coffs Hbr to show legals to COUGH UP to TCO.Another body from same drowning was dragged elsewhere. I believe H, who was given the 290 proofs, 3 months before 29th march 2006, is the example of ill legals.They relate to biased souls but do not listen to PROVEN God and Mother Nature’s WILL.People who ate cooked food in life, become smelly souls;biased.

    Legals, who ARE ill, are Ill Legals. I want all the emanating conquerors to take it as a task to conquer the ILL legals.The ONLY way to do this is to stand for parliament and teach the legals from Government. Fire H. and ALL list clerks who refuse to take in GWDAL and obey God and Mother Nature’s WILL, as PROVEN.

  13. In December 2006 the 2 largest sun flares ever recorded came, as a warning of what may come

    in 2012.As magistrate H had said twice.

    Also after Mag H. lied (29 march 2007), in 4 million year periods, as he said his nasties ‘twice’, 2 USA subs were sunk, BEFORE the revelations started. The Scorpion and the Thresher. Its obvious B bribed H.

  14. Plants FEEL; Bose, (1900) and Backster (1960s), proved this; Bose proved metals FEEL. The Secret Life of Plants. Tompkins and Bird.Penguin published.

  15. Windsor is a name; used to help bring in ungas .

  16. Pottenger experiment.

    about 1946; he had 3 groups of cats; one group he fed raw food to; they were always healthy and their excreta in their pens produced LUSH vegetation

    Proves enzymes die in cooking.

    The other 2 groups he fed cooked and processed food to; they became nervy, homosexual and the excreta in their pens produced NO vegetation;

  17. Dr Schonemans table of abnormal pituitary glands

The Dr Schonemans table or abnormal pituitary glands; around 1890;

They still had enzymes from milk; pasteurization kills enzymes as it is heating up and cooling milk

before sale. In NSW they started pasteurization in 1958.In USA and England, in 1940s.

Newborn 27% abnormal pituitary gland 1-20 years 50%

20-40 years 71%

40-60 years 90%

Over 60 years 100 %

By 1970, World Health Organization, written up by Victoras Culvinskas In Survival into the 21st century, 70% of babies were born with dental defects or had them. It means the 27% of 1890s went up to 70% with the pasteurized milk. 1952) No gardening; let wind, birds, shit to plant the seeds;

  1. The 4 seasons are ONLY emanations of 4; un

  2. X method of population control; from Hubble telescope; millions of miles long X in space In intercourse, man on top, woman crosses legs over man’s; leads to no conception; no baby.

  3. One can live on low quality. Examples are, in Korean War, (1950s)22 year old USA soldiers, 75% had 3 arteries blocked but could run 5 miles a day.Dr Peppin, Philadelphia Hospital

  4. Clinton could run USA for 8 years and had 90% arteries blocked (2000 or so).He was president of the USA for 8 years.



    GWDAL is G for God and Mother Nature; and WDAL for Will diet and lifestyle. TIFTTOT or GWDAL.

  5. Protein is increased in organic; Dr Worke

  6. This diet and lifestyle BRINGS RAIN.AR diet grows the penis over 12 years.This brings tears of joy

    to woman;this brings rain of joy.

  7. On this diet and lifestyle you can go off alcohols and drugs completely.

  8. This diet and lifestyle brings emotions;grows the penis over 12 years.

  9. This diet and lifestyle keeps one on a High all day. without drugs. ITS AR DIET OR ARGUMENT

    AR is eating banana with peel and ungasses preparation The brain is in TOP quality on GWDAL.

    Emotion also. The sun gives a tan to a person. This brings up, I think, Melanin in skin, which is like emotion.

  10. Peel is emotion related; The pith or white of skin of orange and banana. David Philips in New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche.

    Peel keeps one on a ‘high’ all day. No need for drugs. But it is not a surge Dad used to sun himself a LOT and he conducted with FEELING.

    I think the rise size of the penis is also associated with the feelings of the woman. Therefore if she has great FEELINGS, it will rise further or longer length.Feelings better from AR diet.

    This diet and lifestyle has over 312 proofs it is the Will of God and Mother Nature for all peoples.290 on internet; 300 in notes.



    Something, invisible falls out of chest and comes back to one in water drunk from cupped hand.

  11. Self sufficiency is 21 banana plants per adult by a brook or river, or stream.

  12. Each plant has 100 bananas. They know when to grow so as one has food all year round.

    Over 12,000 copies of this book, in various forms are distributed.200 copies of the Paradise video.

    And the Paradise video, from ABC TV. A wendy at the ABC would not put on the Paradise video since 2001.In time Travellers of Our Future, by Bruce Goldberg, Llewelyn published, the parenst of a Wendy were killed by a Sabre tooth tiger.Banana is Sa of sabre.2 million years ago.So, in past epoch of 2 million yerars ago, Wendy would not put on the Paradise and her parents were later killed in new rebirth.

    Nov 2008-Jan2009 a New video, The Command of God and Mother Nature via Neptune’s arc rings,

    was made; 340 teaching placards.

    ABC of Australia, W.H. and SBS of Australia, were sent copies; Jan 13th; registered mail; Mrs C.Z, solicitor I.A. for C., was posted a copy as was CCC; Climate Change Coalition of Cesnock of NSW, Australia; J.H.

  13. Dust is like dead; ungas is unborn in steam of urine; like dead;

Dust clouds in September 2009, 3 klms high, twice, from center of Australia. The sky was totally obscured by dust clouds over Sydney, NSW, Australia, and many country towns as well.Ungas is unborn or dead,like dust,in steam of urine.

66) It was a Command from God and Mother Nature to ABC, SBS, to put on the 2 videos, re ungasses.

They were told this information. But, you see, 1/10th fed brains in judges, in media, act like 1/10th fed



67) The magnetism of this planet has lost 15% in past 400 years.Austar film. Made in Canada, I think. It is the magnetism of the planet that keeps suns rays from burning us up.

WE must plan to cease use of electricity as this uses up magnetism of the planet.

Venus once had people on it but used up too much magnetism and now it has sulphuric acid rain. The space probe to Venus was named Magellan as if someone guessed why it lost its people.Magnetism likeMagelan.

Mars had people on it once also.

Mars and Venus had people on them, once.

68)2 planets between Jupiter and Mars were blown up by Extra terrestrials 22,000 years ago, when they fought among themselves; June and Hilda no longer exists. Satan is only an ET who lost that space battle.

  1. The Industrial revolution was to GET TO this knowledge. Now we have to revert back to no motors; no electricity.

    The ungases are steam of urine and rear gas.

    Ungas is unborn in the steam or gas of urine. unborn is like dust. InDUSTrial, was.

  2. One does stool to roots of banana trees and the 2 human gasses fly up and transform the peel (probably transforms malic acid with pectin in all peels) of banana and the banana peel is edible; tastes like a sweet.

    About 1 minute after 1 or 2 such gas applications one can eat banana with peel.AR diet is eating banana with peel and ungas preparations. One can get a string bag with 1/2 inch holes and put bananas, tomatoes in it and do stool UNDER this; Gets the 2 human gases. ANY fishing net from fishing sports sales.

  3. Can use front gas only but need rear gas for l-carnitine.Dr William Lee of Bristol Group, re l- carnitine is not much in fruits and vegies.

    Grows the penis over 12 years. This brings tears of joy to woman and rain of joy.

    Women run after men after 8 years on this diet. Artificial penis enlargement does not work re rain and it takes from kids and soul.Artificial does not grow brain.

    Establishment would not tell you; all leaders know; Liz and Pip; Howard, Rudd, Christina Kennealy (NSW Premier Dec 2009); Vic Premier 2006, 7, knows but did not yet tell.Govenor General of Australia knows. Cops and judges know. Media, papers, TV stations all know. Yes it was emailed to Bush and Obama. Many United Nations ambassadors.




(Jeff Miller, Virgin Is Nat Park).

74)30% of world’s coral reefs died in past 50 years. Tyler Smith.

75) The Antarctic ICE is melting. Glaciers in Switzerland have lost 1 mile or so of ice, in past years to today.

  1. Carl Marx writings, (Carl Marx was 1800s) was with Russia leader l918 and on; emanations of ar and mar. Some other countries also and China and Ethiopia also. Russia emanated Carl Marx or ar and Mar to Hungary, East Germany, Austria, other European countries while it was in occupation, 1945 to 1989.

  2. Adolf started World War 2; emanations of add;Ungases ADD to peel.Ad of Adolf.

  3. Mussolini was in World War 2 as Italian leader; banana is MUSA; MU and SA; emanations of

    banana. And to Egypt and Africa.

  4. Stalin is like s-ta-lin; ta means a going out like ungas goes out; emanations of un; Russia. Emanations of ar.

84) The Black Death was 12th to 14th century; 75% of Europe’s peoples died.

Ungas comes from INSIDE where is blackness; emanations of ungasses.

  1. Chinese went to Formosa; 4 is important in ungas revelations; Emanations of 4; strange who the Chinese changed the name of that place AFTER I had the revelations as if C did not want you to know; Taiwan it is now. VERY strange mentality.

  2. N. said pet while I typed 1 part of this article; if you have pot plants you get ills to pets. She has free GWDAL as has MARY.

  3. M. Swept while I typed; reminder re Alexander the great who is Nagy Sándor in Hungarian and NAGY means BIG,in Hungarian. 323BC; GWDAL grows the penis BIG.

  4. Moses was given The 10 Commandments by the Extra terrestrials, posing as God.

  5. Mohammad was taught by the ETs; Gabriel.

    Religions of the World, MacDonald Young Books; Wayland Publishers. Transedition Ltd.Fernleigh Books; Lionheart books.

    Copyright.COREL; Eliz Brelly, Joabnne O’Brien, Martin Palmer.

    H. has free GWDAL from me.

    The Orion Prophesy can be bought from Nexus Magazine. It says planetary perturbations 24,000 years ago, Lemuria sank, 12,000 years ago, Mu sank with 64 million people and December 2012 is the next. As 64 is 4x4x4, I say planetary perturbations only come if no ungas told to all.Did not come in dec 2012.

    Maybe because I handed out over 13,000 copies of AR book, in varying editions.Or the higher powers want to clear the planet in atomic wars.

  6. That Jesus was not Son of God is proven in 3 ways.

We are reborn, time and again. This is proven in Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley. Also in Time Travelers of our Future by Bruce Goldberg (available from Nexus).

Also In Have You Lived Before This Life, of L.Ron Hubbard, of Scientology.

So, the false story of going to Heaven or hell is false; we are simply reborn time and again. We could, eventually, go, somewhere.

  1. The Message given to me by Extra Terrestrials, they took me to their planet, by Claude Vorilhon(Rael),AOM Published, Tells how the Father of Jesus was an Extra Terrestrial. This is a true story.

    Jesus was tall, usually a sign of a father not the husband of the mother. The Way of the Essenes, by A.and D. Meurois-Givaudan, by Destiny Books, proves this, that he was tall.

  2. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Baigent,Lincoln and Leigh, says it was Constantine of Rome, who declared this Son of God, false story in the year 325, to unite warring religions. But it’s a false story; a Corgi book.

However Jesus did not know the AR diet,nor did he teach it.the AR diet is the WILL of God and Mother nature for everyone.So, Jesus was not the son of God.

  1. I had a long walk on a property with a chap, nick name Mote; he got ticks, I did not; I am on GWDAL he was not; he did meditation; I did not.

    This PROVES, that cops and judges who know this GWDAL and do not tell it and that it keeps ticks off; so it helps to keep attacks off, are subnormals.

  2. This diet and lifestyle brings the brain to such heights, that one thinks only peace.

  3. Kinky thoughts leave one as one goes into 6 to 8 years of eating banana with peel. Ki means out in Hungarian and ungas goes OUT from one. So kinky is only when no ungas in use.

–s VERY CLEAR, from the APEC summit meet in Sydney in September 2007; I sensed that all these world leaders are meat eaters and boozers. Pythagoras said,’ meat eating clouds the reasoning powers’, and ALL these leaders do not UNDERSTAND GWDAL.They have an invisible veil on their heads, which PREVENTS them from seeing real TRUTHS. Alcohol has SHRUNK their brains.

I am a NUTRITIONIST. On this diet and lifestyle you will never have to see a doctor. You can give up alcohol and drugs completely (unless work or drive a LOT).All who have white on their tongue are ill. My mother taught me that about the tongue.WWW.GODANDMOTHERNATURESWILLDIET.COM.Alcohols shrink the brain is a new study from a hospital in Sydney, Australia.Clive Harper, of Royal Prince Alfred.

The planentary pertunbations did not come in 2012,because the extra terrestrial,Yaweh 3, told the

moon, he would blow it up if planetary pertubations were to come. Extra Terrestrials read all I write from orbit.

Yahweh 1,the extra terrestrial leader in 2010, told me he found 44 past alian leaders, who in 2 million year periods did not tell AR diet to this planet, so they were reborn ascripples.

The immediate past president of 2 million years ago, when remade by body from a machine, said, 6 years after the planetary pertubations,a blackness came and everyone died.

We were destroyed in 2 million year periods and this has happened thousands of times in the past due to all not being on AR diet.A publisher is necessary,at the very least.

In have you lived before this life, of L.Ron Hubbard, he found past lives of 55 trilion years ago.

We all get destroyed in 2 miillion year periods if we don’t all diet according to the AR diet;eating

banana with peel and Ungas preparation to it.The steam of urine and rear gas.

Both my parents died to get this knowledge out.Emanation of Kilauea volcano. Dad in he 10 year build up of Kilauea. The 4 is important in ungas revelations.12 or 3x4 years after dad died I found Omshalom, a fruit vegetarian community where only 1 meat eating allowe.

Apparently one had to be a fruit vegetarian to be ABLE to get the revelations. 4 years later the ungas revelations came and 4 years later the AR revelations came.

Mum died in the 11 years after Kilauea start of 1983.AR had ben written down but ws not in practice.3 months after mum died in 1994, I started to eat banana with peel with the string bag method.

Mum was almost 82.Dad was killed by an extra terrestrial.But it was really the emanations of Kilauea volcano.His head broke the cat’s saucer as he fell,like flying SAUCER.In 2006 a caterpillar also told me dad ws killed by an extra terrestrial.

When I learnt of Kilauea volcano in 2003, a numerologist came to me.From his emenations I got the 4 and 10 year periods from Kilauea start of 1983.A week later another numerologist came to me and from his emenations I got the 6 and 11 year periods from Kilauea start.

These events are the 8th and 9th pages of the long form on

The 10/4 irrefutable proofs to FeFrunark

1983 started the Kilauea volcano and has erupted ever since to 2003 and continuing. 1973 my father died.

1993 came the ar revelations.

2003 this volcano was revealed to me. 1963 I went overseas from Australia

1953 may have been the csak/chuck story, item 100 of Frunark.

1943 was my brothers bum trick as I had not Ungas, rear, and revelations.

The 4’s

4x4 or 16 yrs before 1983 I was married in 1967.

4 years before 1983, I was divorced, 1979. The stronger emenations of UNGARN helped to bring Ungas revelation in 1989, which is 10 years after divorce as when one dislikes another, like in divorces, inner emenations to the other, are stronger.

1955 or 7x4, I think was the Goosens Affair, before 1983.He had to resign his job, due to bringing in nude French post cards.

1951 or 8x4, before 1983 was the Arpasy Affair.Necessary AR emenations.

1947 or 9x4 before 1983, we left Hungary for Switzerland.

1995 or 3x4 after 1983, I think is when Gabor Ujlaki died, and came the kneel to brook revelation.

SZ’s soul says he was waiting for stronger proofs of non-use of timber.

These prove, without a shadow of doubt, 2 things.

One is that it was MY LIFE that God chose to use to GET TO Frunark revelations.

There were also black cat, snake (kijo) and chicken incidents, ALL LEAD to Frunark revelations in my youth.

There came a Bush after my old man’s death (1973). There came another Bush after my mum’s death (1994). Busulni means to ‘grieve’ in Hungarian. So the grievers SHOULD tell Frunark to world. The ‘tails’ if one can use this word. As a monkey has a tail and a rat has a tail, in Chinese astrology, dad was a monkey and mum was a rat.

There are also the 11 year periods after 1983, mum died in 1994, which is 11 years after Kilauea, 1983, because I had written, AR Revelations down but it was not in practice. 3 months after mum died AR came into practice for me, therefore 2x11 years after 1983. If her ‘griever’ Bush, has not told Frunark by 2005, he will die, probably atomic attacks. After dad died came Un revelations.

After mum died came AR into practice. After Gabor and Gloria Dargin, died (6 year periods from 1983), came kneel to brook revelations. After SZ died (6 yr periods from 1983), came stronger non use of timber and its after effects.

Urination goes in a slight ARC.ARC is important in Ungas revelations.Neptune’s ARC rings.

It will be a gentle summer all year if all are on AR diet.eating banana with the peel and ungasses preparation.

Undara volcano came up about 180,000 yers ago.Near Mt Surprise.It was to get me to marry an ungarn.Surpise, a baby.Her mother is Hungarian and her father is german.Hungarian in the german language is uNGARN.Has AR and UN in it.12 years later, divorce.Subconscious emenations are stronger if there is Argument.She emenated to me un and AR.

Japanese women in japan who ate no meat got no breast cancer.Japanese women in Australia who ate meat,got breast cancer.article of John fry.

Geneticaslly engineered potatoes made rats infertile.

Shit to roots of banana tree.The 2 human gases go up to the banana peel. The X method of intercourse,makes no babies.Population control.

Pollution is so bad, in New York they can’t see the stars at night.

The ETs from Gamar,Sirius sun, used up so much electricity, they got orange coloured coulds which grow nothing.They had to move to another planet.

WE might get to this stage in 30 years if we continue to use up electricity.

Plants FEEL.This was discoved by Bose in 1900.He also proved metals FEEL.Backster also discoverd that planst FEEL in 1960s.The Secret Life of plants,by Tomkins and Bird, Penguin published.

Tomato in paradiscom in Hungarian.The same word is used for Paradise.An argument with a Tom,like tomatoe, gives AR emanations as AR diet is Paradise.

Peel of banana tastes like a sweet after ungas application.The steam of urine. Yaweh 3 is dead. My divorce was 14 years before the ar revelation.

1 in 3 have cancers.Cancer Council info.

3 in 10 have hepatitis.Kathryn Medical Center info. Asthma is VERY prevalent.

All these would not be if one ate banana with peel,with the ungasses preparation, as its RAW food,not cooked.Enzymes die in cooking and you need enzymes in the body.One gets sick from lack of enzymes in the body.

Chemical fertilisers give only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.ORGA study.Most food in supermarkets was chemicaqllly fertilised.I atke a vitamin-mineral tablets or 2 daily and 1 enzyme capsule daily.

Pasteurisation is heating up milk and cooling it before sale.The enzymes die in the heating up.

85% of 6 year olds had dental defetcs.due to lack of enzymes and minerals in food they were given.NSW Health department.

65% of people in USA are obese.They eat too much because the food lacks enzymes and

minerals. Banana is mUSA.

Argument if no AR diet in practice.wARs.

Peel tastes like a sweet after ungas application. Dinasoars were.The un soars from one.Emenations. World war 1 was 4 years. World war 2 was twice 4 years. AR diet cures all ills. It would cure arthritis,over time.

A person had a past life as a lion, is in Have you lived before this life.

Lady Cilento in The Cilento Way,wrote tat 8 grams of vitamin C are required daily,but the

modern diet gives only 25 mlg.But do not overdose on artificial vit C as it harms the body.

My 1st girlfriend to bed, after 9 months we parted, married an Irvin.IR knowledge is stone knowledge.She emanated back to me, ‘do not move stones in the river or those being washed to the river.They are the power of the river.The river has FEELINGS.

2nd girldfriend was Irish.The Irish elk had the largest horns.Horn is slang for penis.Subconscious emenations are stronger is she emanated AR diet after we parted.With the wife of 9 years,these represent the 3 Sisters,rock formaTIONS OF Katoomba,which were 7 once.Each 2 million years that we could not get this knowledge out, one fell of.Also.

Do not use cement only bricks.They give wheel chair cases in old age.

Aluminium pots give alzheimers disese in old age.Texas Uni study. Emenations of aluminium from caravan of walls of aluminium a lso are detrimental.

Kneel to brook, river, daily.Somethings falls out of chest,invisible, and comes back to one in water drunk from cupped hand.Its like alcohol.

There are 150 dead suns in the middle of our galaxy.Proffesor Couch. Australia has been up to the North Pole 5 times, a film on SBS said.

There used to be wars every 3 years before the industrial age.The Europeans fought each other.The American Indians fought.The Australian aborigines fought.The African tribes fought each other.Its ar or argument.




Pass the Banana

A professor at CCNY for a physiological psych class told his class about bananas. He said the expression 'going bananas' is from the effects of bananas on the brain. Read on:

Never, put your banana in the refrigerator!!!

This is interesting.

After reading this, you'll never look at a banana in the same way again.

Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fibre. A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy.

Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes.

But energy isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet.

Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

PMS: Forget the pills - eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood.

Anaemia : High in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of haemoglobin in the blood and so helps in cases of anaemia.

Blood Pressure: This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, making it perfect to beat blood pressure. So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the banana industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke.

Brain Power: 200 students at a Twickenham (Middlesex) school ( England ) were helped through their exams this year by eating bananas at breakfast, break, and lunch in a bid to boost their brain power. Research has shown that the potassium- packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more alert.

Constipation: High in fibre, including bananas in the diet can help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem without resorting to laxatives.

Hangovers: One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey.. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

Heartburn: Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.

Morning Sickness: Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Mosquito bites: Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. Many people find it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation.

Nerves: Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system.

Overweight and at work? Studies at the Institute of Psychology in Austria found pressure at work leads to gorging on comfort food like chocolate and chips.. Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, researchers found the most obese were more likely to be in high-pressure jobs. The report concluded that, to avoid panic-induced food cravings, we need to control our blood sugar levels by snacking on high carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep levels steady.

Ulcers: The banana is used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. It also neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Temperature control: Many other cultures see bananas as a 'cooling' fruit that can lower both the physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. In Thailand , for example, pregnant women eat bananas to ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Bananas can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood Enhancer tryptophan.

Smoking &Tobacco Use: Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. The B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Stress: Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body's water balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a high-potassium banana snack.

Strokes: According to research in The New England Journal of Medicine, eating bananas as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%!

Warts: Those keen on natural alternatives swear that if you want to kill off a wart, take a piece of banana skin and place it on the wart, with the yellow side out.

Carefully hold the skin in place with a plaster or surgical tape!

So, a banana really is a natural remedy for many ills. When you compare it to an apple,


has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five

times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around So maybe it's time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, 'A banana a day keeps the doctor away!'


PS: Bananas must be the reason monkeys are so happy all the time! I will add one here; want a quick shine on our shoes?? Take the INSIDE of the banana skin, and rub directly on the shoe...polish with dry cloth. Amazing fruit !!!

This article was sent to me by my brother,George.He found it.

During my youth 3 things happened to emenate UNgas to me.

A black cat I had went missing.2 weeks later it reappeared,with woms coming out its bum.A dutch tenant said, nothing can be done, and clonked it on the head.The ungas comes from inide oneself where there is the blackness.Emenations from black.

A school mate asked me to help him kill a snake. Snake is kikyo(acute on o) in Hungarian, and ki means out(or who).ungas goes OUT from one.

A neighbour asked me to kill a chicken. Csinal(acute on a) means to make in Hungarian.To

make ‘ken’ is chicken.To ken is to know in slang.To know of ungas revelations.

Chicken is poulet in French.Like POO Let.emanations of fart gas.ungas. One would be beautiful on AR diet.

The Cambridge-Sommervile study. People nOT on psychologists drugs fared significantly better.

A fishing net string bag could be used to put bananas into. Enzyme inhibitors dissolve in 24 hrs in water.Never eat dry beans.

Thoroughgod et al. Vegetarians decrease risk of food poisoning by 80%. Decrease risk of cancer by 40%.

Decrease risk of heart disease by 80%. 20% less likely to die from anything.

Vegetarians live 6 years longer, was a Post or People magazine about 1985. Carnivores have 10 times stronger stomach acid.No pores in skin.

I was failed 4 times at Uni, in Economics 2.It was they have a notion of Perfetct competition,where everyone knows the price of everything,all the time.I simply said its not true.But it was emanations of Echo.economics.the ungas is an echo of oneself.Before the ungas revelations.

The use of hewn stones leads to haemophilia.

To get the ungasses,one shits to roots of banana plant and the 2 human gases fly up to the banana peel.

If one does not have a banana orchard, one gets a string bag, with ½ inch holes and puts bananas in it and urinates under it.this gets the steam of urine, the ungas to the bananas.

Chemically fertilized gives only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins and proteins.

S means supermarket ;( chemically fertilized)

O means organically fertilsed in growing.

Bananas tomatoes Capsicum spinach (silver beet) RDI

(recommended daily men women


Calcium S 800mg










Potassium S 5460mg











Magnesium S 320mg 270










Sodium S 230










Iron S

7 12-18





O <5 <5 <5 9.4

Zinc S .38 .19 .13 .57


O 3.4 1.2 2.5 130

Study by ORGAA-The Organic Retailers and Growers Association of Australia

Bananas come from seds originally.One should grow from seeds.available from internet.One eats banana.toses seed.ity grows new bananas.

Do not eat mushcroomsw.its the houses of fairies. Fish.

In early 1900s there were no old eskimos.They ate a lot of fish.Later,modern doctors kept them alive longer.But they ate fish a lot and were healthy but suddenly they died.This is in Improving on Pritikin-You Can Do Better,by Ross Horne,Happy Landings published.

Stool or shit is not offensive if RAW food was eaten, which has enzymes. The enzymes go through to the shit as well.

The X method of population control was discovered by the Hubble telescope.A millions of miles long X in space.In intercolurse, man on op, woman croses legs over man’s.Gives no conception. No baby.

The aliens live 10 miles down in caverns.There is more land there than on the surface of the earth as the oceans take up a lot of land.Lobsang Rampa article in Nexus magazine.

The un is the unborn in the steam of urine. Or the dead in t6he steam of urine.that is why the past leaders of the extra terrestrials who would not tell AR diet to this planet were reborn as cripple4s.Dead live in krypts,like cripples.

Cancer also gets one when one is old, and the lack of fULL nutrients to body,

enzymes,vitamins minerals,protein,has reduced the body’s ability to guard against sickness.

So one can live a full life and suddenly in old age get cancer. It will be a gentle summer all years if all get on AR diet.


study,and they drink lots of milk, but they are vegetarians,says vegetarians out live meat eaters by a great margin.I gave up milk except for in tea and coffee.

I allow 3 eggs a week.Too many eggs give cholesterol

.One has to mulch the banana trees if one can’t shit to their roots. The Natural Magic of

Mulch by Michael J Roads, Penguin published. Mulch of grass or hay or cow poo or horse manure.

One is reborn many times, is in Tales of Reincarnation o Rosemary Guilley,Pocket books. The AR diet brinsg brain up so high, one sees oVER arguments.One does not argue.

Article of Sun Herald, 21.6.15.

20% less apprenticeships this year(2015).Following a 4 year decline.

10,000 aprentices failed to complete their apprenticeshisp last year(2014).this is for New South Wales, population approximately 7 million.

This all shows people UNABLE to work from insufficient NUTRIENTS in the food they eat and it is getting worse generation by generation.

Hibi Jibies are an itch on skin.They are invisible electric worms.They can be overcome by putting saliva on fingers and applying to itch.If it is slippery on skin when applying the saliva,it is a hibie jibie.Dencorub and Lamisil also is good against them.Also urine douch overcomes them.A Build up of hibie jibies is a cancer.Have a bath after using fingers on hibi jibies, as the nuance of it goes into the arm and the bath soaks it off.

Understand that the rock proofs,like Gondowandiland-Laurentia,Ayers Rock,Neptune’s Arc rings, Taupo Volcano,the 3 sisters of Katoomba,Mars proofs, the Olgas,rock formations in Australia(the ungas is s gas,like olGAS.(it comes out in English)),the emanating conquerors, are emenations of God and Mother Nature’s Will for us ALL to get on the AR diet.

This book should be in the hands of every high school person.

Paul Gaugin went from France to live in the Marquesas islands in the 1800s.The intimate journals of Paul gaugin, William Heineman published.The ungas is made by MARring, or greating or torn or buffed.Emenations of marring from the Marquesas.Ungas emenations.

There is vitamin B12 and other vitamins in urine,so it is in the ungas.The Golden Fountain,by Coen Van der Kroon, gateway published, and Ciba Geigy in Dr Hasler’s book, Die Apotheke in uns,

Most supermarket foods are grown with chemical fertilisers.Therefore one must take 2 viamin-mineral tabelst daily as well as one combination enzyme capsule. Viatmin-mineral tabelst from supermarket and enzyme capsules from health food stores.

When we die we are simply reborn later.We do not go to some ‘heaven’ , at least,at first.

Many books attest to this. Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guiley ,Pocket books is one such.A writer wrote that diabetics should not eat bananas because of the sugar content.That is FALSE.A diabetic man ate bananas and felt good.Not sick.The machine showed his blood sugar level too high.But he was well.What it is, is that the machine does not distinguish between good sugars, fructose, fruit suagrs, and bad sugars, processed sugar cane sugars.

AR diet, bananas with peel keeps ones brain on a hIGH all need for drugs.It is not a surge.Just a gentle HIGH all day. I eat 6 bananas a day with peel and ungas preparation. It should be 9.

One can measure one’s level of enzymes with a Refletron machine from Roche.It measures the level of enzymes from one drop of blood.

The apprenticeship Board should be given a copy of this book, as they have people failing to complete their courses and failing to even start work.

At least tell them to tell all to take 2 vitamin-mineral tablets daily and one enzyme capsule daily, asenzymes die in cooking.And chemical fertiliser give only 1/10th minerls and less vitamins.

There are enzyme inhibitors.They protect the seed until conditions are ripe for growing.Never eat dried beans without soaking in water for 24 hrs or cooking.Inhibitors dissolve in water in 24 hours.

Alcoholic brews have 2nd quality enzymes.

Plants FEEL is in the Secret Life of plants by Tomkins and Bird, Pan MacMillan Published.Bose in 1900 discovred plabst feel and also that metals FEEL.

Backster discovered that plants feel in 1960s.

So use of timber has its nuances.So does cooking.It goes up the cook’s legs.

A man grew bananas in London for 6 years.Can grow banass in Melbourne.Fruit for Australian Gardens .By Paul Baxter, Penguin published.

Ford is the single largest motor company because the four is important in ungas revelations.Ford should make it their business to tell ungas diet and have a copy of this book in every car they sell.And give a free copy of this book to every employee and agent.

Gurdjiefff was a philosopher of the early 1900s. His 1st pupil had the initials PDO.Like PEE to DO.Ungas emenations.Gurdjieffs pupil that taught me his philosophy was named Mr Adie.Aye from die.Ungas is dead or unborn in steam of urine.emanations of ungas.

Mars and Venus had people living on them once.They used up too much electricity and now Mars is barren and Venus has sulphuric acid rain.

Bees do not like orange pollen.Do not eat too many oranges at the one go.

I have eaten bananas with peel,using the string bag method to get the ungases to them, in Austrlalia, Hungary, Brazil, London, Canada, USA, Fiji, New Zealand and never had any trouble ,except once, with them.Nevr washed them before eating.

Since 1994,tested blood pressure about 20 times. Always normal. God for a ½ to 1 hour brisk walk every day to get exercise.

There are banana trees that grow to only 6-7 feet,with Cavendish bananas,available. Banans trees require a frost free winter, and warm,humid summers.

Varoa disease has killed 50% of the bees, from sugar fed. String bag can be got as fishing net bag,from sports store.

Say the predicted blackness does not come, there is still the problem of the orange coloured clouds, which grow nothing, from use of too much electricity.The extra terrestrials had to move to another planet as they got orange coloured clouds which grew nothing.

That is why mars is barren. It must have got orange coloured clouds before.

light pollution.Sydney,Australia, sees 60 stars;country sees 4,000 stars.International Sky Assn,David Crawford blames low quality outdoor lighting-urban sky glow is masking views of stars. About 1/5th of earth’s population can no longer see the Milky Way.SH July 13.03.Author says he thinks it is pollution.

A quarter of school girls suffer period pain so severe it disrupts their class attendance;Dr Luk Rombauts;Tele 11.3.06.

Don’t eat sprouts.The plant has to have a full life before being eaten.David Philips of New

Dimensions in Health,from Soil to Pshyche, wrote to eat sprouts and he died early.

Face is arc in Hungarian.there are rock faces on Easter Island; in America, the past American president’s faces are carved in rock.There is a rock face on mars.There are rock faces in the Australian bush.All emanations of ungas as urination goes in a slight arc.

I still eat some cooked vegetables daily.

Have some nuts for extra protein.Some say no more than 8 nuts a day.Some get an allergy from nuts.Anaphylactic.

Bananas plants grow up in 18 months.

We must plan to cease the use of electricity and motors.

Ones wastes are not offensive if raw food is eaten.they contain enzymes This story should be told in the United Nations.

All matters in court are due to arguments.All judges,magistrates,police, criminals should be given a copy of this book.

Its Ar diet, or Argument.

We must reduce population by the Xmethod.In intercourse, man on top, woman crosses legs OVER man’s.Gives no conception.No Baby.And we must plan to give to every family its own banana orchard,by a river, brook lake.

The video, Strange days on planet Earth, is available from Amazon.It proves conclusively that pollution is killing the planet.

One can grow bananas in the desert.Water with underground water to begin with.The rains will come,eventually.The Israelis proved this with fruit trees.

Almost every president of all countries has been sent this AR diet.And I will send to those missed out now.

Just as Yaweh 1 found 44 past alien leaders reborn as cripples for not telling AR diet to this planet, it can be surmised that any official who ignores this, to give to all high school students a copy of AR diet and make a film of it and show it on TV daily, will face a future life as a cripple.We are all reborn, time and again, is proven in many books, one of which is Tales of Reincarnation of Rosemary Guilley, Pocket Books.God and mother nature CAN do this.

All,except one past alien leader, when reincarnated by machine, said they would have preferred to tell AR diet to this planet and not have a life as a cripple.The one who did not,hada very mild case of cripple.

It would be interesting to check the presidents and monarchs of this planet, who did not tell AR diet to their subjects,to see wether they had a past life as a cripple for not telling AR diet to their subjects.Earlier in this epoch.

To do this one needsa competent hypnotist who can hypnotise the president and get him to tell his past lives under hypnosis.Going back at least 2,000,000 years.Bruce Goldberg of Los Angeles, is one such hypnotist.

Alternatively one could use the E meters that the Church of Scientology ,founded by L.Ron Hubbard, uses.It is so written of the e meters method in Have you lived before this life,Bridge published.

I was marked down in pharmacy in 1960.I knew I had passed.There was some bad politics.But it was stronger emenations of AR via pharmacy.Subconscious emenations are stronger when there is arguments.

I have 17 subjects to a commerce degree, accountancy Honors, that requires 16 subjects.

Kluay is the word for banana in Thati language. It can be said like k-lou-ay.We bought a house in 1952 from a Lou Lovin for 3750 pounds.He wanted 5,000 pounds but the law said, if children, not allowed to evict.The ay if kluay could be land.

It was to show my when the revelations came, that fruit without Ungasses is 3750 units and fruits WITH ungasses is 5,000 units.

Once one is on the AR diet, with supplements of 1 combination enzyme capsule and 2 multi vitamin-mineral tablet daily, one does not need to go to a doctor, ever again. One has the full nutrients from food.Better if one has one’s own banana orchard and one can shit to roots of banana plants,and the 2 human ungases fly up to transform the peel of banana;makes it taste like a sweet.

A gentle slope on a hill is preferable to hewing steps into the soil.

Fibre is required or one gets cancers.Too much juicing is no good.Proff Nick Day.

Banana is Platano(acute on 2nd a),in Spanish.Like Plates,like DISHES.Jews speak Yiddish,like Plates.So, jews speak to eat banana with ungas preparations.

All villanouse acts are due to insufficient enzymes,vitamins,minerals,protein in the vILLI, which is in the lower stomach,loks like fingers.

The Jesus religions have been lying about Jesus being Son of God,but they did not know they were leave them be,as long as they admit their lies now and teach AR diet.


The X method of population control, is from the millions of miles long X in space,discovered by the Hubble telespcope. It is, in intercourse, man on top, woman crosses legs over man’s.this leads to no conception. No babies.

There is also the AR is eating bananas with peel, which

have had the ungases preparation. The ungases, stand for the unborn (it comes out in English)in the

steam of urine , is the steam of urine and rear gas to bananas. If one has

a banana orchard, one does toilet under the banana plant.the human gases fly up and go into the banana peel.makes the peel taste like a sweet.If

one does not have a banana orchard one gets a string bag, with ½ inch holes;puts banana into it, and wee UNDER gets the steam of urine to the banana. Bananas are usualy cheap and this is a cheaper way to diet.6 bananas a day,at least.

the AR diet, eating banana with the peel,grows the penis over 12 years.this leads to tears of joy in woman, and this leads to rain of joy.No droughts;no floods The whole story can be read on

If we do not live and diet according to the AR diet,God and Mother nature do not like us,and send a blackness to destroys us in 2 million year periods.if no blackness, we die of starvation from the use of too much electricity,bring orange coloured clouds which grow nothing.

Enzymes die in cooking so we must eat raw food to get the enzymes.Banana with peel is RAW food.

Fruit loses 20% enzymes in transport if frozen.Loses 60% enzyms in transport if not frozen.

Chemical fertilisers give only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.So we must take supplements until have own banana orchard.

This planet is on a 23 ½ degree tilt.It means, ‘to pull the AR diet telling, with fear’.Because 20 is husz in hungarian.huzni is ‘to pull’. 3 is harom(acute on a).has ar in the word. ½ is fell,(acute on e),and Felni(acute on e) means to fear.

It did not work to affect 173 presidents of this planet to tell AR diet to the high school students,and make a film of this book and show it on TV daily.Sen to the presidents in Oct 2015.

Meteors hit the earhh forming craters.has RA in the word. Ra(acute on a) means ONTO in Hungarian.ungas flies ONTO banana peel.Emenations from cRAters.

The ungas is made by mARring as one wlaks,near sex.The MARshal art are when there is no ungas in lifestyle.

People in Europe say’pa’ on parting.a going out. Ra(acute on a) means ONTO in hungraian.Paradise is a going out of ungas and ONTO banana.

Utopia. To tow the pee.The ungas to go further,is the word Utopia.

I have no idea as to how many people should live on the planet as optimum population,but the doctor insists I take a medication, Cavstat, as if only have enough people living that can live in natural caves.Cavstat is against cholesterol and I have no cholesterol problems.

I allow 3 eggs a week only until I have own banana orchard.L-carnitine is necessary is not in fruits and vegies,but would be in rear gas.Can only get rear gas on own banana orchard.

The TV show, Frasier,deals with a pshycologist radio show and at the end they sing, about the problem of scrambled eggs as if eating eggs causes all psychological problems.

Bnanas originally grew from seeds.Someone grafted out the seeds,but one can still get seeds from the internet.The way it should be is one eats banana and throws the seeds wherever.A new banana tree grows there.

The early greek philosophers had either un or ar emanations in their name.Aristotle,has ar in name.emenations of AR diet.

Plato.can be said as PEE lay the,acute on o, is lake or puddle In Hungarian.urination makes a small puddle.Ungas emenations.

Socrates has ra in name. ra, acute on a, means onto in Hungarian. Ungas goes ONTO banana.emenations of ungas. Homer.has mer in name. mer is sea in the seas live fish. Ungas and enzymes are like fish.Emenations of ungas.

Johana Brandt hasa grape cure for cancer.One eats only grapes for 6 weeks and one gets plenty of sunshine.But it’s the wrong way.her publisher,Ehret, fell over backwards and died in New York.

Planetary pertubations of 2 million years ago, took 6 months from decemeber 2012, said the past alien leader who had been reincarnated via body via machine.

The name,Jesus has sus,like szuz in it which means sauce in slang Hungarian.Urine is like sauce of one.Jesus is an emenator of ungas.

It’s the english queen who is making it so no one publishes this book.She is old and eats cooked food and has a lower level of brain.

The UN is the unborn or dead in the steam of urine and rear gas.

Eating banana with peel brings your brain to a high all day, but it is not a surge.

The 4 seasons are emenations of the 4, as the 4 is important in ungas revelations, as urination goes in an arc.An arc is an iv in Hungarian, and 1V is 4 in roman.

One’s wastes are not offensive if raw food was eaten.Enzymes die in cooking.

The ungas is made byMARring.Something near sex, marrs or grates,or buffs or is torn as one walks.

Do not eat mushrooms.They are the houses of fairies.

Do not eat sprouts.The plant must have a full life before being eaten.david Philips espoused eating plants in his book, New Dimensions in Health, from Soil to Psyche and he died early.

Plants feel. Bose discovered this in 1900.He also proved metals feel.Backster rediscovered that plants feel in 1966 or so.The Secret Life of Plants by Tomkins and Bird.

Its AR or argument.Ar diet brings the brain up to oversee arguments.

The ETs put lots of GOLD under Tibet.Tibor, my father, got emenations of what is the GOLD, goal of life.The Un and AR are the answer.

Ungas preparation to the peel of the banana makes the peel taste like a sweet.

We should cease pasteurisation of milk.Its the aura,soul, that gets you,not the bacteria.

People studied by psycologists are COOKED food eaters. If on raw food, banana with peel and ungas preparation,there would be no mental health problems.

Do not use alumium pots.A Texas uni study says they bring alzheimers disease in old age.

Diabetics can eat bananans.A diabetic ate bananas and did not feel sick.But his blood sugar level was up. What it is, is the machine does not differentiate between good sugars, frucrose, fruit sugars and bad sugars, processed cane sugars.

Banana is MUSA.

The Natural Magic of mulch states that we must mulch well all we the AR diet method, we use the human excreta to feed the roots of the banana plant.If not usable, use cow poo, or horse manure or chicken shit or mulched hay or grass.

The word ‘arc’means face in Hungarian.Urination goes in a slight arc.there are rock faces of American presidents in America.There are rock faces of the ETs on Easter Island.There are rock faces in the Australian bush.These are emanations of ungas.There is a huge rock face on Mars.

Milk is full with enzymes before pasteurisation. Sun Herald 29 jan 2017.

Titanium dioxide is used in food to whiten and brighten food,sunscreen, toothpaste,cosmetics..Sugar coated chocolates,white sauce,salad was found to give cancers to rats.

Bourke and Wills were explorers in Australia in the 1800s.Bourke missed his EXTRA supply of food at an appointed place and died. The ungas is EXTRA life to fruit.Bourke missd his extra food supply because he had rejected ungas lifestyle 2million years before.

Gordon What s a tenenat who came with the story that he had a big sack fall on his face at work. Face is ARC in Hungarian and urination goes in an arc. So it as emenations of ungas.

Criminals are only criminals due to lack of FULL enzymes, vitamins,minerals,proteins in the body-brain.

65% of American and Australian adutlts are obese.This I because the body keeps in cooked fod eaten,longer.On raw food, banana with peel and ungas preparation, one would be slim.

The ar diet is eating bananas with peel and ungas preparation.There are other tropical fruits but one would not get the peel of banana from them.

Dinosours were.The unghas SOARS to banana on plan comes out in English.Ungas emenations.

L-carnitine is necessary,but is not much in fruits and vegetables,but would be in the ungases.

The video, available from Amazon, Strange days on Planet Earth, proves pollution is really bad on this planet.

Ones wastes are not offensive if raw food is eaten, because they contain enzymes.Enzymes die in cooking.

The Eifel Tower in Paris is Topur eifel in French.a Tour in English is to go further.what fell. The ungas from sex and goes further. Emanations of ungtas from Eifel Tower.

The Leaning Tower of pisa look like a big penis. Banana is Musa. Emenations of Ar diet, grows the penis big.

In the November 2017 same sex vote, 61.6% voted yes.

That means 61.6% of Australians areliving in abnormality and this is world wide.aCTALLY its 70%,as 20% did not vote.The Pottenger experiment proved caTS FED COOKED AND PROCEESED FOOD BECAME HOMOSEXUALS.So, the coked food eaten by the survey peoples made 70% Abnormals.And this is world wide.70% abnmormal peoples.The other 30% probably get 2nd quality enzymes from alcohol;ic brews or eat lots of fruit and raw vegies.

The AR diet is proven to be god and Mother Natures WILL, and Jesus di not teach it, proves Jesus was not the son of God.

There is a sect in central asia, the Nestorians, who follow the teachings of Jesus but do not acknowledge his divinity.

Paradise. On parting in Europe people say ‘ pa’,meaning a going out, and ra means onto in Hungarian.Pa-ra-dise means the ungas, as it goes out from one, and then ONTO the banana peel.


ibre is necessary,or you risk getting cancers.A bit of juicing is alright.say, 1 glass.A day.

People sense something re the Un.The religions.The Jeus religeons have the Bible.The un ges By,like bi of Bible, from one.emenations of Un from the Bible.

The Mohmdans have the Koran;has AN like nus in the ord,fart gas.Emenations of fart has,un from the Koran.

Thee Hindus.The Hind to do.Fart gas.Emneations of Fart gas from the Hindus. The Budhists.the ungas is a bUD of oneself. Emanarions of Ungas from Budhists.


You can eat cooked food and booze and meats and live with a half healthy body.1 in 3 have cancers. 3 in 10 have hepatitis. Asthma is prevalent.1 in 3 have kidney diseases.This statistics prove that most people live on a 50% healthy body.Or you can eat banana with peel and ungasses preparation, and get the enzymes into your body as enzymes die in cooking and you need the enzymes in your body.Fruit that has been transported loses 60% enzymes in the transport and 20% enzymes if frozen.Chemical fertilisers give only 1/10th minerals and less vitamins.Most supermarket food is chemically fertilised.

Ones’ wastes are not offensive if RAW food was eaten, as they also contain enzymes.

To make the change to eating banana with peel, one has to get a string bag with ½ inch holes.Place the bananas in this string bag and urinate under this,getting the front ungas, the steam of urine, to the bananas.Of course, if you have a banana orchard, one shits under the plant, and gets BOTH human ungasses to the banana.

And we all get destroyed in 2 million year periods if we are not ALL on the AR diet.And leader of the extra terrestrials who did not tell AR diet to this planet

gets new life as a cripple, 2million years later.

If you want to give up smoking, do the self hypnosis tape. You say to tape, ‘I want to walk down 10 steps inside myself.then walk down another 10 steps.Then say’ I want to give up smoking,it’s a foul habit’.The say,’I want to wwlk up 10 steps inside myself, then walk up another 10 steps.’ Put the tape under your pillow.Its guaranteed to work.its from Pamela Young’s book, Self hypnosis.

We eat mainly CAVENDISH bananas.its indicative that only sufficient people to live who can live in CAVES.

There is a Texas Uni study that aluminium pots bring alzheimers disease in old age.To wash out excess aluminium in the blood, eat raw cauliflower, broccoli, pecan nuts, brazil nuts, and cooked potatoes.

The AR diet will cure any and all sicknesses,ills, as long as you stay on the diet.Its because the body gets FULL Nutrients that cure ills.

The night of the day that the ungas revelation came, the soul of my father appeared in my

bedroom, saying’this is it’.as if he had searched all his life for this.

The ungasses are made by MARRing.Something,near sex, mars or greats or buffs or is torn, as one walks.MARtial arts if there is no ungas in life used.

Paradise.People in Europe say’pa’on parting.It is a going out,like the ungasses go out from one.Ra,acute on a, is ONTO in Hungarian. Like ungases go ONTO banana on plant.Paradise is a going out and ungas ONTO banana.

Don’t use cement only bricks.They lead to wheel chair cases in old age.

There would be on doctors or pshychiatrists if all dieted as per the AR diet.All would be healthy.

I am the planetary ruler to whom all planetary informations are sent and I have to tell the peoples via a publisher.

People do not sense my planetary authority because they drink pasteurised milk.In the heating up process, that is pasteurisation, the enzymes die. People without sufficient enzymes in them do not sense my planetary autrhority.Before 1958 , when paasteurisation started in NSW, people did sense my planetary authority.

copyright Leslie Paul

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0457 11 55 85

Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Leader, Australian Government.

Unless we give up the use of electricity this planet will be a bare planet in 34 years.

Rain that grows nothing wil come.Venus and mars had people on them once, but they used up too much electricity and now they are barren.Venus has sulphuric acid rain.

The extra terrestrials had to move planets recently as their planet got rain that grew nothing because they had used up too much electricity.

A blackness could come on this planet in 2019, and all die of starvation. Planetrary pertubations were due in December 2012 but the alian leader blackmailed the moon, saying if there are planetary pertubations, he would blow up the moon.

2 million years ago, the planetary pertubations took 6 months, said the past alian leader who had been recreated from a single cell,body via machine.

The4 blackness only comes if people do not adhere to the AR diet, which is eating banana with peel,and the ungasses preparation.

At the moment the alian leader is blackmailing the attacking nations.saying if they attack he will blow up every city in their country.The attacking nations are china, japan and Germany.

What should have happened is e have an atomic war. A big clear out of people. A lower population could give up the use of electricity.

Thought should be given for the establishment of voluntary euphamania centres. Could you get the ABC TV to make a film of the AR diet book, and show it weekly. This is a short of a 300 page book, The AR diet.